Tuesday, March 29, 2011

XV Put on a Show Last Night!

Wichita, Kansas native, XV, took stage in Lawrence on Sunday the 27th as an opener for Travie McCoy.. to us though that man was the headliner. Got great footage of Vizzy rockin the Granada, will post in the next few days. 

Met the man after the show, legit guy said what up to us and was glad we could support his local movement. Midwest Sounds representing.

The interesting thing about XV is that he's from Wichita but blew up on the east coast, mainly in the NYC. To get any respect out east in the hip-hop game is hard to come by, but XV did it with style and lyrical content that is respected by other MC's; and to do this on the east cost is big news for XV and his fans. XV knows where he came from as the influence of the Midwest and experiences in his life impacted his music. He feels the love back home and that is why Midwest Sounds takes a liking into XV and what he has to offer the Hip-hop game.

@XtotheV #squarians #eyebrowsup