Saturday, January 28, 2012

XV & Wiz Khalifa - Gobstopper (Dubstep Remix) - Track

Squarians and Taylors? Of course something awesome would happen if those 2 team up! And to our surprise, a remix to Gobstopper.. but the Dubstep version to get you little Squarian headspinning. This is a must have track if you are a fan of either artist. Download it! Kansas & Pittsburg Stand UP.
A fast tempo, some bass drops provide the head spin jams, but then XV and Wiz Khalifa start to tear it up. A good example of good hip hop and dubstep being combined.

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Mac Miller - Death of the Emcee (FratRap Track)

The kid from the 'Burg just celebrated his 20th bday a week or so ago, but celebrations or not he is back to work! This track comes off of DJ Whoo Kid and Peter Parker's newest tape, #FratRap, coming out on February 2nd.

Go cop that for sure! Scope the download below! That boy Mac Miller giving some new sounds to his fans of course, this track sounding like some KIDS or Jukebox old school but still fresh. Go listen.

Death of the Emcee - Mac Miller

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XV - XtotheVlog Ep. 2 - Rock Chalk


Yo Vizzy is on the road killing it on the #MidwestStateOfMindTour!!!

This is the second installment of the XtotheVlog Rock Chalk edition. XV and #Squarians leader is taking the #KShiphop movement to the next level.... IT"S THAT BOSS LEVEL!

Check out the new XtotheVlog

Oh don't get it twisted XV is still doing his music videos while on the road. Check out this new joint he put together called Batteries featuring Trae the Truth. The video is sick yal go WATCH NOW

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Friday, January 20, 2012

XV - XtotheVlog Ep. 1 Finally Home

Welcome Back Vizzy!

XV is back and ready for his #TheMidwestStateOfMindTour to begin. Starting it off right at Vizzy's hometown with his kick off show in Wichita KS. The city where it all started Wichita KS throws it down at Club Encore. 

Now XtotheV is going to bringing to #JayhawkNation in Lawrence KS Jan. 21st at The Granada. Midwest Sounds will be on location for the entire night! Lawrence local music will be bringing the club bangers with DJ Travis Read and guest performance from Chase Compton. Great way for XV to start off the tour back home in KANSAS!!!

Check out XV's new XtotheVlog Finally Home Ep. 1

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mac Miller - Jerry's Record Store

The young Mac Miller has been on a terror ripping up tours city after city, making hit after hit and it doesn't look like it is going to let up from Pittsburgh Kid.

Mac's new song Jerry's Record Store has a smooth hip hop feel, with a jazzy beat and softer delivery from Mac Miller. Usually when Mac Miller has a songs that tells a story, they are a going to be little different than what you normally hear from his arsenal of talent.  

Jerry's Record Store portrays a memory for Mac Miller remembering how he fell in love with the music of hip hop. Mac Miller is very versatile as he can create all types of music from house party music, to a more personal story. Mac Miller's ability to adapt in creative style allows for him to expand his hip hop mindset.

Download Mac Miller's new song  
Jerry's Record Store

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Yelawolf - Far From A Bitch Ft. Big HUD Rittz & Young Strug

Yelawolf is one of the hottest emcees right now doing some big things in 2011 and ready for some more in the newly sprung year of 2012. Yelawolf is starting off with a new joint called Far From A Bitch. The slowed down heavy bass track has plenty to offer for your musical enjoyment.

Yelawolf's style in his delivery and voice reminds a lot of mister Slim Shady but with more southern roots. With that being said the lyrical metaphors that Yelawolf brings to the table has surpassed his competition in the hip hop industry and he will become more innovative as his career continues foward into new heights.

To download Yelawolf's Far From A Bitch

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Strange Clouds (Remix) - B.o.B Ft. T.I. and Young Jeezy

Some hip hop super stars clash and breakoff a tight joint for yal. B.o.B. gets together with the Snow Man (Young Jeezy) and Tip (T.I.) for their new track called Strange Clouds. The futuristic spacey beat fits well with all three emcees. The heavy bass and double time rhyming by the artists makes the track jam out.

T.I. has yet to miss a step with his absence, hasn't seem to affect him at all. The Snow Man comes out hard on the track which gives the song hip hop street credit that it needs and the rest of the song falls into place from Jeezy on.

To download the track Strange Clouds

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Smoke Dza - New Jack (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Smoke Dza dropped this joint a few days back and the NYC street attitude is incredible. Every time Dza gets on the track his voice and delivery is the first thing that strikes your ear.

New Jack clearly expresses the NYC street mindset with Dza's accent tied with the intelligent lyrical content. Here at MwS we have been big fans of Dza becasue exudes hip hop high class with gutter sense to the culture.

To download Smoke Dza New Jack; Click Here

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

XV - Squarian Anthem FT. Sez Batters (Prod. by Odd Couple)

@XtotheV is thinking ouside the circle and his invitation to the hip hop game has him aiming for the future of hip hop music.

Like soldiers in war, the battle to the top is a grind. XV's story in the come up fits his new single perfectly. Squarian Anthem (ft. Sez Batters) speaks volumes about the thought process of a emcee's life in KS and his ability to see the #SQUARIANS vision of breaking the circular mold. XV's fierce lyrical battle with hip hop cultural norms shows the raw talent Vizzy truly has. XV brings metaphoric insight to a generation that needs to have creative stability.

To download XV's new single Squarian Anthem; Click Here

HEY MIDWEST STATES: get ready for the #TheMidwestStateOfMindTour!

XV is starting it off right Lawrence, KS Jan. 21st, 2012 doors open up at 8pm: for details Click Here

 @MidwestSounds will be on location bringing you the coverage from the night.

@djtravisread of Myle High Society and @chasecompton785 with the homie from OKC Josh Sallee so come get your head sprung with some hip hop music.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

XV - #EndOFTheWorld and Learn To Fly (prod. @TheAwesomeSound)

Some more music from XV, means this up and coming star is grinding hard in the industry, making the list for XXL Freshmen Class for 2012. That's big for KS hip hop and gives us some credibility to the hip hop game.

XV and The Awesome Sound duel up a combo that will knock you off your musical seat. Both #EndOfTheWorld  and Learn to Fly ft. Betty Trouble are available on XVs website go check it out.

To download XV's new track #EndOfTheWorld: Click Here

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XV - The Kick (Official Video)

New year means new music from our hometown hero XV. #Vizzy holding it down for his city and will be coming into Lawrence KS Jan. 21st at The Granada. MwS will be in the building covering the entire show (pics and info coming soon).

A Few months back XV dropped The Kick and now the video has dropped and at the right time with XV's music all over the air ways, on the new Verizon commercial, and NBA 2K12 video game.

To Download The Kick: Click Here

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Wale - Mass Appeal (Freestyle)

Wale has the #Ambition to make some incredible music. Not only does Wale bring star power, but this hip hop emcee has sparked a new era of hip hop with prestige, poetic lyrical content, and a mean DC street mentality.

Check out this Mass Appeal (Freestyle). This video sprung up right around the time Ambition was out, and now the album has topped the hip hop charts.

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Big KRIT - Money On The Floor Ft. 2 Chainz 8Ball & MJG (Video)

Sorry for the long absence. MwS needed a vacation, but we're back and ready for the new year!

Check out this new video for Big Krit's single Money On The Floor ft. Titty Boi (2 Chainz) 8Ball and MJG.

With Krizzle's status fully exposed to the industry, it is only matter of time before he takes over and flood the air ways with, soul, gangster attitude, and lyrical intelligence. Check out the video, enjoy!

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