Thursday, March 31, 2011

roll up them Jets! Curren$y got something for ya'll

The flyspitta aka Curren$y released his 4.20 EP album Artwork today. Covert Coup is being produced by Alchemist who is keeping up with Spitta's effort at Warner Bros Music. Better get them jets ready, ya'll got 21 days haa.

Get with it or get flown over #JetLife #MwS


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Get on KRIT's Level It's Returnof4eva: The Breakdown

Okay so we let yall know when the Big KRIT album dropped! Now it's time to break it down a little bit with one of his most versatile tracks on the album.

The single "Highs and Lows" show KRIT's ability to sing like Nate Dogg on the hook with a dirty south influence on the beat. 

His lyrics connect the hardcore beat with incredible metaphors of his music taking over his soul. KRIT searches his soul to find the beauty of his artistic imagery with the EQ's of Highs and Lows just like in his life experiences. 

You can't get much better than this track in the hip hop game! Get on KRIT's level and feel the experience of his music

Make sure to check back with Midwest Sounds for more info on KRIT and others.

Yo Krit, Lawrence is ready for you next Tues. Planes is ready


Sap w/ 'Behind the Beat' on Mac Miller's "Donald Trump"

Sap, the man behind the hypnotic beat that is Donald Trump, sits down and explains his process on how he created the hottest single off Mac's newest mixtape, Best Day Ever

Sap goes through the process step by step including his start with the basic sounds of the tune of Trump. "Da, Dada, Da, Da, Da, Daa" hahaha
@MacMiller #thumbsup #bestdayever

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MerQury reppin KU and Lawrence - Midwest representing

MerQury aka Roderick Harris aka @IamMerQury is a Jayhawk with sick flow like a Todd Reesing pass to Kerry Meier but with a raw style like a Bill Self defense. 

MerQury's two newest pieces support KU Athletics and the huge Jayhawk fanbase that we at Midwest Sounds are proud to be a part of. 

His first hit, F.O.E, meaning family over everything comes from the use of the abbreviation as a team motto for this year's Kansas Basketball who went 34-3 and won the Big 12 Championship for the 7th Consecutive year.  

The video below shows MerQury's talent as an artist and also as a huge part of the KU family, representing F.O.E to the fullest.

MerQury also just released his fresh but gritty piece on the KU Football team, which hopes to come back from a disappointing season last year and bring in a new era of Kansas Football, led of course by Turner Gill. Coach Gill must like the raw power of this song because it can be heard on Coach Turner Gill's official website for KU Football. A must for future tailgates on the Hill.

Hear it after the quick season preview video on the main page of

@IamMerQury @CoachTurnerGill @CoachBillSelf @KUAthletics

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Cuz its just a good day to post some Curren$y

Found some badass Curren$y videos today while scroungin the depths of the Google Machine's interwebs aka the internet. @FlySpitta is everywhere right now, but not in the mainstream, and I for one am not complaining.

This first video is a bit older but is way sick with its mix-up of the clips over the Strip in vegas and old school cartoons. Real executive on ya ass with Fiend - Flying Iron

This second video is to promote Curren$y, Young Roddy, & Trademark Da Skydiver's new tape, Jet Life to the Next Life.  This vid is crazy cuz the three of them ain't in it, instead its a James Bond mash-up. Fresh to def, 007.

"yesterday i googled murder" #eyebrowsup



Wiz Khalifa Live at the Roseland Ballroom (NYC) - "Rolling Papers" Debut Show

The Prince of the City aka Stoner Simpson aka Wiz Khalifa was in the Big City last night shredding hit after hit to a sold-out crowd at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Here are clips from DownerTV showing parts of his show. 

That crowd musta been poppin because Wiz was tearin up when talking to his fans about how far they've taken him and how much all their support means now that his debut studio album has been released.

@RealWizKhalifa - people say he changed but he's still waken baken and workin on new shit so do your thing Wiz

#rollingpapers #eyebrowsup

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1892 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) feat. Mac Miller - "82-92"...Music Video

Awhile back the underground duo 1892, comprised of artists Static Selektah & Termanology, released the track 82-92 featuring the young Mac Miller. The track killed and has been a must on all chill playlists  since. 

Mac comes on in the beginning with his fast quick witted flow, while the whole track floats along on an old school feel. 

@MacMiller @StaticSelekt


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Muscle Car Chronicles (Ep. 3)

While talkin bout the @FlySpitta (Curren$y), the man released his newest Muscle Car Chronicles (similar to Wiz Khalifa's DayToDay episodes that arrived often on youtube). See how Curren$y be livin most recently in this episode. 


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Curren$y & Trademark Da Skydiver back at it again..

As you all heard on Jet Life to the Next Life, Curren$y, Young Roddy & Trademark DS killing it so you can Jet Life in your own ways... we use papers to make our planes! I guess that Curren$y & Trademark DS had a lil more venom to spit afterwards so they released GT500 in their form of a tribute to the classic muscle car.  Go cop it now!!

 Curren$y & Trademark Da Skydiver - GT500 

(Google/Blogger hit us up this morning asking us to remove the link due to a compliance complaint.. looks like Curren$y and Co. don't want fans peepin this yet) 


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#MwS #eyebrowsup

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Fresh outta Kansas sounds

What happens when you combine some of the dopest lyricist from one state and let them out of the gate? you get CHAOS!!! KANSAS RELAY combines 4 influential artist from the state of KANSAS who are making a serious statement: Manish Law x Stik Figa x Chris Barnett X JTuck with the official approval from Coast2Coast Dj: Dj SleepyBeatz this track is KANSAS HIP HOP at it's finest!!


@MidwestSounds #MwS

Mac Miller's iTunes EP Soarin the Charts Today!

Go cop ya boy Mac Miller's iTunes EP, On and On and Beyond today! The Pittsburg kid is climbin the iTunes charts today, bypassing Snoop's Doggumentary... 

The single 'On and On' is iTunes' Free Single of the Week, so you know you gotta support Mac there. I mean its free, duh.

@MacMiller #thumbsup 

Mac Miller - On and On and Beyond (iTunes Link)

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Speaking of XV... NEW Music!

XV just released Foreign Exchange Student feat. Miami Horror. Quick paced synth track. 

Gotta rep the boy from Kansas! 

@XtotheV #squarians

Foreign Exchange Student - XV feat. Miami Horror

@MidwestSounds #MwS


XV Layin it Down in Lawrence, KS

XV, the Kansan Native with the East Coast running through his veins took to stage in Lawrence, KS Sunday night and killed it.  Midwest Sounds was present of course and was able to bring you some great clips of the man Vizzy layin it down.

XV with Sez Battles - Gettin' Bizzy  ---------#squarians----------

XV- Willy Wonkavator | Mirror's Edge      ------@XtotheV--------

Homegrown Kansan XV brought it home hard nonetheless. Follow us @MidwestSounds and like us on FB.

Enjoy. Also gonna dig up my Mac Miller Footage from Feb 15 when the Pittsburg Kid smashed a sellout crowd in Lawrence, KS at the Bottleneck. 

Smoke DZA & Mac Miller Rippin up the Booth

Yo check out this single from two high class smoker club members. Both Mac Miller and Smoke DZA rip it up in the booth with "Always Been." This track is perfect for those days of rollin' that good and to listen to that good Smokers club music. Yeah buddy can't get much better than that!

Check out the clip below and get the full effect of the smokers club experience!

@MidwestSounds #MwS @MacMiller #thumbsup @smokedza #rrrrrright

XV Put on a Show Last Night!

Wichita, Kansas native, XV, took stage in Lawrence on Sunday the 27th as an opener for Travie McCoy.. to us though that man was the headliner. Got great footage of Vizzy rockin the Granada, will post in the next few days. 

Met the man after the show, legit guy said what up to us and was glad we could support his local movement. Midwest Sounds representing.

The interesting thing about XV is that he's from Wichita but blew up on the east coast, mainly in the NYC. To get any respect out east in the hip-hop game is hard to come by, but XV did it with style and lyrical content that is respected by other MC's; and to do this on the east cost is big news for XV and his fans. XV knows where he came from as the influence of the Midwest and experiences in his life impacted his music. He feels the love back home and that is why Midwest Sounds takes a liking into XV and what he has to offer the Hip-hop game.

@XtotheV #squarians #eyebrowsup

Big KRIT - ReturnOf4Eva Finally dropped today...

We on some Country Shit right here. KRIT drops the long awaited ReturnOf4Eva today with a wide array of tracks from his smooth soulful Mississippi raps throughout this tape. 

Dreamin' being the leak for this mixtape is still my fave after a full listen, but The Vent is now in close second. Preach Krit preach.. ha.

Get down on this, espec that Country Shit Remix with Ludacris & Bun B... wow..

@BIGKRIT #ReturnOf4Eva #MwS

Oh and with Krit coming to Lawrence, KS April 5th, were pretty stoked. Hope to get some legit show footage to post, maybe meet Krit and DZA at the Granada.

Big KRIT - ReturnOf4Eva (DatPiff Download)

Rolling Papers dropped tonite at Midnite (ET)

We all been waitin on the Studio release of Wiz Khalifa's debut album, "Rolling Papers." The game's hottest smoker on the grind right nowdrops 15 solid studio tracks. People be sayin Wiz needs to go back to his Prince of the City shit, but they gotta remember this is a studio cut so it can't be that nitty gritty Piffsburg Wiz we all rolled one up to in the beginning.  Stay at it Wiz, Taylor Gang.

Go cop it now. #rollingpapers

Buy it here and support your artists:

Monday, March 28, 2011


MAC MILLER - #mostdope
Child Celebrity by Mac Miller. Here is a new Mac Miller leak from tonite, track courtesy of

Make sure to cop this and his new EP on iTunes tomorrow!


Child Celebrity - Mac Miller