Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chop Sentral - gotta get a look at this

Chopped & Screwed songs/albums are now as much a part of hip hop as is that good medicine, diamonds, and Twitter.  But finding GOOD chops are hard to find unless usually the artist does it themselves or helps with the chopping.  Until now that is.. ChopSentral, one of my newest faves on YouTube. Recently they have been asking for requests and suggestions of songs to do which is way sick because then you do get to actually hear the artists and songs that you want chopped & screwed. Below are four of my faves from ChopSentral, check em out.

Pretty legit huh? Go Enjoy. Check them out on Facebook too! and @ChopSentral

@RealWizKhalifa @Wale @MacMiller @SnoopDogg @BigKRIT