Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ReturnOf4Eva Episode 1 - Big KRIT

Last week, Midwest Sounds got to witness firsthand, the ReturnOf4Eva aka R4, live in Lawrence, KS when Big KRIT came to the Midwest with Big Sant, SmokeDZA, Jackie Chain, and a few others. Check out the show clips on our YouTube (MidwestSounds) page. The show was epic, great crowd, great sets from all the artists, what I like to call good Midwest Sounds.

But KRIT doesn't want those who miss out on his shows to miss out on what he does, so KRIT dropped this first episode (web-isode? vlog? idk?) of ReturnOf4Eva to catch what his life is kind of like. Check it! and look for future updates of his episodes on MidwestSounds.

@BigKRIT #ReturnOf4Eva