Wednesday, October 26, 2011

XV - U.F.C. (Music Video)

Hell yeah it seems like XtotheV is making new music everyday! We like this over here at MwS! Sh*t who would have thought that little old XV from Wichita KS is doing big things in the hip hop game? This is a new video form Vizzy called U.F.C. which is off of XV's Zeros to Heroes mixtape. The hard drum kick and lyrical content is over all #awesome and the joint has it all when it comes to hip hop music. Hope yal hip hop heads like this video!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You Mixtape

Hey there you Macamanniacs! Mac Miller dropped his new mixtape for us loyal fans out there goin through Mac Miller withdraws! I Love Life, Thank You  mixtape is here and available for you to get your hip hop on with the kid from the Burg!

Mac has yet to let down the fans and silenced many of his critics. In the near future Mac's anticipated album #BlueSidePark is going to turn some heads in the hip hop industry be ready for it.

To Download the entire I Love Life, Thank You mixtape; Click Here

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Big KRIT - Money On The Floor Ft. 2 Chainz 8Ball & MJG

Big KRIT Money On The Floor is his new joint best to listen to when you're in your car slow ridin' with your windows down and lettin' it bump!

Big KRIT and 2 Chainz bring the smooth playa lyrics and 8Ball & MJG finish it off with some of that gangsta down south musik ish!

We ready for #LiveFromTheUnderground, but KRIT's album won't be out for a few months, so for now Money On The Floor is what you hip hop heads wanna listen to!

Check it out on iTunes right now!

To Download Big KRIT Money On The Floor; Click Here

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Mr. Com - Michael Myers Ft. YMBSteel and SAV1/2 (Officical Video)

Tis the season for a eerie video and why not have some Halloween hip hop that goes hard! Kid you not Mr. Com and YMBSteel scared the ish out of us over here at MwS! The emcees from Wichita, Ks caused a murder scene with this video! Produced Get Rich & Hightower, off of Mr. Com's album Who Is? Michael Myers video grabs your attention and the song jams! SAV1/2 and YMBSteel kidnap the track and cut it up surgically. The Halloween season is in session, here is the perfect video to get it poppin!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

New XV - Blame Yourself (Ft. GLC, Emilio Rojas Casey Veggies)

The frequency that XV puts out music is unbelievable! Vizzy is showing the hip hop industry that hard work in the lab goes along way.

Thanks to XV, he has put a mark on Wichita KS for having legit hip hop music. Midwest Sounds appreciates the quality that Kansas hip hop music has to offer, artists like XV is why we do this!

On to the new music from XV. This new track called Blame Yourself  features some talented emcees. GLC, Emilio Rojas, and Casey Veggies make this track diverse and lyrically well thought out. Produced by Seven, all styles come out of this joint little West coast, little East, and a whole lot from the Midwest!

To download the new XV track Blame Yourself; Click Here

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Manish Law - Vlawg Season 1

Manish Law is holding it down for Wichita, KS hip hop. We had Manish Law up on the blog before and now he's back ready to give yal hip hop heads out there something to vibe to! This video is the first installment off of Manish Law's official website check out Vlawg Season 1.

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Wale - What More Can I Say (Freestyle)

Wale is every where! The anticipation for Wale's Ambition album is blowing up the twitter feed and pretty much the entire hip hop community. So what does Midwest Sounds have for the Wale fans out there? We have just a little freestyle off the Jay-Z Blue Print beat called What More Can I Say (Freestyle). 11.1.11 is coming around the corner, for now the Wale trend will have to end with this awesome freestyle.

To download Wale What More Can I Say (Freestyle); Click Here

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T.I. - Ni**as In Paris (Remix)

So T.I. just gets out of prison and jumps on one of the illest tracks on the Watch The Throne album. Jay, Ye, and now another hip hop all pro T.I. rip up the Ni**as In Paris joint.

More is to come from T.I., as for right now he's seems to be on path to make a come back ready to stunt on the hip hop game.

To download the Ni**AS In Paris; Click Here

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Talib Kweli ft. Big Krit - Beautiful

Hey there hip hop fans... here is some more music from Big Krit, with another epic emcee Talib Kweli. These talented emcees are telling a tale of life being blessed with miracles as the opening samplers are clips of cancer survivors announcing their ability take on a deadly illness head on and expresses the beauty of life during their daily struggle of survival. The new song by Talib Kweli Beautiful ft. Big Krit uplifts your spirits when you first listen to the song and the music some chills down your spine.

To download Talib Kweli Beautiful; Click Here

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The Roots Feat. Big Krit - Make My

When hip hop goes soul, artist like The Roots and Big Krit come flooding out the wood works. The Roots have imprinted themselves as hip hop's status quo as masters of the industry.  

Make My  featuring Big Krit has a great sound to the ear and overall story line that is meaningful. The Make My track will be available on iTunes Nov. 1st, the single is off of The Roots' album Undun, which drops Dec. 6th.

Both The Roots and Big Krit have unique style that came together to uplift hip hop music's soul during a very bleak time in our world. This is good music people... lmao enjoy!

The Roots "Make My" featuring Big K.R.I.T. by okayplayer

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

XV - Boss Level (prod by Skrillex)

Better get ready for the #VizzyZone, X to the V is on NBA 2K12... SAY WHAT! The Wichita, Ks native XV is quickly becoming a nationally recognizable emcee in the hip hop game. Midwest Sounds has been a long time XV fan and only wishes him more successes as Vizzy respectfully represents our home state of Kansas.

Now on to the music! XV's new joint has pushed hip hop music to new heights as he teams up with producer Skrillex on the Boss Level track. Expanding the genre of hip hop to the dub-step background, XV tastefully takes his AWESOME lyrics into beast mode!

Lawrence Ks is in for a little treat as XV comes back to his home state and throws it down with Chip Tha Ripper at The Granada.

To download XV Boss Level; Click Here

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Common - Blue Sky (Produced By No I.D.)

New music from Common, Chi City's native. Common has been hip hop's savior with his legendary status! Blue Sky is Common's new single and it's just another example of an emcee mastering the craft of hip hop music.

Get ready for Common's new album dropping Nov. 22nd The Dreamer, The Believer.

Common is limitless in lyrical content producing multi-platinum albums, and on top of that he uphold's a highly respected acting career. Common expanded the image of the hip hop emcee, and has literally changed the game with his wit, intelligence, and hip hop high class.

To download Blue Sky; Click Here

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jackie Chain - Parked Outside feat. Big KRIT & Bun B

You Want Southern comfort or Southern Music? How bout both. Alabama's own, Jackie Chain connected with big time Southern artist Bun B & Mississippi's up and comer Big K.R.I.T. to produce 'Parked Outside.' If you don't got this on your iPod/iPhone (RIP Steve Jobs) or on a CD in your car, it needs to be, go bump!

Download: Parked Outside - Jackie Chain

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Rick Ross - I Love My Bitches (Track)

More from the Unstoppable Maybach Music Empire boss, Rick Ross. Check another release of his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't due out later this year. This track goes hard (I mean of course, it is Rozay) but its produced by Just Blaze so of course its bumpin.

Download: I Love My Bitches - Rick Ross

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DJ Drama - Undercover feat. Chris Brown & J.Cole

Get ready to hear this on ya radio's in the coming months! DJ Drama hooked up with J. Cole (of recent Cole World fame) and Chris Brown, to make 'Undercover.' Look for this song on DJ Drama's upcoming album Third Power, dropping soon!

You need to download this and turn it waaaay up!

Download: Undercover - DJ Drama

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Curren$y - Corvette Doors (Track)

Check out Fly Spitta himself, Curren$y with a new drop 'Corvette Doors.' Spitta has been cooped up with his busted ankle all casted up so he's had some good time to make some fresh music. Get at it.

Download: Curren$y - Corvette Doors

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Rick Ross - You the Boss feat. Nicki Minaj (Track)

Rozay is back in the lab again for his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't. This time the leader of the Unstoppable Maybach Music Empire, Rick Ross, is collab-ing with YMCMB queen Nicki Minaj. This song, 'You the Boss' is gonna be hot I can promise that. Get it now here on Midwest Sound.

Download: You the Boss - Rick Ross

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Kendrick Lamar - Cloud 10 (Track)

If ya'll haven't heard of or seen Kendrick Lamar before, you need to get at him! He's definitely a real hip hop artists and watch out cuz he is on the rise!! Scope his newest drop, 'Cloud 10' produced by Nosaj Thing. Check it!!

Download: Cloud 10 - Kendrick Lamar

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Machine Gun Kelly - On Fire feat. Mike Posner (Drug Dealer Girl pt. 2)

Anyone remember 'Drug Dealer Girl' from Mike Posner a year and a half ago? Well here is part two of that song with MGK repping for Cleveland the whole song. Even though part two sounds nothing like the original, its still legit. Ya'll need to Lace Up and check out 'On Fire'!

Download: Machine Gun Kelly - On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drake - Headlines (They Know) - Music Video

Check out Drizzy in his newest set of visuals, 'Headlines,' an upcoming release on Drake's sophomore album, Take Care.

Of course repping the YMCMB, he and the crew are murdered out one minute to then dressing and acting fancy eating steak and shrimp, etc. Scope it (and Drizzy's awful sweater choice)!!

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