Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gilbere Forte - Black Soul Ft. Big Krit

It is always refreshing when new hip hop music is something that's actually worth while to listen to.

Point in case Gilbere Forte's new cut called Black Soul. And who is the hottest in soulful hip hop right now... Yup it's Big Krit. Gilbere Forte lays down some monster lyrics but remember the title of the song is called Black Soul and the King Remembered In Time (KRIT) is the king of soul in the dirty south.

So Krizzle comes in the beginning of the track and rips it up, followed up by a hip hop savvy style of Gilbere Forte and give it up to Forte for putting down some well thought out lyrics that have powerful meanings to his words.

To download Black Soul: Click Here

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