Wednesday, May 11, 2011

XV & Donnis featured artists on "I Don't Believe You" - Celeb Forever

XV is back in the lab again, this time with the assistance of his tour buddy Donnis; both helping out young emcee Celeb Forever, earn his way to the top. The 19 year old Cleveland native, is trying to do things for his city bigger than South Beach, get ready to see his name again. 

Now I'm not too familiar with Celeb Forever, but he has been working with a few bigger names recently and is definitely on his way to making a big name for himself with smooth tracks like this one. Vizzy & Donnis jump on throughout, changing this song from an average rap song to a legitimate hip hop track. 

@XtotheV @CelebForever @DonnisXdonnis

Download it now from Midwest Sounds:
I Don't Believe You (feat. XV & Donnis) - Celeb Forever

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