Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jamla Record's artist, HaLo - The Blind Poet

Jamla Records has a true talent with HaLo behind the musical seat. HaLo aka Mr. Ben Ready releases The Blind Poet and it's an album that should never be over looked.

With some real issues accepting the lost of the legitimacy of hip hop, HaLo has revived the music industry and has exceeded way past the expectations that the game has to offer.

The Blind Poet is packed full of other Jamla artists like femcee Rapsody, Skyzoo, and 9th Wonder others appear on the album as well; Three Tom Hardy and Median...

To download the entire album by HaLo; Click Here

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Skyzoo - Rocket Science

MwS has posted some music from Skyzoo before, and now here is so more! Skyzoo dropped Rocket Science off his new album The Great Debater Revisited.

Skyzoo is an incredible talent that has plenty to offer the hip hop game. His lyrics are truly insightful and well thought out. Skyzoo has brought a fresh style and attitude that has turn some heads in the hip hop game. It's nice to have a hip hop artist like Skyzoo who has lyrics that are meaningful while still having a chip on their shoulder.

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Skyzoo "Rocket Science" (Produced By !llmind) by duckdown

Yelawolf - No Hands (Official Video)

Yelawolf has been doing work in the hip hop industry and it shows. The Bama emcee has colabbed with major players in the industry like Lil' John, Big Krit, Shady (Eminem), and UGK member Bun B. Here is the latest video No Hands. Yelawolf has a hard edge look and his rhymes are just as grimmy. Check out the video No Hands.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wale - That Way (Music Video) - MMG: Rick Ross, Jeremih

Check the new MMG, Wale video for 'That Way.' The highlight single off of Wale's recent release, Eleven One Eleven Theory and a hit from MMG Presents: Self Made. Check Wale, Ricky Rozay, and Jeremih crooning this sweet tune from locales Nationwide. Check it!

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Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar - Code Red (Official Video)

Watch out for Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar bringing the lyrical hammer on the Code Red track off of Jay's Follow Me Home. Presented by Lyle Wanye-Power Of 10 Entertainment and a Chris Martinez cut; Code Red  is left with pure domination in hip hop vocals when Jay and Kenderick grab a hold of some gutter rhymes and great music video to go along with it. Take notes those for those who don't...

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Monday, August 29, 2011

More Smoke DZA - #RollingStoned Scene 3 (Video)

Some smoking fun with your friends Smoke DZA and Steve Ography. First off, never would have thought Dza had handles on the court like A.I. crossing people over and breaking ankles. There is plenty to watch in this little scene of #RollingStoned.

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Smoke DZA & Curren$y (New Track) - Personal Party

Two of the Smoker's Club Generals are at it again with a new joint called Personal Party. Not to much to explain with Dza and Spitta but another than they know true hip hop music and they know how to roll them jets.

Don't forget both of these two have very good mixtapes out or about to drop. Dza's Rolling Stoned is coming out Aug. 30th and Curren$y has just released his new mixtape Verde Terrace. MwS will have both available to you the hip hop fan come Aug. 30th but until then enjoy this new track.

To download Personal Party; Click Here

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HaLo Ft. Rapsopdy-Lines (produce by 9th Wonder)

HaLo has some connections down in the Carolina nation with his new track called Lines. With Rapsody being one of the most talented femcees out right now and 9th Wonder dropping the beat this track is bound for artistry.

HaLo has it all to his music, great harmony, intelligent lyrics, and a hip hop grimminess to his game.

9th Wonder is on a different level in hip hop game right now producing incredible music. With true depth in 9th Wonder's music, HaLo and Rapsody have musical genius at the finger tips to rip too.

This new track with HaLo is called Lines; the song itself is a refreshing compared to raps darker side of swag and negative cogitations.

To download HaLo-Lines Ft. Rapsody; Click Here

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

C3 (Lawrence's Native Son) - Home For Good (Mixtape)

Here is some more local hip hop straight outta MwS stomping grounds of Lawrence Ks. Chase Compton aka C3 is a very bright young talent that has crafted a lyrical style that's energetic and compelling for his listeners.

For this up and new comer,  C3 has substances to his music and has more character than most wack rappers out there these days. Home For Good, is well-rounded mixtape that has variety; not one song sounds alike on this maxtape, so listeners can get a wide range from C3 musical talents.

Some suggestions when listening to the Home For Good mixtape; check out Urban Poetry ft. Doughy, Recognize What's Real, and also Surviving The Times.

To download the entire C3 mixtape Home For Good; Click Here

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Young Jeezy & Freddie Gibbs - Do It For You (Official Video)

Off of Jeezy's mixtape, The Real is Back, the single Do It For You is a hot track featuring Freddie Gibbs. The Snow man Jeezy recently signed Gibbs to Jeezy label Cooperate Gunz/ Def Jam. These two emcees haven't slowed down the music grind since colabbing together. Check out the Jeezy video Do It For You ft. Freddie Gibbs.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Wishes to KRIT; The Vent (Official Video)

First MwS would like to wish Krizzle a happy birthday, we toast to KRIT tonight. Anyway back to the music, The Vent track is Krit's way of expressing that materialism in hip hop has over shadowed the essence and rawness of what music use to be. For Big Krit The Vent single shows the darker side of his music, but this song provides endless amounts of insight into Krit's reality and his perception of his the world and how his music is away to express his inner passions or demons that might influence his music. The video is great and for a Big Krit birthday tribute we reppin' that #3rdcoast.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Asher Roth-Ampersand; New Single

Asher Roth has got endless rhymes and musically he is compelling in all facets of the hip hop game. When it comes to the underling story, hooks, and lyrical one liners Asher Roth out weighs all opposing emcees. Check it out for yourself produced by Blended Babies Ampersand is Asher Roth's new single.

To download Ampersand track: Click Here (Don't download it, DMCA Complaints, etc)

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Thrice Greatness-MerQury; Sept. 3rd Offical Concert/After Party

We profiled MerQury a few time on MwS... When it comes to local Kansas hip hop this young star started his grind on the University of Kansas football field. Now this emcee is taring it up in the booth and his motivation hasn't stop.

Thrice Greatness takes listeners through an intense and captivating path of hard work and dedication towards his passions in life. MerQury is a well rounded hip hop artists that brings a versatile style that is appealing to all hip hop enthusiasts.

Sept. 3rd Midwest Sounds will be on site at The Granada in Lawrence, Ks for a live show and after party hosted by MerQury. Thrice Greatness came at the right time for you to check it out.  

For more information and to get an invitation for the Official Concert/After Party; Click Here

You can download the entire album Thrice Greatness: Click Here

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smoke Dza and Action Bronson-Big Bad & Dangerous

This new joint Big Bad & Dangerous is going to have to do for now as we wait for Dza's Rolling Stoned album.

Action Bronson and Dza kill it on this track Big Bad and Dangerous. With producer 183rd layin down the track; this is a must have right now! Rolling Stoned is soon to drop on Aug. 30th so be ready for that coming up real fast.

To download Big Bad & Dangerous; Click Here

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Phonte-Not Here Anymore ft. Elzhi (produced by 9th Wonder)

This new joint, Not Here Anymore; from Jamla Records artist Phonte is off the Charity Starts At Home album due to debut Sept. 27th.

Another incredible song produced by 9th Wonder, Jamla has tons of talented emcees and Phonte is right there providing the world with impressive lyrics and fresh beats on this track.

Not Here Anymore track is just a sneak peak of whats in store from this brilliant artist. Check out the track list from Charity Starts At Home;

To Download Not Here Anymore; Click Here

Track list; Charity Starts At Home
1. Dance in the Reign
2. The Good Fight
3. Everything Is Falling Down
4. Not Here Anymore
5. Eternally
6. Sendin My Love
7. Ball and Chain
8. To Be Yours
9. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
10. We Go Off
11. The Life of Kings
12. Who Loves You More

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Curren$y Drops New Mixtape; Verde Terrace

At Rock The Bells concert in Cali, Spitta took a spill and broke his foot. Everyone roll one for the homie Curren$y.

With the bad news comes good news because the new mixtape from Curren$y-Verde Terrace, is out and available to smoker's club fans out there. Spitta keeps it gangsta and expresses the finer luxuries of living the Jet Life.

We posted Spitta's video Pinifarina but other tracks to take notes on is Music To Ride To ft. Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver, also check out High Tunes with Dramatic on the track it's that perfect smoker's club music. Watch out for the Hennessy Beach track with Dom Kennedy, (eyebrows go up)...!

To download the entire mixtape Verde Terrace; Click Here

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Chainz Big Krit and Bun B; Pimps Remix (Official Video)

Off of the Last King 2 Mixtape; Big Krit, 2 Chainz, and UGK member Bun B run that pimp  ish on the track Pimps remix... The smooth and jazzy track is a perfect fit for their down south hip hop roots. Even though this is a laid back track, the pimpin' game goes hard through these MC's musical talents.

Download the single Pimp remix; Click Here

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Chip Tha Ripper - Great Time; Christmas in September

Chip Tha Rip has laid back flow...!  Great Time is the new single off of the Christmas September mixtape. Chip has rolled through Lawrence Ks and speaking from seeing him live, Chip Tha Rip has skills that are unique and set him apart from other individuals.

To download the single Great Time; Click Here

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Nappy Roots-Hey Love Ft. Samuel Christian

The vibrant and soulful group Nappy Roots have more than enough musical accomplishments and  really don't any explanation. Hey Love Ft. Samuel Christian is a new single off of their Nappy Dot Org, and produced by Organized Noise.

Nappy is relatively underrated which is a shame on critics that have over looked them in the pass. Nappy has made exceptional strides in their musical successes but stayed true to their musical nature.

The song available now, but be ready for the for Nappy Dot Org, coming out Sept. 27th and we'll be ready for the mixtape to bring to you the hip hop enthusiast!

Download the Hey Love single; Click Here

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Jet Moran-Mile High Intro

Don't get it twisted this MC from Garnett, Ks has it all when it comes to the hip hop game.... If you're lookin for rhymes for days and punch lines that will knock you off your feet Jet Moran is what you need to listen to.

Jet Moran has versatility in his lyrics and legit hip hop music in his blood. Jet's label Indie Grind Music Group Label has more plans in store for this MC, and rightfully so there is endless talent with Jet Moran!

To download Mile High Intro single; Click Here

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Termanology-I'm The King (Official Video)

MwS is a big fan of Termanology for a long time now, and his new video fulfills all expectations. I'm The King is a new track coming off of Cameo King II. The lyrically smooth MC's from the 978 is killin it out in Lawrence MA, hmmm... Termanology colab with some familiar names in the game right now i.e. Statik Selektah, Mac Miller, Tony G, and J Dilla.

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Evidence-Same Folks ft. Fashawn

With Evidence out there proving that true hip hop music is here to stay, the much awaited album from Evidence is right around the corner, Cats & Dogs will be debuting on Sept. 27th. Until then might as well enjoy that real hip hop music with the single off of Evidence's album Same Folks ft. Fashawn (who is another MC thats makin noise). Can't wait for more from these two individuals!

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Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae-Uh Oh...(Official Video)

Talib Kweli and Jean Grae have shown that bona fide music is still around. Jean Grae rips it up on this Talib track and has a wonderful voice on top of the gutter flow. Speaking of gutter; the Uh Oh track is comin' off Kweli's Gutter Rainbow. Here is the video Uh Oh, enjoy!

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Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox) - Music Video

I'm not normally a huge fan of dubstep/trance/electronica/house music but sometimes the occasional song will have a sick beat to bump to so I can deal with it. This track below from Skrillex is definitely something I will listen to again. But yet what prompted me to post this video was that exactly, the video. The simple and quick storyline and the beat/audio matching visual effects were unbelievable. That lil girl beat the shit outta that creep... haaaa. Check it below!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Consequence-Movies On Demand 3; Trailer

Rumors about a fallout with Consequence and Kanye have been prevalent in recent months. I guess since Grammy Family these two haven't seen eye to eye. Catch out the trailer and see for yourself!

What's for dinner, BEEF? Lmao anyway Movies On Demand 3 is Consequence upcoming album that's already catching some attention because of the open minded Con not backing down to anyone in the hip hop game.

Check out the artwork and track list from Consequence-On Demand

Also download Career Killer; Click Here

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jeezy and Gibbs - Rough

Young Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs 'make it Rough on wack MC's'...Lmao These two go hard on the track and the beat goes H.A.M!

The new single called Rough; Jeezy and Gibbs supplement one another with grimy lyrics and don't mess with attitude.. This song is self-explanatory!

To download-Rough; Click Here

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last King 2: Big KRIT Does it Again!

Big Krizzle is coming out with two highly anticipated album with Last King 2 being the first mixtape drop. With Dj Wally Sparks and Dj Breakem Off throwin' it down on the tracks. Krit comes in with that impressive gutter flow!

The other album from Krit is 'Live From The Underground', both albums are gonna to make major waves in the hip hop game. This Down South General is bringing in some soul!

Featured singles to check out are Grippin' On The Wood with UGK greats Pimp C and Bun B. Also watch out for Happy Birthday Hip Hop with Bama native Yelawolf. This entire album is a must have!

To download Last King 2 : Click Here

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Frick Park Market (Music Video & Download) - Mac Miller (1st Single off Blue Slide Park)

Just dropped from Mac himself, "Frick Park Market"is here as his first single off of his upcoming fall album Blue Slide Park.

Mac has been busy recently with the completion of his album, the start of the Blue Slide Park Tour this coming to a city (not near us MAC!) near you, and circuiting the publicity grid of MTV (dominating the Fab Five countdowns on MTV Jams), VH1 (showing off his acting chops on Single Ladies), and many more as they interview him and highlight his skill as a young professional in today's wild ass music industry.

Download: Mac Miller - Frick Park Market

VIDEO - See Below!

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Hello Sunshine: STS and Yelawolf Innovative...

Not your typical hip hop song; especially coming from two hardest MC's in the game right now... STS and Yelawolf go outside their creative box and laid down a great track. It kinda makes you feel all warm inside... Lmao

Anyways Hello Sunshine by STS is lyrically good and Yelawolf is singing on the track, which makes this single a must listen now!

To download Hello Sunshine: Click Here

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Marcus Manchild-A Million Ft. Travis Porter & Big KRIT

Marcus Manchild gets in the booth with Travis Porter & The King Remembered In Time (BIG KRIT)  on A Million track.

You might first think; 'what is this gonna be swag rap'? Naw, its the raw Dirty South hip hop bringing the heat on the mic... With Krizzle blowing up right now, Marcus and Travis are respected and they all show it on this great track!

To download A Million single: Click Here

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Consequence-Comic Book Flow; Super Hero Jam!

Captain America or Super Man choose your poison. Consequence, known from his work with Kanye West on Grammy Family, but don't think Consequence is done! Comic Book Flow is a creative video and the lyrics are intriguing to go along with the visual appeal. The song itself makes you want to turn into your favorite Super Hero and fight some crime on the wack rappers out there.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wale - Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape

The DMV's finest is a hype machine right now, with special thanks to those helping him out at Maybach Music Group (MMG). Wale's Eleven One Eleven Theory is finally here.

He finally hit over a Million followers on twitter, so to get his fanbase excited for his fall album (Ambition), being released on 11-1-11 (hence the name), he dropped this mixtape.

Tons of great songs and tracks on this tape, including "Varsity Blues," "Barry Sanders," "Chain Music," "Ocean Drive," and plenty more! Check the download below.. i promise you won't be disappointed in Mr. Wale Folarin's latest work Eleven One Eleven Theory.

Download: Wale - Eleven One Eleven Theory

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Styles P Ft. Busa Busss & Rick Ross-Harsh

The Ghost Styles P colabs with Busa Buss and Rick Ross (Rozay) on the track called Harsh.

These MC's mean business when provoked in the booth. Harsh is a perfect title that explains these MC's grimy game when they lay down on the hip hop industry.

To download the single Harsh; Click Here

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

David Banner - SWAG (Video?)

This video(?) was uploaded to therealbannertv1 on youtube, but it's not really a video but more so a slideshow of two pictures.

The song is great because the beat is your average swag Lil B style, heavy bass, slow tempo ish but with super satirical lyrics. Mr. Banner has a problem with this "swag" generation, and I, personally, could not agree more.

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Chip Tha Ripper - Crime

Sometimes people ask us if we even do any music from the Midwest... Does this work? Cleveland stand up!

Fresh off The Cud Life Tour, Chip tha Ripper has decided to grace us with a track he released on his tumblr.

Chip's deep & smooth vocals complement the jazzy beat very well on this track.

"Crime" is a track off of Chip's new project due to be released soon.

Download here: Crime - Chip tha Rip

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The Bullitts (Feat. Lucy Liu & Jay Electronica) - "Close Your Eyes" Video

"The Bullitts featuring Lucy Liu and Jay Electronica perform Close Your Eyes for Zane Lowe at Maida Vale August 2011"

I have to mention The Bullitts, who I had no clue of before I saw this video. They make great, funky, progressive music that apparently collaborates extremely well from what I can tell in this video.

This is how collabos are supposed to done.

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Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us Feat. Ray Dalton

Wooooooo! Macklemore x Ryan Lewis are always nice. This is PURE music. No fillers, no fancy, just relentless, unfiltered greatness.

You'll get all dance-y listening to this track.

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us Feat. Ray Dalton by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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Stik Figa-Crown & Coke; Doing Big Things In Kansas

Watch out world Stik Figa is in the booth rippin' up tracks left and right. This Topeka, Ks native is a well rounded and intelligent artist that has creative flow like whoa! When it comes to legit hip hop music Stik knows what the hip hop nation needs right now, and it ain't that swag rap so drop that mess real fast! LMAO

Anyway Stik Figa and D/Will much awaited album is finally available for you, the hip hop fan! Crown and Coke (Favorite drink at MwS) is out and ready for download, get it fast though, only the first 200 downloads are free so be one of the first to grab it! The Download does come with a bonus video, so get it NOW!

To check out all of Stik's albums and to download Crown and Coke; Click Here

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Game and Drizzy Drake-Good Girls Go Bad

Another cut from The Game and another one off the awaited R.E.D Album. On this track Good Girls Go Bad, Drake makes an appearance and they both do work on this single.

The R.E.D. Album is lookin' like a must have album at this point, and we've only heard just a little bit of what's in store from The Game

To Download Good Girls Go Bad; Click Here

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Curren$y - Pininfarina (Verde Terrace)

Hot $pitta probably releases more music than any other MC right now, and we can't blame him. His beats are always on point, and his notable southern drawl/weed mumble give his flow and projection some distinction in the industry.

Pininfarina is a track off of Curren$y upcoming mixtape, Verde Terrace, and utilizes the Ricky Rozay "Pandemonium" beat.

If you are curios what Pininfarina is, here ya go: Pininfarina

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9th Wonder; The Wonder Year Much Waited Album (Tailer Video)

9th Wonder is 'the professor' in the booth! Can't wait for The Wonder Year album coming out September 27, 2011; it should be a classic! Arguably one of the most anticipated hip hop albums of the year or maybe decade!

Take a look at 9th Wonder's tracklist off of The Wonder Year

1. Make It Big ft. Khrysis
2. Band Practice Pt. 2 ft. Phonte & Median
3. Enjoy ft. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar
4. Streets of Music ft. Tanya Morgan & Enigma of Actual Proof
5. Hearing The Melody ft. Skyzoo, Fashawn & King Mez
6. Loyalty ft. Masta Killa & Halo
7. Now I’m Being Cool ft. Mela Machinko & Mez
8. Never Stop Loving You ft. Terrace Martin & Talib Kweli
9. Piranhas ft. Blu & Sundown of Actual Proof
10. Peanut Butter & Jelly ft. Marsha Ambrosius
11. One Night ft. Terrace Martin, Phonte, & Bird and The Midnight Falcons
12. Your Smile ft. Holly Weerd & Thee Tom Hardy
13. No Pretending ft. Raekwon & Big Remo
14. 20 Feet Tall ft. Erykah Badu & Rapsody
15. That’s Love ft. Mac Miller & Heather Victoria
16. A Star U R ft. Terrace Martin, Problem & GQ

The Wonder Year - Trailer from LRG on Vimeo.

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Asher Roth New Joint-In The Kitchen

Asher Roth just straight rips this new track called In The Kitchen... Produce by Chuck Inglish, Asher's first verse is a killer and has to be played back once or twice; its that lyrically good!

To Download the In The Kitchen track: Click Here

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Cash Hollistah and The Sungate Fam; Live at Mokas Cafe

Yo a little live music for that ass! Kansan MC Cash Hollistah goes all out on his performances and why not The Sungate Fam behind him is jammin' out! There is more to come from Cash, so be ready!

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Game-Born In The Trap; Radio Rip

The Red Album by The Game is a highly anticipated album coming out Aug. 28th, so be on the look out for that on Midwestsounds.

"Born In The Trap" is a Dj Premier Radio Rip is a inside glimpse to this incredible album coming out soon!

To Download Born In The Trap: Click Here

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New Memphis Bleek Video-Road 2 Riches

New Bleek video takes you through life on the road with Memphis Bleek. The
has it all for Memphis Bleek music, videos and news! Memphis Bleek is a living legend that still kills it on the mic and makes legit hip hop music.

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Mac Miller and Rapsody-Extra Extra; Read All About It!

Yo the B-Boy from the Burg Mac Miller and B-Girl Queen B Rapsody kill it in the booth on this track Extra Extra. The track is coming off Rapsody's Thank H.E.R. Now, this is highly recommended by MwS and can get it Here; Anyway check out the video Extra Extra by Mac and Rapsody!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Omar Aura ft. Fashawn-1,000 Palm Trees

Omar and Fashawn gives ya that feeling of the old school flow! The snapbacks and Fresh Prince of Bel Air playin in the background cracked us up. lmao... Check out the 1,000 Palms Trees video from Omar Aura and Fashawn!

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Planet Asia New Video-Air Balloon

If you haven't heard Planet Asia yet, here is your chance to one of hip hop's greats and arguably a legend in the game today. His new video Air Balloon is off his Crack Belt Theatre. This a great video to get a feel hip hop industry's best.

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Chris Webby-Block To The Burbs ft. Freeway

New comer Chris Webby did a smart thing when he colabbed with Freeway on Block To The Burbs! This is one smooth track comin' off Webby's; Webster's Laboratory. Enjoy and the video!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Chris Barrnett Presents: Flaws Video

Chris Barnett from the '316' Kansas goes all out in his newest video, Flaws! This dark and suspenseful video keeps you wanting more and will probably make you wanna watch it twice. This video has it all around visual appeal and intense imagery. Let's not forget about the musical effect and metaphoric value that the video has when presenting Chris' life and musical vision.

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Untouchable Level-Dj Breakem Off Remix

KD, Big KRIT, Slim Thug, and Lil' Booise goes hard on this Dj Breakem Off Untouchable Level remix. These down South Generals one uped Wiz Khalifa's Another Level track and made a remix of their own.

This track originally was off of the Rolling Papers album by Wiz, but after this gets around the hip hop game there is going to be a different level needed to reached!

To download, Untouchable Level Remix: Click Here

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Wiz Khalifa-No Sleep (Official Video)

Wiz the champ of partying all night and catching no zzzz's! Here is the No Sleep video off of Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers album. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Freestyle Fridays: Memphis Bleek-Closer

The NYC is the Mecca of hip hop music, and NYC native-Memphis Bleek is no stranger to the hip hop industry.

Bleek has been around for a long time and still kills it on every track he is on. Can we say "Freestyle Fridays..." Lmao

To download the Closer Freestyle: Click Here

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Jay-Z/Kanye West-Otis video: #WTT

Arguably one of the better songs on the WTT album, Jay-Z and Kanye West drop the video for the Otis track. The loop off the Otis track never gets old! Classic Jay and Ye!

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Rapsody's New Video-Lampin'

The new Queen of Rap, Rapsody has dropped her new video Lampin' off the Thank H.E.R. Now album. Rapsody's lyrics have depth and true meaning. Her overall artistic vision is better than some of the seasoned vets in the game. Rapsody can't be touched by other Female MC's in the rap game right now, they just cannot touch her in musical talent. Check out the video for yourself!

RAPSODY - LAMPIN' from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Sunshine - Blu ft. Nia Andrews (Video)

My Sunshine is the first single off of Blu's forthcoming album, NOYORK!, and features the very soulful Nia Andrews on the hook.

Produced by Shafiq Husyan & shot by aaronisnotcool

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My Sunshine | Blu feat Nia Andrews from aaronisnotcool on Vimeo.

Rapsody x I Do Belong

It looks like Rapsody has begun releasing tracks that didn't cut the Thank H.E.R. Now album track list in an attempt to get some more exposure, and we can't blame her!

Rap is very underrated right now in the realm of Femcees due to the recent popularity increase for Jean Grae and the continued success of hip-hop barbie doll, Nicki Minaj.

Hopefully 9th can elevate Rapsody to the same level of limelight; but Rap is just creepin' on a come up for now.

This is a dope picture, too! (Courtesy of

If Rapsody releases anymore exclusive tracks, you know you'll be able to find them right here @MidwestSounds

Rapsody - I Do Belong

Skyzoo-Atpyical; Debut Video Is Fresh!

Skyzoo debut video called Atypical is fresh, and appeared yesterday on BET's 106&Park. Check out the video and lets us what you think!

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Meek Mill-House Party ft. Young Chris

Meek Mill track House Party ft. Young Chris is a perfect song to get the shindig started at your crib. Meek Mill from #MMG is grindin' hard in the hip hop industry.

Man, house parties are some of the funnest parties to go to, lil drank, some stank, and beautiful people to mingle with.. lmao

To download House Party: Click Here

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Mookie Jones-Taking Care Of Businss (TCB) ft. Big Sant/Jackie Chan

The dirty south goes hard with TCB. Mookie Jones colabs with two Southern Generals of the hip hop game, Big Sant and Jackie Chain. Taking Care of Business is a hard track and will slum in the trunk. These MC's rip this beat up! Must get the track now...

To download TCB: Click Here

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wale I'm On One Freestlye: This Is Legit!

Wale does it again, and kills it on the I'm On One track! Wale can write rhymes, but true MC's can freestyle too, and Wale rips the ish!

Wale should have been on the original track with Drake and Ricky Ross... Just saying... lmao

To download I'm On One Freestyle: Click Here

See below for the video

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MerQury-Marvins Room Remix: Smooth Track!

This Kansan Hip Hop up and comer is doin' big things right now!

MerQury's-Marvins Room Remix gives the ladies something think about, and something to groove with this track. Do the right thing and download this track now!

To download Marvins Room Remix: Click Here

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RAP Genius - Watch The Throne Lyrics

Since everybody has been bitchin and moanin about Watch The Throne and all its lyrics, read below.
Go check out RAP Genius' analyzed version of Watch The Throne from Jay-Z and Kanye West.
Get "Watch the Throne"

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Rap Genius - The Hip Hop Wikipedia

From time to time, I peruse the vast plethora of lyric websites searching for those ever-elusive lines delivered by some of my favorite Hip-Hop artists. 

Whether it be from canonical rappers Rakim Allah or The Notorious B.I.G., or new joints from my favorite freshmen, Big KRIT and Jay Electronica, I never fail to discover that many songs are riddled with errors and transcribed in a horrific fashion on these mundane sites.

Recently, however, I have found myself resorting back to ONE lyric website, and only 1, to satisfy my fancy of critically analyzing my favorite Hip Hop songs...I could probably fancy ALL day on this website if it weren't for carpal tunnel and my terrible posture at the computer but enough about me... is your guide to "[d]iscover the meaning of rap [and rock] lyrics" by actively engaging with fully interactive lyrics where you can add an explanation to a lyric or add a suggestion to change and/or add to existing explanations and transcriptions. 

(Rap Genius logo, courtesy of

Rap Genius's (.com) genesis began as Rap Exegesis(.com) and slowly progressed to amassing 22,000 Likes on Facebook, close to 6,000 Twitter fans, and recruiting approximately 30,000 members and 200 contributing editors like myself (You can find me on RG as Kritical316).

RG prides itself on being THE "Hip Hop Wikipedia" and distancing itself from those other websites that claim to do the same but with lackluster interaction, a multitude of mind-altering ads, and a boring concept in general. Oh yeah, RG doesn't try to sell you some lame book either, just these cool shirts.

Pictured is the RG Family Tree: 

The idea is simple and to the point. Critique rap as poetry and not translate it into "nerdspeak" or academic type language. In layman's terms, basically; but that doesn't mean you can't add a joke, picture, video or historical reference to further elaborate on your explanation.

An enticing aspect of RG is the Rap IQ™ a member can accrue by making quality contributions to songs, eventually leading to editorship on the site if said member consistently spits true knowledge. To start, become a RG family member and begin highlighting lines of lyrics to prompt the explanation box. 

Other entertaining features of RG include an easily navigable forum, a cooperative blog, "The Rap Map" and up to date Hip Hop news and new music on the homepage. They even have some explanations for the beginning of the Torah if you're the religious type. Haha, who does that? Only RG, that's who.

Become a member of the Rap Genius family today and try to conquer the RG Leaderboard tomorrow...

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Boaz ft. Mac Miller-Around The World

Boaz hooks up with the Kid from the Burg, Mac Miller on Around The World Video. Presented by Point Blank Productions this video is great! Must watch it now!

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Snoop Dogg-Stoner Anthem (Official Video)

Snoop Dogg, the Godfather of Westcoast hip hop, and is a Smoker's Hall of Famer. The Stoner Anthem fits Snoop perfectly, and the beat is easy goin', great song to get high too! lmao

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Royce Da 5'9 and Eminem Kills It On-Writer's Block

This is a grimey song Royce Da 5'9 goes hard and Eminem does the same. Put on by Dj Premier, Writer's Block is the single so be a smart hip hop music fan and download this awesome track!

To download the Writer's Block single: Click Here

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Wale x Acapella (New - Aug 2011)

Wale is constantly releasing new and free music to his fans via twitter @Wale

This track is titled "Acapella" because it is indeed an acapella verse from the DMV native.

Download the new track straight from Midwest Sounds: Acapella

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Tinie Tempah-Till I'm Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)

Tine Tempah teamed up with one of the hottest MC out right now Wiz Khalifa. The Till I'm gone went top 5 on MTV 2 SuckerFree Sundays. The song itself makes you nod your head so check out the video and tells us what you think!

To download Till I'm Gone: Click Here

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Game ft. Chris Brown-Pot of Gold

Game colabs with Chris Brown on the Pot Of Gold single off the Hoodmorning (No Typo): Candy Corona mixtape. Hope yal enjoy the song!

To download Pot Of Gold: Click Here

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Ski Beatz-Illegal ft. Freddi Gibbs

Ski Beatz and Freddi Gibbs bring a gangster back to hip hop. These MC's give the hip hop game an edge and this track has it all, good flow, and the beats goes hard.

Be ready for Ski Beatz album called 24 Hour Karate Class Part 2 drops Aug. 9th, so it right around the corner!

To Download the Illegal track: Click Here

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Jae Millz-In The Clouds: Live That Stoner Life!

Jae Millz is smoked out in his In The Clouds video and he will show how he does it big. Anyway the song is legit, lyrics are fresh and innovative, also the beat has a nice touch of a soulful sound. This song will definitely put you In The Clouds!

To download the single In The Clouds: Click Here

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wale-4am ft. Black Cobain

So Wale was up early today in the studio via Ustream, and so we here at MWS want to post some new Wale and the 4am track is classic Wale!

This single has good flow from both Wale and Black Cobain and it's a smooth beat. Put in work and download this track now!

To download 4am: Click Here

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Joe Montana-300 ft. Big KRIT, King Cisco and P.O.E.

Yo this is another track that goes hard in the paint (Rick Ross voice)!

Lmao Joe Montana hooks up with Big Krit for the 300 single off of Joe Montana's MLK USA mixtape. Can't go wrong with this song!

To Download 300: Click Here

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XV-30,000 Ft. In The Sky: XtotheV Rips This Joint

XV represents Wichita, Ks and he is kickin' out singles like whoa! And since he now has over 30,000 twitter followers he put out this single called 30,000 Ft. In The Sky.

XtotheV, as he likes to call himself at times, is one of the hardest working MC's out right now. XV is always in the booth perfecting is craft. this is just another one of his singles that MidwestSounds can't get enough of.

To Download 30,000 Ft. In The Sky: Click Here

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No, Midwest Sounds does not limit itself to strictly the Midwest region of the U.S.

FLY LY is an independent artist from NY--Coney Island BK to be exact. This is his first single "ROCKY ROAD" from his upcoming album dropping this fall.

The video has a great production. The beat is classy. And the lyrics are full of substance. Go ahead and give it a listen.

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