Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wale - Chain Music (Video)

Off of the Ambition album Wale's single Chain Music has club jumpin' and the game on lock down! Overall the Ambition album has made major waves in the hip hop industry and Chain Music signifies the era of Wale, as he dominates all to those who hate.

The successes of MMG is largely do to the contributions of Wale's lyricism and the abilities to bring legitimacy to his lyrical story lines.

To download Wale's Chain Music: Click Here

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

XV - Chaka Shao Khan (prod. by Tech-Neek)

After you hear this joint Chaka Shao Khan by XV, you are going to have to sit down and recuperate. Produced by the Dj Tech-Neek, the short track samples the so soulful Ms. Chaka Khan, and Vizzy, as usual, just puts fools in figure four leg-locks, Flair style. Woooo!

Don't forget that Vizzy is laying down some serious bars like the Shao Kahn finishing moves. Vizzy is flawless as his Mortal Kombat lines bangs on your blocka blocka. His fatalities are crucial, 'get 'em Vizzy'.

Download Chaka Shao: Click Here

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Wiz Khalifa Ft. Snoop Dogg and CurrenSy - OG

This joint OG by Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and CurrenSy probably has the top smokers in the industry on one single. OG is a single off the High School Soundtrack which drops Dec. 13th and the movie is coming soon. The OG track is perfect to set the mood and continues to send listeners into outer space. It doesn't get higher than Snoop Dogg the Godfather of the West Coast, also  with Wiz Khalifa and CurrenSy establishing their careers on top of the clouds, these three haven't came back down to earth yet. The song jams and it enhances your listening pleasures with a little added element to put a little excitement in your life.

To download the OG track; Click Here

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Asher Roth Ft. Chuck Inglish - In The Kitchen (Video)

Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish are no strangers to the hip hop game, and this isn't the first time the two came together to create musical genius. Earlier this year Midwest Sounds posted the Asher Roth single In The Kitchen and now brings to you the video! Asher Roth is a lyrical beast on the Chuck Inglish beat.

Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish - In The Kitchen from on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Statik Selektah - Sam Jack Ft. XV, Jon Connor and Daytona

Statik Selektah recently dropped Population Control and so far the album has been a delightful taste to the hip hop charts with singles like Sam Jack featuring Kansas own XV, Jon Connor and Daytona.

Population Control track Sam Jack has a catchy Vizzy hook, but not only you will go crazy about that XV is also goes super saiyan lyrically off the Selektah produced beat. Jon Connor and Daytona come with a attitude that fully explains Sam L. Jackson to get it crackin' on this track.

To download Statik Selektah's Sam Jack ft. XV, Jon Connor, and Daytona; Click Here

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Yeah that's right Sam L. Jackson is kickin' it with us here on MwS. "Say What Again"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Manish Law - Vagabond and Who is He (Video)

Manish Law's new album Vagabond is out now and available for you right here at MWS! The Wichita KS native has done it again with his new album. There are some banger tracks like Sixty Sick ft. Black Jackson, Show Ya, Cutt-A-Rugg ft. Domonoe, Infinity Guitars and plenty more. Manish Law brings you into a hard rock and a mean hip hop flow that resembles a little Andre 3000 from Outkast, which is saying that Vagabond is high energy and very entertaining.

To download Manish Law's new album Vagabond; Click Here 

The Who is He video gives you the hip hop enthusiasts a little insight on who is Manish Law. The teaser is a trailer that shows what is in store from Manish Law. Go check him out at

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Stik Figa - Somewhere Slow (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)

It's Stik Figa Manye back on the blog and he has some more great music! Somewhere Slow is Stik's new joint and attractively slow cut about the seductive female is expressed nicely by Stik Figa.

Stik Figa brings his jaw game and spits some real talk to the ladies. The smooth character of Stik Figa is well educated in the hip hop game and his lyrical content is grade A. Beats by The Awesome Sound is intricate in style, smooth, and is perfect for Stik Figa's vibe.

To download Stik Figa Somewhere Slow; Click Here

Stik Figa - Somewhere Slow (Prod. By The Awesome Sound) by ITSSTIKFIGAMAYNE!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Video Sway ft. Lupe Fiasco - Still Speedin'

The video by Sway Still Speedin' ft. Lupe Fiasco is insanely good. The Motion Typography Video by Phantom InHouse, instantly grabs your attention. The dub step/hip hop cross over has become another avenue for emcees with talent to truly shine amongst others. It isn't easy to rhyme on a steady beat let alone a random dub step bassline. Can't go wrong with this video it's epic!

Still Speedin' digital download will be up Dec. 4th

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J. Cole ft. Missy Elliot - Nobody's Perfect

J. Cole has earned his stripes with his album Cole World. The hot album has done very well on the hip hop charts. Cole's debut album has plenty to offer, but there was something particular about Nobody's Perfect single featuring Missy Elliot that made the track jam out. Maybe it was the fact that Missy was on the song, so the potential of the track was going to complement entire album.

The story of puppy love heading nowhere is a typical hip hop love story. J Cole and Missy Elliot rock the single out with an incredible hook and Cole's lyrical insight about the subject matter is interesting to say the least. The track overall jams out, go cop it now!

To download J. Cole ft. Missy Elliot Nobody's Perfect: Click Here

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jackie Chain - Parked Outside Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B (Video)

Gotta love this collaboration! Just smooth, classic, and substantial southern-fried vibes and verses. We can get behind the Asian Alabama brotha for this one, no doubt.

Jackie Chain ft. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. - Parked Outside from Motion Family on Vimeo.

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Common - Sweet (Official Video)

Released yesterday and the third single off Common's forthcoming album, this video seems to be shot on location somewhere exotic, yet devastated, suggesting that it was filmed during his recent trip to Haiti. And there is a curious interlude where Common gets quite fired up at a certain 'wannabe young Frank Sinatra'. Wonder who that could be?

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B.o.B - 5 On The Kush Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B

Although all three artists on this track are southern proponents, this is kind of an unusual collaboration for young Bobby Ray. This has a very classic southern (Outkast, UGK, Players Anthem) feel to it with great horns mixed in.

This is a "leaked" track from B.o.B.'s pre-album mixtape, E.P.I.C. (Every Play Is Crucial).

Download: 5 On The Kush 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Chiddy Bang Exclusive - Ray Charles

This is a new single off of Chiddy Bang's debut album Breakfast. This track Ray Charles brings back the heavy blues piano samples and drum kick that defines hip hop to the "T". We can already tell this Chiddy Bang joint is gonna be a classic and the album hasn't even dropped yet (Feb 28, 2012)! Chiddy Bang has structured themselves as raw hip hop artists; they know how bring a combination of lyricism, a bad ass drum kick, and enthusiasm in their delivery. Overall grade is an A++ in the hip hop school of hard knocks!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

XV - Awesome (Music Video)

Daaaaaaamnnn!! XV is straight up killin' it. If you don't have in your iTunes an XV song or mixtape, you might wanna ask yourself, am I dumb?

The answer is yes. Vizzy as some of you know, is from Kansas and is killin the game each week with new songs, tapes, and visuals (as well as touring his ass off and making song appearances in video games such as NBA 2K12).

The song in that video game, appears below in the new video for 'Awesome' and its freakin legit. Rocking the South Park style intro and references, pop culture nerds like me can't help but love it. Check it and enjoy!! Thank you Vizzy.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kid Cudi - To Da Top

Cleveland's own, Mr. Rager, Kid Cudi... presents a new, or old song 'To Da Top.' Haven't gotten much from Cudder in recent months, minus a serial killer video and the Wale collab from 'Ambition.' But here's something new for your iTunes (or Zune, but that's whatever.. ). Get this download now, it's good I'm telling you!

Download: Kid Cudi - To Da Top

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Slim Thug - Can't Stop feat. Curren$y (Track)

I know Slim Thug really isn't the genre of music we hold it down with here on Midwest Sounds, but he has teamed up with Curren$y as of late and the two put together a pretty good track. Download, give it a listen, and then bump to it. You'll be sure to like it.

Download: Slim Thug - Can't Stop

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Celeb Forever - May 31st feat. XV

New from Cleveland's own, Celeb Forever featuring the Kansas man XV. Celeb's album is dropping soon, so make sure you cop this single from him. It's hot.

Check it out!!

Download: Celeb Forever - May 31st

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wiz Khalifa - WK Today (Episode 1 and 2)

Wiz Khalifa ended his series of webisodes called DayToday's but don't worry he didn't leave his fans in the dust like we all thought he would.

He's back on YouTube with his new series called "WK Today" kicking off each ep with a 60 Minutes show type feel.

Check him out in episodes 1 and 2 when he's performing in Toronto and then later hanging with the Boss, Snoop Dogg while working on their upcoming project 'High School'


With the big Snoop Dogg

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Mac Miller & Most Dope Crew - Interview.. Talk Blue Slide Park, fans, records and more

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Gotta love Mac and the Most Dope crew. Video courtesy of Jenesis Magazine. Shot a few months before his Euro Tour run, JENESIS got a chance to sit with The Most Dope crew: Mac Miller, “Q”, TreeJ, and Jimmy. 

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They talked about adjusting to tour life, wild group adventures and fan happenings, and Mac having the best fans in music. See the video below! and GO DOWNLOAD BLUE SLIDE PARK!

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Wiz Khalifa - Terrible Towel Around The World Commercial

Can't hate when sports and hip hop collide. Actually you gotta love it. Due to hip hop's nature of consuming all things culture, including sports and their athletes.

It's nice to see sports consume hip hop as well. ESPN did so with their newest "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" commercial, featuring the famed Terrible Towel.

This time they included new school rapper turned rock star Wiz Khalifa waving a Terrible Towel on stage while I'm sure performing a Pittsburg anthem.

Check it out!

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The Roots Feat. Big KRIT - Make My (Official Video)

Earlier we put the soundcloud for The Roots single Make My ft. Big Krit and now here is the incredible video available now for the hip hop head enthusiast. From The Roots album Undun the Make My video is 1 of 4 parts that they have whipped up for us directed by Clifton Bell, this is going to be epic! The Roots could be a symbol for hip hop culture as they embody the spirit of true hip hop music.

Here is a little excerpt from the youtube post;

"Undun is an existential re-telling of the short life of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999). Through the use of emotives and Redford's internal dialogues the album seeks to illustrate the intersection of free will and prescribed destiny as it plays out 'on the corner'. Utilizing a reverse narrative arc, the album begins as the listener finds Redford disoriented--postmortem--and attempting to make sense of his former life. As he moves through its pivotal moments he begins to deconstruct all that has led to his (and our own) coming undun."

C3 New Mixtape - Verse 2 Verse

Lawrence KS young phenom is out and hungry to make great music, Chase Compton aka C3, is making headline moves opening up for some great acts in Lawrence like Chevy Woods, Chip Da Rip, and MGK.

There is potential for C3 to really do some big things. You can be one of the first to check is new music out with his new mixtape Verse 2 Verse. Some singles to pay attention to are Pari$, O Les Do It Freestyle, and Goodnight Freestyle. The Lawrence Kid is out there grinding trying to master his craft and at MwS  respect that but check it out for yourself C3 is something to listen to!

To download the entire mixtape Verse 2 Verse: Click Here

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MOD SUN - Tye Dye Everything Ft. ScHoolboy Q

New Hippies, here is your anthem! MOD SUN sprays his colorful new hippie spirit all over some hot babes and a dope ass beat. Tye Dye Everything ft. ScHoolboy Q is off MOD SUN's Blazed By The Bell, which is hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar. MOD SUN has some true hip hop talent and snaps off some mean lyrics on this video! The speedster MOD SUN rips off some crazy ish that is more than a mouth full to say but listen closely MOD SUN does it double time on this one.

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Creative Control Smoke Dza - He Has Risen

It nice to know that #KushGod is hanging out Dza style! Here is a new video directed by Creative Control He Has Risen off of Smoke Dza's album Rolling Stoned. Dza's style unique in that his hard New York lyrics has a nice complement to his thought process of a smokers mind set. Dza lives the high life and rolling up them jets is what Dza is all about.

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T.I. - She Will (remix) Ft. Lil Wanye and Drake

T.I. hops on another remix and lays down some killer lyrics. The She Will remix establishes the fact that T.I. has been able maintain his hip hop talents and even grow from where he left off before his absence while in jail.

Featuring Drake and Lil Wanye, She Will is a must have track on your iTunes right now!

T.I. is probably doing these remixes just to tease the fans and then bring the hammer and give us something incredible.

To download T.I. She Will (remix): Click Here

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Freddie Gibbs Feat. Young Jeezy - Twos and Fews

Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy team up again and make something to jam out to! Gibbs new single Twos and Fews is coming off of his album Cold Days In Hell.

Freddie Gibbs brings a edgy attitude and lyrically he is well thought out with his metaphors. Gibbs' music is more than just a mean flow, Freddie Gibbs fulfills the idea intelligences, creativity, and political insight.

Jeezy has been around for a long time now and has a lot to offer hip hop fans from his grind when he was hustlin' the snow in the streets to now spending money, doing shows, and chilling in the studio making music. Freddie Gibbs is a going to be a force not to messed with in the hip hop game, he will rip up all haters out there. lmao

To download Freddis Gibbs Twos and Fews; Click Here

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Mac Miller Feat. Talib Kweli - Family First (Prod. Like)

Since #BlueSidePark is days away we'll give ya a little thumbs up music for your listening pleasures. Mac Miller hits a home run with Family First single off of I Love Life, Thank You. This track features hip hop great Talib Kweli (that's smart)! The versatile Talib and Mac Miller smooth one out and create hip hop music genius.

Mac really has launched his talents to new heights and the Family First track speaks volumes about Mac Miller's ability raise as well rounded hip hop emcee. Mac Miller is by far killin' it and leading the way as a young new talent in the hip hop industry! Talib Kweli really has been a hip hop savior, and really the game needs to thank Kweli for the mastery of hip hop music.

To download the track Family First; Click Here

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

XV - U.F.C. (Music Video)

Hell yeah it seems like XtotheV is making new music everyday! We like this over here at MwS! Sh*t who would have thought that little old XV from Wichita KS is doing big things in the hip hop game? This is a new video form Vizzy called U.F.C. which is off of XV's Zeros to Heroes mixtape. The hard drum kick and lyrical content is over all #awesome and the joint has it all when it comes to hip hop music. Hope yal hip hop heads like this video!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You Mixtape

Hey there you Macamanniacs! Mac Miller dropped his new mixtape for us loyal fans out there goin through Mac Miller withdraws! I Love Life, Thank You  mixtape is here and available for you to get your hip hop on with the kid from the Burg!

Mac has yet to let down the fans and silenced many of his critics. In the near future Mac's anticipated album #BlueSidePark is going to turn some heads in the hip hop industry be ready for it.

To Download the entire I Love Life, Thank You mixtape; Click Here

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Big KRIT - Money On The Floor Ft. 2 Chainz 8Ball & MJG

Big KRIT Money On The Floor is his new joint best to listen to when you're in your car slow ridin' with your windows down and lettin' it bump!

Big KRIT and 2 Chainz bring the smooth playa lyrics and 8Ball & MJG finish it off with some of that gangsta down south musik ish!

We ready for #LiveFromTheUnderground, but KRIT's album won't be out for a few months, so for now Money On The Floor is what you hip hop heads wanna listen to!

Check it out on iTunes right now!

To Download Big KRIT Money On The Floor; Click Here

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Mr. Com - Michael Myers Ft. YMBSteel and SAV1/2 (Officical Video)

Tis the season for a eerie video and why not have some Halloween hip hop that goes hard! Kid you not Mr. Com and YMBSteel scared the ish out of us over here at MwS! The emcees from Wichita, Ks caused a murder scene with this video! Produced Get Rich & Hightower, off of Mr. Com's album Who Is? Michael Myers video grabs your attention and the song jams! SAV1/2 and YMBSteel kidnap the track and cut it up surgically. The Halloween season is in session, here is the perfect video to get it poppin!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

New XV - Blame Yourself (Ft. GLC, Emilio Rojas Casey Veggies)

The frequency that XV puts out music is unbelievable! Vizzy is showing the hip hop industry that hard work in the lab goes along way.

Thanks to XV, he has put a mark on Wichita KS for having legit hip hop music. Midwest Sounds appreciates the quality that Kansas hip hop music has to offer, artists like XV is why we do this!

On to the new music from XV. This new track called Blame Yourself  features some talented emcees. GLC, Emilio Rojas, and Casey Veggies make this track diverse and lyrically well thought out. Produced by Seven, all styles come out of this joint little West coast, little East, and a whole lot from the Midwest!

To download the new XV track Blame Yourself; Click Here

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Manish Law - Vlawg Season 1

Manish Law is holding it down for Wichita, KS hip hop. We had Manish Law up on the blog before and now he's back ready to give yal hip hop heads out there something to vibe to! This video is the first installment off of Manish Law's official website check out Vlawg Season 1.

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Wale - What More Can I Say (Freestyle)

Wale is every where! The anticipation for Wale's Ambition album is blowing up the twitter feed and pretty much the entire hip hop community. So what does Midwest Sounds have for the Wale fans out there? We have just a little freestyle off the Jay-Z Blue Print beat called What More Can I Say (Freestyle). 11.1.11 is coming around the corner, for now the Wale trend will have to end with this awesome freestyle.

To download Wale What More Can I Say (Freestyle); Click Here

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T.I. - Ni**as In Paris (Remix)

So T.I. just gets out of prison and jumps on one of the illest tracks on the Watch The Throne album. Jay, Ye, and now another hip hop all pro T.I. rip up the Ni**as In Paris joint.

More is to come from T.I., as for right now he's seems to be on path to make a come back ready to stunt on the hip hop game.

To download the Ni**AS In Paris; Click Here

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Talib Kweli ft. Big Krit - Beautiful

Hey there hip hop fans... here is some more music from Big Krit, with another epic emcee Talib Kweli. These talented emcees are telling a tale of life being blessed with miracles as the opening samplers are clips of cancer survivors announcing their ability take on a deadly illness head on and expresses the beauty of life during their daily struggle of survival. The new song by Talib Kweli Beautiful ft. Big Krit uplifts your spirits when you first listen to the song and the music some chills down your spine.

To download Talib Kweli Beautiful; Click Here

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The Roots Feat. Big Krit - Make My

When hip hop goes soul, artist like The Roots and Big Krit come flooding out the wood works. The Roots have imprinted themselves as hip hop's status quo as masters of the industry.  

Make My  featuring Big Krit has a great sound to the ear and overall story line that is meaningful. The Make My track will be available on iTunes Nov. 1st, the single is off of The Roots' album Undun, which drops Dec. 6th.

Both The Roots and Big Krit have unique style that came together to uplift hip hop music's soul during a very bleak time in our world. This is good music people... lmao enjoy!

The Roots "Make My" featuring Big K.R.I.T. by okayplayer

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

XV - Boss Level (prod by Skrillex)

Better get ready for the #VizzyZone, X to the V is on NBA 2K12... SAY WHAT! The Wichita, Ks native XV is quickly becoming a nationally recognizable emcee in the hip hop game. Midwest Sounds has been a long time XV fan and only wishes him more successes as Vizzy respectfully represents our home state of Kansas.

Now on to the music! XV's new joint has pushed hip hop music to new heights as he teams up with producer Skrillex on the Boss Level track. Expanding the genre of hip hop to the dub-step background, XV tastefully takes his AWESOME lyrics into beast mode!

Lawrence Ks is in for a little treat as XV comes back to his home state and throws it down with Chip Tha Ripper at The Granada.

To download XV Boss Level; Click Here

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Common - Blue Sky (Produced By No I.D.)

New music from Common, Chi City's native. Common has been hip hop's savior with his legendary status! Blue Sky is Common's new single and it's just another example of an emcee mastering the craft of hip hop music.

Get ready for Common's new album dropping Nov. 22nd The Dreamer, The Believer.

Common is limitless in lyrical content producing multi-platinum albums, and on top of that he uphold's a highly respected acting career. Common expanded the image of the hip hop emcee, and has literally changed the game with his wit, intelligence, and hip hop high class.

To download Blue Sky; Click Here

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jackie Chain - Parked Outside feat. Big KRIT & Bun B

You Want Southern comfort or Southern Music? How bout both. Alabama's own, Jackie Chain connected with big time Southern artist Bun B & Mississippi's up and comer Big K.R.I.T. to produce 'Parked Outside.' If you don't got this on your iPod/iPhone (RIP Steve Jobs) or on a CD in your car, it needs to be, go bump!

Download: Parked Outside - Jackie Chain

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Rick Ross - I Love My Bitches (Track)

More from the Unstoppable Maybach Music Empire boss, Rick Ross. Check another release of his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't due out later this year. This track goes hard (I mean of course, it is Rozay) but its produced by Just Blaze so of course its bumpin.

Download: I Love My Bitches - Rick Ross

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DJ Drama - Undercover feat. Chris Brown & J.Cole

Get ready to hear this on ya radio's in the coming months! DJ Drama hooked up with J. Cole (of recent Cole World fame) and Chris Brown, to make 'Undercover.' Look for this song on DJ Drama's upcoming album Third Power, dropping soon!

You need to download this and turn it waaaay up!

Download: Undercover - DJ Drama

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Curren$y - Corvette Doors (Track)

Check out Fly Spitta himself, Curren$y with a new drop 'Corvette Doors.' Spitta has been cooped up with his busted ankle all casted up so he's had some good time to make some fresh music. Get at it.

Download: Curren$y - Corvette Doors

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Rick Ross - You the Boss feat. Nicki Minaj (Track)

Rozay is back in the lab again for his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't. This time the leader of the Unstoppable Maybach Music Empire, Rick Ross, is collab-ing with YMCMB queen Nicki Minaj. This song, 'You the Boss' is gonna be hot I can promise that. Get it now here on Midwest Sound.

Download: You the Boss - Rick Ross

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Kendrick Lamar - Cloud 10 (Track)

If ya'll haven't heard of or seen Kendrick Lamar before, you need to get at him! He's definitely a real hip hop artists and watch out cuz he is on the rise!! Scope his newest drop, 'Cloud 10' produced by Nosaj Thing. Check it!!

Download: Cloud 10 - Kendrick Lamar

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Machine Gun Kelly - On Fire feat. Mike Posner (Drug Dealer Girl pt. 2)

Anyone remember 'Drug Dealer Girl' from Mike Posner a year and a half ago? Well here is part two of that song with MGK repping for Cleveland the whole song. Even though part two sounds nothing like the original, its still legit. Ya'll need to Lace Up and check out 'On Fire'!

Download: Machine Gun Kelly - On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drake - Headlines (They Know) - Music Video

Check out Drizzy in his newest set of visuals, 'Headlines,' an upcoming release on Drake's sophomore album, Take Care.

Of course repping the YMCMB, he and the crew are murdered out one minute to then dressing and acting fancy eating steak and shrimp, etc. Scope it (and Drizzy's awful sweater choice)!!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gilbere Forte - Black Soul Ft. Big Krit

It is always refreshing when new hip hop music is something that's actually worth while to listen to.

Point in case Gilbere Forte's new cut called Black Soul. And who is the hottest in soulful hip hop right now... Yup it's Big Krit. Gilbere Forte lays down some monster lyrics but remember the title of the song is called Black Soul and the King Remembered In Time (KRIT) is the king of soul in the dirty south.

So Krizzle comes in the beginning of the track and rips it up, followed up by a hip hop savvy style of Gilbere Forte and give it up to Forte for putting down some well thought out lyrics that have powerful meanings to his words.

To download Black Soul: Click Here

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Mac Miller - Moves Like Jagger Remix - on Maroon 5's Track

Check out the new school kid at work here with Maroon 5. 'Moves Like Jagger' originally featured just Christina Aguilera on the track but now someone upstairs at the labels said I hear this Mac kid is pretty good and I hear he is unsigned. So we got Mac Miller on here crooning with Adam Levine and he is still repping the independent status and got a radio banger in his hands. Check it out y'all.

Download: Moves Like Jagger Remix - Maroon 5

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Monday, September 26, 2011

That's Love - 9th Wonder ft. Mac Miller, Heather Victoria

9th Wonder's The Wonder Years drops Sept. 27th! Can't Wait... When it comes to the rooted hip hop genre, 9th Wonder has perfected the artistry of producing phenomenal music.

Mac Miller and Heather Victoria take the slower jazzy beat in That's Love and pressed a story about finding love the hip hop gangsta way.

Mac Miller has quietly became more enhanced artistically and the professor 9th Wonder produced music that expresses Mac's ability to flourish lyrically.

Hey gangsters need love too, That's Love! The combination of hip hop attitude and a beautiful female voice complement 9th's ability to produce hip hop musical brilliance in the That's Love track. 9th Wonder's album The Wonder Years will revive hip hop and bring artist like Mac Miller new insight musically that is meaningful and respectful to the game.

To download That's Love single; Click Here 

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

T-Pain - 5 O'clock in the Morning feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen (Track)


A new jam from T-Pain featuring the Taylor Gang General, Wiz Khalifa & the soulful UK singer Lily Allen called 5 O'clock in the Morning. Hot song soon to be on your radio waves... check it!

Download: 5 O'clock in the Morning - T-Pain

(removed due to DCMA, copyright, etc issues...which means they don't want this leaked because when it hits radio, shit gonna be poppin!!)

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XV - When We're Done (Music Video)

Vizzy has been going hard the last couple weeks. After the release of the 'Wichita' video from his last mixtape Zero Heroes, XV goes off again and drops some sick visuals for the song 'When We're Done.' If you didn't know this get was from Kansas, you better check yourself and then go download all his tapes.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mac Miller - Smile Back (Music Video)

Check out the Pittsburg youngin' with his newest single off of #blueslidepark! "Smile Back" is here for the fans, anyone know if its on iTunes yet? Can anyone out there beat Mac Miller's independent success?? Doubt it.

To download Smile Back single; Click Here

Check the robbers in the video! S/o to TreeJ & Jimmy (@SweetJamesMD)

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You know how it is... #MwS

Drake - Free Spirit, Club Paradise, Round of Applause (3 Tracks)

Drizzy been at it in his off time. must be easy to work hard with your skin tan and your hair long huh Drake? Check him out on three new tracks he released himself. 'Free Spirit' featuring MMG Empire boss Rick Ross. 'Club Paradise' a slow jam probably which the ladies love. And then 'Round of Applause' featuring Waka Flocka, a chill but upbeat tune.

Check em out below and enjoy!


Free Spirit - Drake

Club Paradise - Drake

Round of Applause - Drake

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chevy Woods - The Cookout (Mixtape)

Check the new trailer for Chevy Woods' upcoming mixtape The Cookout (Sept. 24th) dropping later this week! You already know he's Taylor Gang, go support or kill ya-self, you know how it it. Taylor Gang or Die.

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Wale - Best Night Ever feat. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossum (Track)

Fresh new Wale! Featuring the MMG man himself, Rick Ross. As well as Kevin Cossum being featured. This track seems to be an Ambition anticipation track from Mr. Folarin. Speaking of Wale, today is also his Birthday so shoutout to him today.

Big things coming from Wale in the next couple months, look for it... 11-1-11 (Ambition). Yesterday he was all up on ESPN, what's next Wale??

Download: Best Night Ever - Wale

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SparkDawg - Michael Jordan feat. Big KRIT (Track)

If you haven't heard of SparkDawg yet, you might wanna tune it. You'll be hearing it again in the future. Being the Lone Star Kid, Spark has teamed up with Big KRIT to make a fresh hit for all the fans of southern style hip hop out there.

Go download it and enjoy this southern soul. Also get ready for #LiveFromTheUnderground....coming soon!

Download: Michael Jordan - Sparkdawg

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Wiz Khalifa - DayToday Season 4 Episode 6 - Happy Birthday Wiz

We finally get a new DayToday from the no longer Young Khalifa. Its his bday this episode, and he brought the crew to Vegas to celebrate. Sounds like some fun to be had. Check it out!

(Oh and I'm calling it right now, everyone is gonna be out looking for old school re-do's of that puffy coat Tima just got Wiz, just saying).

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mac Miller - Willie Dynamite (RapGenius Lyrics Included)

Mac Miller is back at it again with his newest twitter release called 'Willie Dynamite'. It's a mellow track that evokes memories of the '90s. Reaching 900k followers on twitter is the occasion for Mac's release.

Download the new track here: Willie Dynamite

Don't Forget LYRICS!!!!
And who else but RapGenius already has the lyrics transcribed for us all and ready for primo explanations?!?!

Read the lyrics here: Willie Dynamite Lyrics at

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