Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smoke DZA - T.H.C. - Cop it now!

Several days after he was supposed to drop The Hustlers Catalog (T.H.C.), DZA released the video for "The World" as seen here on Midwest Sounds and promised the drop would happen a few days later while blaming others.... 

...more delays in the drop (guess it had to be perfect

Then DZA came to LAWRENCE with Big KRIT, and killed it for us, don't believe me? Check it below..

A lil over a week later we now have T.H.C. and it was well worth the wait.. Smoke brings us his Rrrrright swag back for another trip into his poetic and soulful mind through his hard NY street lyrics.  KRIT, Killa Kyleon, Big Sant, & Devin Tha Dude all make appearances on the Catalog and help make it one of the best tapes dropped so far this year. 

Download it here on DZA's page:  The Hustler's Catalog (T.H.C.) - SmokeDZA

@SmokeDZA #Rrrrrright