Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New! Tech N9ne - Worldwide Choppers

Being a Midwest oriented hip hop blog, the only requirement, in my mind, of which artists to post on Midwest Sounds is Tech N9ne. 

The original KC rapper, the only big time but still indie artist from the Midwest, Tech-a-Nina drops "Worldwide Choppers" here with a huge feature list, making this new track from Tech a hot one.

Featured on Choppers is Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Ceza, JL, B.Hood, Uso, D-Loc & Twisted Insane. 

As a KC kid, I love hearing new Tech especially when it features such heavy hitters (Busta) and fresh up and comers (Yelawolf), giving us that hardcore Tech N9ne sounds we all love to hear.

@TechN9ne @Yelawolf @Twista (Busta ain't got a twitter- old man status)

Download it here from Midwest Sounds: here on MediaFire.