Sunday, November 13, 2011

XV - Awesome (Music Video)

Daaaaaaamnnn!! XV is straight up killin' it. If you don't have in your iTunes an XV song or mixtape, you might wanna ask yourself, am I dumb?

The answer is yes. Vizzy as some of you know, is from Kansas and is killin the game each week with new songs, tapes, and visuals (as well as touring his ass off and making song appearances in video games such as NBA 2K12).

The song in that video game, appears below in the new video for 'Awesome' and its freakin legit. Rocking the South Park style intro and references, pop culture nerds like me can't help but love it. Check it and enjoy!! Thank you Vizzy.

For more from XV, check out his twitter: @XtotheV and for more music, news, and culture hit us up @MidwestSounds