Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Winner's Circle - Rocc To (Ft. 30)

This duo has been runnin' around Lawrence Ks spreading legit hip hop music vibes. Booga Bang aka Your Favorite Fat Guy and Sik Daze aka Diddy Bop are loyal to the hip hop game and holdin' it down in 785. The Winner's Circle motto is "F%ck You I'm From Kansas" so the reppin' hard for the middle of the map.

Booga's smooth lyrical game compliments well with his innovative terminology, Booga could be compared to E-40 in some ways with rhymes that will be fill with fresh slang. Sik Daze brings a edgy side to The Winner's Circle with material that has potential to break down opponents that might step up to the mic and get slain by Daze. Rocc To is a single at shows the talents from both Daze and Booga Bang.

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