Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun is 4 Everyone Episode 4 - Mac Miller - TreeJTV Production

Here we are once again following the craziness that goes along with Mac Miller, the Most Dope Crew, and tour life on the Green Carpet tour with Wiz Khalifa. Tolly, Q, Willy, Jimmy, Clockwork & Dave are all up in this vid with a few others. Check it out below. Man i love how long these are, thanks for giving your fans some insight on being Mac.

Also here is Mac Miller & Rex Arrow Films' preview for the "Wear My Hat" Video. This video is basically worthless, resulting in it not needing its own post. Hopefully the actual video is done well which will hopefully make up for the fact that not the best song on Best Day Ever was chosen to make a music video for.... maybe" Snooze"? or "Pittsburg" off PiffJar

(And yea we know, that girl is fine, she'd wear our hats too if we had it our way)

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