Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gilbere Forte - Black Soul Ft. Big Krit

It is always refreshing when new hip hop music is something that's actually worth while to listen to.

Point in case Gilbere Forte's new cut called Black Soul. And who is the hottest in soulful hip hop right now... Yup it's Big Krit. Gilbere Forte lays down some monster lyrics but remember the title of the song is called Black Soul and the King Remembered In Time (KRIT) is the king of soul in the dirty south.

So Krizzle comes in the beginning of the track and rips it up, followed up by a hip hop savvy style of Gilbere Forte and give it up to Forte for putting down some well thought out lyrics that have powerful meanings to his words.

To download Black Soul: Click Here

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Mac Miller - Moves Like Jagger Remix - on Maroon 5's Track

Check out the new school kid at work here with Maroon 5. 'Moves Like Jagger' originally featured just Christina Aguilera on the track but now someone upstairs at the labels said I hear this Mac kid is pretty good and I hear he is unsigned. So we got Mac Miller on here crooning with Adam Levine and he is still repping the independent status and got a radio banger in his hands. Check it out y'all.

Download: Moves Like Jagger Remix - Maroon 5

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Monday, September 26, 2011

That's Love - 9th Wonder ft. Mac Miller, Heather Victoria

9th Wonder's The Wonder Years drops Sept. 27th! Can't Wait... When it comes to the rooted hip hop genre, 9th Wonder has perfected the artistry of producing phenomenal music.

Mac Miller and Heather Victoria take the slower jazzy beat in That's Love and pressed a story about finding love the hip hop gangsta way.

Mac Miller has quietly became more enhanced artistically and the professor 9th Wonder produced music that expresses Mac's ability to flourish lyrically.

Hey gangsters need love too, That's Love! The combination of hip hop attitude and a beautiful female voice complement 9th's ability to produce hip hop musical brilliance in the That's Love track. 9th Wonder's album The Wonder Years will revive hip hop and bring artist like Mac Miller new insight musically that is meaningful and respectful to the game.

To download That's Love single; Click Here 

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

T-Pain - 5 O'clock in the Morning feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen (Track)


A new jam from T-Pain featuring the Taylor Gang General, Wiz Khalifa & the soulful UK singer Lily Allen called 5 O'clock in the Morning. Hot song soon to be on your radio waves... check it!

Download: 5 O'clock in the Morning - T-Pain

(removed due to DCMA, copyright, etc issues...which means they don't want this leaked because when it hits radio, shit gonna be poppin!!)

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XV - When We're Done (Music Video)

Vizzy has been going hard the last couple weeks. After the release of the 'Wichita' video from his last mixtape Zero Heroes, XV goes off again and drops some sick visuals for the song 'When We're Done.' If you didn't know this get was from Kansas, you better check yourself and then go download all his tapes.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mac Miller - Smile Back (Music Video)

Check out the Pittsburg youngin' with his newest single off of #blueslidepark! "Smile Back" is here for the fans, anyone know if its on iTunes yet? Can anyone out there beat Mac Miller's independent success?? Doubt it.

To download Smile Back single; Click Here

Check the robbers in the video! S/o to TreeJ & Jimmy (@SweetJamesMD)

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You know how it is... #MwS

Drake - Free Spirit, Club Paradise, Round of Applause (3 Tracks)

Drizzy been at it in his off time. must be easy to work hard with your skin tan and your hair long huh Drake? Check him out on three new tracks he released himself. 'Free Spirit' featuring MMG Empire boss Rick Ross. 'Club Paradise' a slow jam probably which the ladies love. And then 'Round of Applause' featuring Waka Flocka, a chill but upbeat tune.

Check em out below and enjoy!


Free Spirit - Drake

Club Paradise - Drake

Round of Applause - Drake

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chevy Woods - The Cookout (Mixtape)

Check the new trailer for Chevy Woods' upcoming mixtape The Cookout (Sept. 24th) dropping later this week! You already know he's Taylor Gang, go support or kill ya-self, you know how it it. Taylor Gang or Die.

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Wale - Best Night Ever feat. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossum (Track)

Fresh new Wale! Featuring the MMG man himself, Rick Ross. As well as Kevin Cossum being featured. This track seems to be an Ambition anticipation track from Mr. Folarin. Speaking of Wale, today is also his Birthday so shoutout to him today.

Big things coming from Wale in the next couple months, look for it... 11-1-11 (Ambition). Yesterday he was all up on ESPN, what's next Wale??

Download: Best Night Ever - Wale

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SparkDawg - Michael Jordan feat. Big KRIT (Track)

If you haven't heard of SparkDawg yet, you might wanna tune it. You'll be hearing it again in the future. Being the Lone Star Kid, Spark has teamed up with Big KRIT to make a fresh hit for all the fans of southern style hip hop out there.

Go download it and enjoy this southern soul. Also get ready for #LiveFromTheUnderground....coming soon!

Download: Michael Jordan - Sparkdawg

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Wiz Khalifa - DayToday Season 4 Episode 6 - Happy Birthday Wiz

We finally get a new DayToday from the no longer Young Khalifa. Its his bday this episode, and he brought the crew to Vegas to celebrate. Sounds like some fun to be had. Check it out!

(Oh and I'm calling it right now, everyone is gonna be out looking for old school re-do's of that puffy coat Tima just got Wiz, just saying).

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mac Miller - Willie Dynamite (RapGenius Lyrics Included)

Mac Miller is back at it again with his newest twitter release called 'Willie Dynamite'. It's a mellow track that evokes memories of the '90s. Reaching 900k followers on twitter is the occasion for Mac's release.

Download the new track here: Willie Dynamite

Don't Forget LYRICS!!!!
And who else but RapGenius already has the lyrics transcribed for us all and ready for primo explanations?!?!

Read the lyrics here: Willie Dynamite Lyrics at

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Timeflies - This duo is rocking, gotta check them out.

Just heard of slash found out about this duo. Cal the man on the mic, and Rez the dude with the production and on the beats. They waver between a mix of Shwayze, Owl City, and a young Asher Roth, combining a hot flow, soft vocals, awesome mixes and beats. In the first video below, the Timeflies crew wrote down a bunch of words and put em in a hat. Rez sampled some Kansas "Carry on My Wayward Son" and Cal went off tearing through those words with hot lyric after hot lyric. The second is a hot beat from Rez's newest toy (a steel drum) is used to help sample "Under the Sea."

Check em out!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Manish Law - Sing Along Song

Check out this Wichita, Ks native tear up the beat. Manish Law's Sing Along Song is a nice twist of a fast tempo punk rock track, that has lyricism like Andre 3000 from Outkast.

Not a bad combination when it comes to hip hop music. Manish Law has a unique flare and style when it comes rippin' it up on the beat.

The past pace, kind of country but edgy musical stance gives the listener a wide range jam out too. Manish Law brings a fresh new look at what Kansas hip hop has to offer, with his lyrical quickness and meticulous style Manish Law has made all the right musical moves in the hip hop game.

For more information about Manish Law you can check out his profile on reverbnation just Click Here.

Check out Manish Law's website

To download Manish Law's Sing Along Song; Click Here

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Statik Selektah Feat. Big KRIT and Freddie Gibbs - Play The Game

Statik Selektah, KRIT , and Gibbs perfect the art of hip hop music with Play The Game. These three dynamic hip hop artists come together and created hip hop music genius; Statik Selektah is the master at sampling classic jazzy records that fits the soulful KRIT and the powerful rhymes from Gibbs.

The illuminating organs in the background and smooth bass line has the compels KRIT and Gibbs into new lyrical  heights.

Selektah Population Control drops Oct. 25th and be expecting great music from this very talented artist.

Statik Selektah "Play The Game" feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Freddie Gibbs by duckdown

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

XV - Hoop Dreams (Prod. by B. Dolla)

The Wichita native (Represent!) has been releasing a multitude of new music fresh off of his inaugural tour.

The newest track, Hoop Dreams, is a smooth one that takes some shots (get it?) at all the "ballers" out here these days.

Fittingly, there are apparent basketball themes and allusions to many professional basketball players.

DOWNLOAD here: Hoop Dreams

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

K. Sparks - The Show Starts Ft. Rapsody and Laws

Don't sleep on K. Sparks this artists has it all when it comes to hip hop music.  

The Show Starts features Rapsody and Laws. This triple threat squares off on the mic and brings hip hop music back to its early 90's roots; when hip hop music was about the musical harmony and searching the soul for positivity.

K. Sparks is a smooth and creative emcee that has lyrical game that is flawless. Teaming up with Rapsody and Laws only makes The Show Stars track even better. Be on the look out for K. Sparks album “Diagnosis: Success".

To download K. Sparks The Shoe Starts; Click Here

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Samurydas Feat. RaeKwon, Kurupt and Kojoe

Check out these hip hop greats; Raekwon, Kurupt and Kojoe kill it on Samurydas track, which is off of "The Academy" album, Executive Produced by Kurupt the album will drop the album in store on 9/13/11. Album features Jadakiss. Styles P, Royce Da 5'9, Raekwon, Kurupt, Keith Murray, Pete Rock. For now check out the video from these incredible emcees.

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Stephen Marley - No Cigarette Smokin (Melanie Fiona)

Son of legendary Reggae musician Bob Marley, Stephen Marley has held down the Marley family and their ability to create great music. Stephen hooked up with Melanie Fiona off the track No Cigarette Smokin' shows the traditional styles of Reggae music and the Marley's have been an iconic bloodline of incredible musical talent.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

XV - Wichita (prod. by Just Blaze)

Big UPs to XV for holding it down in the Wub-K! Vizzy just released the Wichita (prod. by Just Blaze) video off of the Zeros to Heroes mixtape, XV is doin big things right now and the KWTGB is providing hip hop fans great music.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Lonely Hearts Club - Like This

Here is a another duo coming out of Lawrence Ks, The Lonely Hearts Club is compiled with Dutch Newman's off the dome rhymes, as Johnny Quest's finesse the track into one incredible sound. Dutch and Quest have been doing the damn thing for a long while now in Kansas.

Dutch comes hard with grimmy lyrics that leaves you stunned at the moment of impact. Quest is like a seasoned vet that really knows hip hop music, kinda reminds me of a Statik Selektah type that can do it all and more with hip hop music.

Together Dutch and Quest are The Lonely Hearts Club and their new track is called Like This which dropped a few days back is off the Skinny Jeans For Fat People Ep, so be the first to have it! This track is the definition of hip hop music hope yal enjoy!

To download The Lonely Hearts Club Like This; Click Here

HERE IS MORE FROM DUTCH NEWMAN; Do You Like Mine (Official Video)

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Jet Moran - Cloud Music

You seen him a few times on MwS as one of the local artist we profiled. Jet has incredible talent and his new album Cloud Music provides listeners with music that is relative, hip, and insightful. Jet will keep you on your toes with lyrical content that seems to be well-rounded and poetic.

To download Jet Moran's Cloud Music; Click Here

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Kurtis Blow Jr. - Strings & Louis V

The name sound familiar? Yeah, son of Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow; Kurtis Blow Jr. seems to have his father's hip hop DNA.

Kurtis Blow Jr. has plenty of talent and his track Strings & Louis V is off of the  Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds album, and the single shows that Jr. has real game by layin' down lines that could be comparable to his father lyrical divine.

To download Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds; Click Here

Wait there is more, check out this video by Kurtis Blow Jr. called Californication off his Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds

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The Winner's Circle - Rocc To (Ft. 30)

This duo has been runnin' around Lawrence Ks spreading legit hip hop music vibes. Booga Bang aka Your Favorite Fat Guy and Sik Daze aka Diddy Bop are loyal to the hip hop game and holdin' it down in 785. The Winner's Circle motto is "F%ck You I'm From Kansas" so the reppin' hard for the middle of the map.

Booga's smooth lyrical game compliments well with his innovative terminology, Booga could be compared to E-40 in some ways with rhymes that will be fill with fresh slang. Sik Daze brings a edgy side to The Winner's Circle with material that has potential to break down opponents that might step up to the mic and get slain by Daze. Rocc To is a single at shows the talents from both Daze and Booga Bang.

To download Rocc To by The Winner's Circle; Click Here

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

XV - The Kick (Prod. Dj Tech-Neek) - New Music

XV is holdin' it down for Wichita, KS hip hop. Due to dedication in the laboratory and innovative lyrics XV has created a voice for hip hop in the state of Kansas. Vizzy has been grinding hard and hasn't looked back.

XV's Heroes mixtape exposed the hip hop game to a refreshing new talent with catchy samples and creative lyrics. Proud to say that XV is reppin' for the 316 and does it well!

'The Kick' (prod. by Dj Tech-Neek) is a new track that Vizzy Zone takes over and doesn't release you until the song is done.

 Download: XV - The Kick

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Chris Brown - Yoko feat. Wiz Khalifa, Berner & Big KRIT (Music Video)

Produced by Krit, Yoko has appeared on Chris Brown's mixtape and on Krit's Last King 2 mixtape. Now the West Coast is getting in on the 'Yoko' track with Berner jumpin' on the track with Wiz, CB, and Krit. The song goes hard in the trunk, thanks to Krit's love for car audio systems his music tells the tale in Yoko with heavy bass drum and fast tempo feel.

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9th Wonder - No Pretending Ft. Raekwon and Big Remo

It is always good to see hip hop greats get together and make incredible music! 9th Wonder is holding nothing back on his latest album The Wonder Years which is dropping Sept. 27th.  

No Pretending is another track off 9th's album and with Raekwon on the track this is for sure going to please the eardrum. Big Remo, 9th, and Raekwon bring hip hop music back full tilt with No Pretending.

For a professor in Hip Hop culture, 9th Wonder knows that music has evolved into a digital age, which in his case means making quality hip hop music and delivering it to his fans without any interruption from industry big wigs. Has 9th changed his musical mindset? Na, he is just making inspiring hip hop that will go down as some of the most classic hip hop know to the industry.

To download the track No Pretending; Click Here 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

J. Cole - Neverland (Track)

Second coming of J. Cole's Any Given Sunday with the new track (most likely a leftover from the upcoming Cole World) 'Neverland.' Good track to add to your daily playlist. Go scope out the man J. Cole!! Reppin' NC.

Download: J. Cole - Neverland  (File Removed due to DCMA Compliance)

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Drake - She Will (Remix) feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne (Track)

If you're a YMCMB fan you are gonna like this! Lil Wayne & Rick Ross jump on Drake's 'She Will' and dang they make it pop!! Coming off of record sales on Tha Carter IV in week one, despite much skepticism from many in the industry (including me). Wayne once again proves wrong and keeps making hit after hit. If you haven't heard this yet, go check it!!

Download: Drake - She Will (Remix)

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XV - BITSU (Freestyle)

Haven't heard much from the ever hardworking Vizzy in a while. A lil rest after his last tape and several tours was probably much needed. Hearing a fresh freestyle, "BITSU," from XV is the perfect jam to break your funk of lame music, since not much is being released right now due to some heavy hitting new school albums that drop later this month. Kansas' OWN presents, BITSU...

Download: XV- BITSU

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Meek Mill - Ima Boss (Music Video) feat. Rick Ross

Maybach Music Group aka the Unstoppables aka We Go Hard aka King Rozay present Meek Mill's single featuring Rick Ross himself in "Ima Boss." (Off of MMG Presents: Self Made) You ever seen that many Motocross Bikes and ATV's cruising and wheelying up and down the Miami Beach Strip. Check it for yourself, especially if you're a boss..

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Strong Arm Steady - Love (prod by Nottz)

When I saw these guys open for Talib Kweli in KC few years back, I instantly etched them into my hip hop memory bank.

Mitchy Slick, Phi Da Agony, and Krondon are three emcees that embodied the hip hop culture with their music. They all three have lyrical genius sown up throughout their entire game.

Strong Arm Steady has released Love (Prod by Nottz) which is a single that's not on their Arms &Hammers Lp. This is a incredible track and a so is the album.

To Download the track Love; Click Here

Strong Arm Steady is going on tour out west. The crew will for sure to please the crowd and put on a hype show. Check out the dates below;

Sept. 7, 2011     The Roxy Los Angeles, CA.
Sept. 14, 2011   The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA.
Sept. 22, 2011   The Reef Boise, Idaho.
Sept. 27, 2011   Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Sept. 30, 2011  Chasers, Scottsdale, AZ.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tory Lanez - N*ggaz In Paris

Check out this freestyle from Tory Lanez. Not much to say but the kid has flow for days. He rips it up fast and has clever lines. Lanez not only raps but also edited his own video, so enjoy the video!

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How We Get It - Dane One Ft. Never and MC Da Bull

Chi City native Dane One comes with grimy and rawness when on the mic. With a lot of big names coming out of Chicago like Kanye, Common, Lupe, Twista, and Do or Die; Dane One fits right in with these nationally known artists.

Dane One is a new comer to the Chicago hip hop game and has a new track out called How We Get It.

What is interesting about How We Get It is the slowed down UGK southern beat but there is a Chi City lyrical feeling to the song, and the combination equals pure hip hop to the listener's ears. Never and MC Da Bull are featured on the single and the three kill it on this track!

To download the How We Get It track; Click Here

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Jet Moran - Cloud Music (Sept. 5th)

So Jet is one of the local hip hop emcees we profiled a couple weeks back on MwS. Based out of Lawrence Ks, Jet has a lot of offer the hip hop game. Cloud Music is his new project coming out Sept. 5th, and we'll have it available for you the hip hop listener. But check out one of Jet's singles off of Cloud Music - Won't Stop, when you listen to this track notice the samples in it? Yeah, Nasty Nas, Bussa Bust, and Jay-Z are samples in this track... that's smart!

To download Jet's Won't Stop; Click Here

Also watch the teaser video below! It's kind of a new thing here at Midwest Sounds, but we want to give you a little more insight of the local hip hop scene in the state of Kansas. We'll try to have a teaser video for each emcee that comes out of Kansas. Whenever a local emcee has album ready to drop, or a upcoming show we want to give yal a preview of what the artist has to offer. Anyway the first installment of the teaser videos is Jet Moran, hope yal enjoy to music!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly - Wild Boy feat. Waka Flocka (Track)

This crazy dude was in KC this past June and rocked the house. Unexpectedly he grabbed me by the throat and raged until I was a fan. MGK gets the crowd going every show and is an artist at his craft.  He's coming to a city near US! We got our tickets for the Sept. 26th show...LTFU!! (Shoutout @CrazyBoyStatus!)

Recently signed with BadBoy Ent. MGK, he got arrested for starting a flash mob [scene], so he's off to a raging start. With his album in the works come his first track starring Waka Flocka Flame, called Wild Boy. This shit is surely going to get you ready to rage.

Check the first track off @MachineGunKelly's upcoming album. Lace Up!!

Download: Machine Gun Kelly - Wild Boy

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Ludacris Ft. Waka Flocka - Rich and Flexin'

LUDA....! That southern fried hospitality is out the door when Ludacris and Waka take over the Rich and Flexin' track.

Cris is someone who is now a looked up to as a young father of hip hop game coming out of ATL. When it comes to hip hop in the south or in hip hop music in general Ludacris is much respected.

Download: Rich and Flexin'    (Actually don't download it and you now can't due to DMCA Compliance, etc)

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9th Wonder Ft. Phonte & Median-Band Practice Pt. 2

This joint is from 9th's Wonder Years album and anything that 9th Wonder touches musically is one of a kind. Band Practice Pt. 2 also has Phonte and Median, both are talented emcees that has a lot to offer 9th Wonder's smooth and jazzy tracks.

Jamla Records artists have well rounded hip hop music. They have attitude, intelligence, and harmony a perfect fit for your ears.

To download Band Practice Pt. 2; Click Here

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