Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get on KRIT's Level It's Returnof4eva: The Breakdown

Okay so we let yall know when the Big KRIT album dropped! Now it's time to break it down a little bit with one of his most versatile tracks on the album.

The single "Highs and Lows" show KRIT's ability to sing like Nate Dogg on the hook with a dirty south influence on the beat. 

His lyrics connect the hardcore beat with incredible metaphors of his music taking over his soul. KRIT searches his soul to find the beauty of his artistic imagery with the EQ's of Highs and Lows just like in his life experiences. 

You can't get much better than this track in the hip hop game! Get on KRIT's level and feel the experience of his music

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Yo Krit, Lawrence is ready for you next Tues. Planes is ready