Monday, September 26, 2011

That's Love - 9th Wonder ft. Mac Miller, Heather Victoria

9th Wonder's The Wonder Years drops Sept. 27th! Can't Wait... When it comes to the rooted hip hop genre, 9th Wonder has perfected the artistry of producing phenomenal music.

Mac Miller and Heather Victoria take the slower jazzy beat in That's Love and pressed a story about finding love the hip hop gangsta way.

Mac Miller has quietly became more enhanced artistically and the professor 9th Wonder produced music that expresses Mac's ability to flourish lyrically.

Hey gangsters need love too, That's Love! The combination of hip hop attitude and a beautiful female voice complement 9th's ability to produce hip hop musical brilliance in the That's Love track. 9th Wonder's album The Wonder Years will revive hip hop and bring artist like Mac Miller new insight musically that is meaningful and respectful to the game.

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