Monday, August 8, 2011

Rap Genius - The Hip Hop Wikipedia

From time to time, I peruse the vast plethora of lyric websites searching for those ever-elusive lines delivered by some of my favorite Hip-Hop artists. 

Whether it be from canonical rappers Rakim Allah or The Notorious B.I.G., or new joints from my favorite freshmen, Big KRIT and Jay Electronica, I never fail to discover that many songs are riddled with errors and transcribed in a horrific fashion on these mundane sites.

Recently, however, I have found myself resorting back to ONE lyric website, and only 1, to satisfy my fancy of critically analyzing my favorite Hip Hop songs...I could probably fancy ALL day on this website if it weren't for carpal tunnel and my terrible posture at the computer but enough about me... is your guide to "[d]iscover the meaning of rap [and rock] lyrics" by actively engaging with fully interactive lyrics where you can add an explanation to a lyric or add a suggestion to change and/or add to existing explanations and transcriptions. 

(Rap Genius logo, courtesy of

Rap Genius's (.com) genesis began as Rap Exegesis(.com) and slowly progressed to amassing 22,000 Likes on Facebook, close to 6,000 Twitter fans, and recruiting approximately 30,000 members and 200 contributing editors like myself (You can find me on RG as Kritical316).

RG prides itself on being THE "Hip Hop Wikipedia" and distancing itself from those other websites that claim to do the same but with lackluster interaction, a multitude of mind-altering ads, and a boring concept in general. Oh yeah, RG doesn't try to sell you some lame book either, just these cool shirts.

Pictured is the RG Family Tree: 

The idea is simple and to the point. Critique rap as poetry and not translate it into "nerdspeak" or academic type language. In layman's terms, basically; but that doesn't mean you can't add a joke, picture, video or historical reference to further elaborate on your explanation.

An enticing aspect of RG is the Rap IQ™ a member can accrue by making quality contributions to songs, eventually leading to editorship on the site if said member consistently spits true knowledge. To start, become a RG family member and begin highlighting lines of lyrics to prompt the explanation box. 

Other entertaining features of RG include an easily navigable forum, a cooperative blog, "The Rap Map" and up to date Hip Hop news and new music on the homepage. They even have some explanations for the beginning of the Torah if you're the religious type. Haha, who does that? Only RG, that's who.

Become a member of the Rap Genius family today and try to conquer the RG Leaderboard tomorrow...

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