Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ichiban Tattoo - Lawrence, KS - featured artist Long Chou

More sights than sounds in this post, we at Midwest Sounds enjoy visual art as well as auditory art (hip-hop music), so we only thought it was fitting to feature our favorite tattoo artist and friend Long Chou of Lawrence, Kansas' Ichiban Tattoo Studio. Long has worked on countless tattoos all in varying styles, shapes, colors, and original art pieces. 

One of our writers is in the chair this week working on one of his pieces, getting a Lion of Zion (or known as the Lion of Judah or simply put the Rasta style Lion) put on his side under some other work Long had already put down. 

Long's contact info is posted above and below, for those readers who live in the Midwest who are trying to get some fresh ink or maybe those who want to set up a consultation to discuss ideas for a future tattoo. His email is chou-88@hotmail.com, hit him up!
Come by the shop and check it out yourself.. maybe get some ink done too.

-----> Updated ink from the shop from Long! Native American tribal side piece. All feather work done freehand by Long. Looks so sick!

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