Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mac Miller Feat. Talib Kweli - Family First (Prod. Like)

Since #BlueSidePark is days away we'll give ya a little thumbs up music for your listening pleasures. Mac Miller hits a home run with Family First single off of I Love Life, Thank You. This track features hip hop great Talib Kweli (that's smart)! The versatile Talib and Mac Miller smooth one out and create hip hop music genius.

Mac really has launched his talents to new heights and the Family First track speaks volumes about Mac Miller's ability raise as well rounded hip hop emcee. Mac Miller is by far killin' it and leading the way as a young new talent in the hip hop industry! Talib Kweli really has been a hip hop savior, and really the game needs to thank Kweli for the mastery of hip hop music.

To download the track Family First; Click Here

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