Friday, April 29, 2011

XV Still Keepin' It Real For Wichita, KS!

So we found this little recording from XV, and he basically goes through his creative process from the beginning of his career. He also talks about his new album The Kid With The Green Backpack.

XV is different than most in the industry and this video will help explain his career choices as a hip hop artist and what inspires XtotheV.

Watch out for XV's new album, it is droppin soon and you know MwS will cop that!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fred the Godson - Live from Lawrence, KS

We at Midwest Sounds were lucky enough to be able to catch one of the games brightest up and coming stars hit the stage in Lawrence, as he opened for the highly acclaimed Talib Kweli on this years 4/20, Fred the Godson. Fred was named one of XXL's Freshmen of the year along with Midwest Sounds artists Big KRIT and Mac Miller, meaning to expect pretty big things out of the group of 11 freshmen.

The Godson reps his big boned homies hard and gave a great performance to a crowd that probably had never heard of him before, basically an all in all pretty good show.  Check it out below.

@MidwestSounds @FredTheGodson @XXLStaff

---Coming soon, Devin Tha Dude & Curren$y show highlights.. and hopefully more great sounds floatin our way

Big KRIT - Return of 4Eva Tour - Live from Lawrence, KS

Big KRIT Live at the Granada! Midwest Sounds was front row showing mad respect for Big KRIT and he gave us some back with a great show, daps, and great clips during the show. Highlights include most of his bangin' tracks like My Sub and Hometown Hero.He also gave some shots, yes we got some E&J from the man himself. 

Overall couldn't ask for anything more, Big KRIT puts on a awesome show. We hope you guys enjoy!

You can find the Big KRIT show and more videos at our Youtube page, and keep up with us on Twitter @MidwestSounds and Facebook too!

#returnof4eva go cop the album, and get your head sprung!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Talib Kweli Live - Gutter Rainbows Tour - Lawrence, KS 4/20/11 Live Show

Talib Kweli of Hip Hop acclaim for his lyricism and artistic talent as a performer and song writer, came to Lawrence, KS at the Granada Theater as part of his Gutter Rainbows album Tour. Stopping of course in Lawrence for his 4/20 show.  Talib put on a hell of a show with his dope raps and his band's smooth tunes, he was working the crowd and this Midwest hip hop crowd was feelin it. Props goes out to CrazyBoy Status for putting on this sick show.  Check out the show below.

Check out Fred the Godson's opening act for Talib here on MidwestSounds.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Return Of 4Eva Tour Ep. 2 - Big KRIT

KRIT is out on the road still, workin his grind and his smooth sweet lyrics from his tape. Here is an update of what he's been up to since he left Lawrence, KS and his last tour stops since Episode 1. Check it out below. The cameraman/director Steve-O for these eps kills it all like its homicide (wiz) with the clip of the Country Shit mosh pit. You already know Krit always be gettin his crowds hype with that when we start talkin fur coats, muddy waters, and collared greens...

@BigKRIT #ReturnOf4Eva - episodes directed by @GFCsteveo

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Chevy Woods - Cookout feat. Wiz Khalifa

Summer Anthem for the city of Piffsburg? I think it just might be, annnnd for other cities all over the country. Chevy Woods teams up with his Taylor Gang General again in this banger.

Chevy's music game while similar to Wiz's is significantly different in terms of how he flows, what he flows, and the songs he chooses to get on or jump on.  But as we saw from him in the Taylor Gang video, he is TGOD. Loves his green and his Black & Yellow.  In Cookout,  a song you would expect to be fast paced and flashy being a summer hit and all. But thats what makes this hit a hit, it ain't for the club -it ain't for the radio -its just music, chill Pittsburg tunes.

@RealWizKhalifa @ChevyWoods #taylorgang

Download Cookout: here.

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XV- Zero Heroes Mixtape (Free Download Link)

Zero Heroes is finally here! The games hottest Midwest rapper reppin the Dub (Wichita) through his fire east coast lyrics and flow releases Zero Heroes on his way to being one of this years newest and freshest faces with the hottest tapes. 

Notice I said tapes (plural), Vizzy is on his grind promoting, performing, recording & writing everyday, giving all of us some of the dopest out there. Seeing as all of us at MidwestSounds are native Kansans, we're proud to rep and help out XV on his way to the top.

Some Zero Heroes info here on Vizzy's Tumblr page.

@XtotheV #ZeroHeroes @MidwestSounds

Download it here: 


DayToday Season 4 (official trailer) - Wiz Khalifa

Maaaaaaan, Bill Paladino (follow him @BillPaladino) can make a flick! Get that man a job Hollywood. I'd say no cuz he gets to hang with the homie Wiz Khalifa almost 24/7 and that shit would be crazy.  
Wiz is living a 100 mile an hour life right now, smokin, chillin, havin a blast. Bill captures some great moments for the upcoming season and mashed them together to make a pretty good preview for something that is FREE. Awesome. Check it out below. #MwS

@RealWizKhalifa #RollingPapers @BillPaladino 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mac Miller - TreeJTV2 -Presents: "High Eyes"

TreeJTV gets to let his green side out a bit more with Mac Miller in these shorter but wilder versions of Fun is 4 Everyone on his newer channel TreeJTV2. Mac is on the Green Carpet Tour w/ Wiz right now as you all probably already knew, but now we get to see the party side of Tour life that the MOSTDOPE crew gets to enjoy all the time. Enough episodes of these and all the others that artists are droppin might make me have to just cancel my cable... ha

Get ya eyes right. Parts 1-3 below.



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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ReturnOf4Eva Episode 1 - Big KRIT

Last week, Midwest Sounds got to witness firsthand, the ReturnOf4Eva aka R4, live in Lawrence, KS when Big KRIT came to the Midwest with Big Sant, SmokeDZA, Jackie Chain, and a few others. Check out the show clips on our YouTube (MidwestSounds) page. The show was epic, great crowd, great sets from all the artists, what I like to call good Midwest Sounds.

But KRIT doesn't want those who miss out on his shows to miss out on what he does, so KRIT dropped this first episode (web-isode? vlog? idk?) of ReturnOf4Eva to catch what his life is kind of like. Check it! and look for future updates of his episodes on MidwestSounds.

@BigKRIT #ReturnOf4Eva


Chop Sentral - gotta get a look at this

Chopped & Screwed songs/albums are now as much a part of hip hop as is that good medicine, diamonds, and Twitter.  But finding GOOD chops are hard to find unless usually the artist does it themselves or helps with the chopping.  Until now that is.. ChopSentral, one of my newest faves on YouTube. Recently they have been asking for requests and suggestions of songs to do which is way sick because then you do get to actually hear the artists and songs that you want chopped & screwed. Below are four of my faves from ChopSentral, check em out.

Pretty legit huh? Go Enjoy. Check them out on Facebook too! and @ChopSentral

@RealWizKhalifa @Wale @MacMiller @SnoopDogg @BigKRIT


Wiz Khalifa feat. Chevy Woods - "Taylor Gang" Video

Young Khalifa comes out hard with another Bill Paladino directed video for Taylor Gang. Well minus that gay furry hat you wearin Wiz... ha. As we all know, Taylor Gang is Wiz's crew that he rolls with as well as his fan base that is now all Taylored... all of whom are all big smokers like the kid Wiz Kha-Chie-fa. Check the video below

@RealWizKhalifa #RollingPapers


Smoke DZA - T.H.C. - Cop it now!

Several days after he was supposed to drop The Hustlers Catalog (T.H.C.), DZA released the video for "The World" as seen here on Midwest Sounds and promised the drop would happen a few days later while blaming others.... 

...more delays in the drop (guess it had to be perfect

Then DZA came to LAWRENCE with Big KRIT, and killed it for us, don't believe me? Check it below..

A lil over a week later we now have T.H.C. and it was well worth the wait.. Smoke brings us his Rrrrright swag back for another trip into his poetic and soulful mind through his hard NY street lyrics.  KRIT, Killa Kyleon, Big Sant, & Devin Tha Dude all make appearances on the Catalog and help make it one of the best tapes dropped so far this year. 

Download it here on DZA's page:  The Hustler's Catalog (T.H.C.) - SmokeDZA

@SmokeDZA #Rrrrrright


Fun is 4 Everyone Ep. 3 - Mac Miller

Mac shows us the road life once again as well as how hard he and his whole crew work on tour and in the studio. Mac right now is on the Green Carpet Tour with the Prince of the City, Wiz Khalifa and damn they are sellin out some big time shows on the East Coast right now. Here's to hoping they come to Lawrence or Kansas City on their way to the West Coast.. one can dream Rrrrrright? (been on that DZA T.H.C.)

@MacMiller @RealWizKhalifa #thumbsup


Friday, April 1, 2011

Smoke DZA - "The World" Music Video is here now! T.H.C. on Monday

The man Smoke DZA aka George Kush aka #KushedGod releases his official video for The World today on April Fools to what seemed like a joke to some because most fans were expecting to get to hear some T. H.C. But that was pushed back til Monday. The World is directed by John Colombo and was filmed out on the West Coast during the Smoker's Club Tour out there earlier this year.
In the words of DZA, "with that said light 1 up for ya boy happy april fools day."
You Heard the Man... enjoy.

#kushedgod fo sho. Check back for his T.H.C. drop on Monday, Midwest Sounds will have that covered! We'll also be up at the Granada in Lawrence, KS on Tues for Smoke DZA & Big KRIT, Smoker's Club LA,KS Pt. II #rrrrrrrright #returnof4eva

#MwS #eyebrowsup

"Get Up" Music Video - Mac Miller

Pittsburg's young son Mac Miller is everywhere right now. His EP, On and On and Beyond, is climbing the charts so quick.. BestDayEver has had an insane amount of downloads.. and now he drops this fresh Rex Arrow directed video for the hit off of Best Day Ever, "Get Up." 

So Fly.

@MacMiller is killin it right now regardless of what anyone says.. lets just hope he can continue this movement of his #mostdope @TreejTV

In the next few days check back for some live Midwest Sounds footage from the Mac Miller show in Lawrence, KS last month... EZ Mac murdered it at the Bottleneck, while Midwest Sounds just sat there and enjoyed! ha