Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wiz Khalifa - The Grinder (Video)

Wiz Khalifa starting to bring back the Kush and OJ days with new music that has a more complex sound to his music. The Taylor Gang leader is more detailed and has thought into his music nowadays, and we here at MwS have no issues with that.

Wiz Khalifa just released a new video called The Grinder and it shows Wiz in a serious hip hop moment as he speaks on thinking about the bigger picture while looking at the jar of the medicine, references of Wiz Grinding up the green and chasing the dream of making it big in hip hop.

Wiz Khalifa has exceeded all expectations that critics might have about his music but as most can see Taylor Gang is more than just a trend, it's a movement.

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XV - Stone Cold (3:16)

XV jumps on the Dr. Dre/Kendrick Lamar Receipt beat and throws down a nasty freestyle reppin' our home the Tall-Town 316.

The development of XV and his musical movement has been a treat to see and XV's Stone Cold (3:16) gives a in depth look into Vizzy's roots with references of being unheard and being a comic book nerd. Now he is still reppin' that #L7 and holding down the 316 and Vizzy is starting to see his dreams come true.

Catch the entire Stone Cold (3:16) lyrics courtesy of 

June 1st 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Berkley Riverfront Park, Downtown Kansas City
#SQUARIANS must attend!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Action Bronson, Riff Raff & Dana Coppafeel - Hot Shots Part Deux

Goofy looking and not your typical hip hop emcees; Action Bronson, Riff Raff, and Dana Coppafeel dropped a video called Hot Shots Part Deux. This a wild video and visually it was shot very well and has animation that is awesome.

Riff Raff is that crazy in real life this is no joke, he looks like Jaimie Kennedy as B-Rad off of Malibu's Most Want movie. Riff Raff brings the image look a strange charisma, and more swagged out threads than Lil B. But Riff Raff also has a every extensive vocabulary to shred up any beat that might cross his path.

Action Bronson is a smooth dude for such a big belly but like the Budda Monk the ladies love to rub him for good luck. Action Bronson is more than just a big guy, his rhymes are very complex, innovative, and striaght up off the wall weird. But Bronson jams if you don't know now is the time to get to know him before he becomes the next Master Chef of hip hop.

Dana Coppafeel has the classic Beastie Boy sound and we see the grill cheese being pressed up by the iron, now that's ratchet!

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Kid Ink - Lost In The Sauce (Official Video)

Kid Ink bursts onto the hip hop scene looking to make a major impact and has done that so far with some serious skills.

Kid Ink's new video Lost In The Sauce is off of his Up & Away Lp which is in stores June 12th. The Lost In The Sauce video is typical Kid Ink and shows off all of his tattoos. Man is inked up for sure. This is a pure club banger that has a catchy hook, mean verses, and great beat to vibe out to.

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Freddie Gibbs Ft. Young Jeezy X T.I. - Pull Up

Freddie Gibbs isn't holding anything back when it comes to hip hop music. With the help from his mentor Young Jeezy and T.I., Gibbs' new track Pull Up is a powerful track with a lot of gangster attitude to back all of it up.

Gibbs, Jeezy, and T.I. all have styles that parallel one another but all have lyrical differences that vibe well.

Freddie Gibbs goes on a faster double time rhyme, while Jeezy smoother deliver allows for a great contrast. T.I. has the powerful voice and his delivery was crispy to wrap up the end of the track.

The song jams out, you will really enjoy Pull Up by Freddie Gibbs Ft. Young Jeezy and T.I.

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Nas - Daughters

The Nas that once was could have been seen as the hard Brooklyn rapper that ran the block and shot up at rival gangsters. But after getting his grown man on, and Nas is now more conscious about positivity and progress to better society. Recently Nas has seen the hip hop culture influence negative cogitations as being acceptable leaving an urban society it without any positive enlightenment.

When Nas was producing classic albums like Illmatic his daughter Destiny was young and couldn't recall what her father was saying. Now that Destiny Jones has grown up, Nas has a message for his daughter.

Nas' new single is called Daughters and it is written to educate her and other young ladies out there to have respect for themselves and thrive above the influences of negativity. Nas also questioned himself as father, and wonders if he did enough to raise his daughter Destiny the right way.

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Pusha T - Exodus 23:1

The controversy continues between Pusha T and Weezy F. Baby Hmmm.... Remember this beef started when Pusha T made a track Exodus 23:1 and took some major stabs at Weezy and YMCMB clique. Lil Wayne had a response that was barely sub par and the entire track was a poor attempt of a comeback track in a rap battle.

Pusha T won this battle and after hearing the track Lil Wayne, Pusha T took the Exodus 23:1 joint to the next level and made a graphic visual to end this battle between Lil Wayne and put everything to rest. The video does the Exodus 23:1 joint justice and shows why Pusha T won this battle.

As for Lil Wayne, maybe he is out match considering he doesn't even really rap anymore. Weezy has veered away from real hip hop music and started to become a pop sensation jumping on any track that would make money, so legit hip hop music takes a back seat now for Lil Wayne. Finally someone (Pusha T) in the game stepped up and took out the YMCMB monster. This beef might not be over but for now chalk one up for Pusha T.

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Curren$y - Jet Life Ft. Big KRIT and Wiz Khalifa

Just a week away and Curren$y's album The Stoned Immaculate is ready for take off. Jet Life to the next life Curren$y rollin' first class status.

His new single off the The Stoned Immaculate  is called Jet Life which features two of the hottest emcees out right now in Big KRIT and Wiz Khalifa.

Big KRIT's #LFTU album comes out the same day as Curren$y's June 5th. Mark down the date you don't want to miss out. Midwest Sounds is going to buy both albums, we can't wait.

Here is the Jet Life single, no verse from KRIT but a dope ass hook and beat that he produces. Wiz and Curren$y's sounds mesh well with one another as these two can literally out smoke the anybody in the hip hop game.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

Lupe Fiasco's new track Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) speaks volumes of Lupe's vision of the world. Lately, Lupe has seen a corrupt government and elitist culture hold down the common man, so he feels compelled to tell his fans.

Lupe writes music about the decline in society and the inability to have progressive thought and it's true just look at #swagglife. Lupe Fiasco has shown a more political approach to his music, and he does a quality job in not over doing it by simply bringing up current events and factual reasoning in his rhymes.

It's tough to really believe in hip hop music sometimes because most artist are well off in their bank accounts we can see this because of the nice clothes, fast cars, and first class travel arrangements so Lupe brings to light that there is another world. We can listen to Lupe Fiasco's music and find a more common ground about mainstream music/society.

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Tech N9ne - The Noose Ft. Mayday

The king of KC Tech N9ne pays tribute to the troops overseas still fighting a war. Tech intros The Noose with a monologue telling viewers that Strange Music is Kuwait visiting the United States Troops.

The hardcore, edgy, and intense Tech N9ne shows a more humbled nature with his new joint The Noose ft. Mayday. Take a sec and listen to the lyrics Tech spits out, they will make you think.

Courtesy of  here are some lyrics from Tech N9ne.

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OCD: Moosh & Twist and Aer (LIVE) - June 16th at the Granada

June 16, 2012
Midwest Sounds Presents OCD: Moosh & Twist and Aer

The summer tour is stopping in Lawrence, KS and once again the Granada and Midwest Sounds are helping bring you one of the best shows of the summer!

Openers for OCD: Moosh & Twist and Aer include local acts Jetty Prime and Myle High Society (who are featured on the KS HIP HOP page)

Doors open @8:30pm
All ages show
Advance tickets are available now at The Granada box offices.

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Childish Gambino and Heems - Tell Me (Radio Rip)

Childish Gambino and Heems jump on track together that defines hip hop to the T. These two incredible emcees trade bars back and forth to make a sensational song called Tell Me.

When you hear this comedian turned emcee you wouldn't think that Childish Gambino had some serious bars. Childish Gambino is not your normal hip hop artist, but when he grabs the mic he becomes a natural. He can get your attention both on the TV screen but here on MwS he is snappin' off some good lyrics.

As for Heems from Das Racist, there is embedded hip hop culture through his entire sound. Lyrically, Heem is insightful and his delivery exudes confidence in his rhymes.

The two together on Tell Me is only a radio rip but we hope that these two make a Ep mixtape. Gambino and Heems both hit the current events and relative materialistic lines, the combo leaves knocks you off your seat.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dom Kennedy - My Type Of Party

Dom Kennedy has brought a west coast swagger back to the hip hop game and we can't complain over here in the Midwest mainly due to the fact that we get all kinds of influences of music to cross our path.

Dom Kennedy recently released a new single that suit our style of hip hop music. My Type Of Party clearly explains Dom's ideal party setting. We MwS gets down when we party so this track fits anyone who might like a dope party to rage at.

Dom Kennedy is getting ready for the release of Yellow Album. Produced by DJ Dahi  My Type Of Party has a trippy beat in the background that hypnotizes you when you hear it.

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2 Chainz and 50 Cent - Riot RMX

50 Cent and TITTY BOI are going hard on their gangster ish....! The Riot RMX is bringing out 50 Cent and 2 Chainz in the right light.

No POP music sensation with this joint, it is straight hip hop music to the fullest.  Even though we posted the Justin Bieber Boyfriend Remix with 2 Chainz on it, we know it was a marketing poly and not a true hip hop move for Titty Boi. But hey can't knock the hustle game!

Not much to say about the overall song as it explains itself. These to emcees are going to cause a riot in the hip hop game, and we will allow it.

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Freeway - Let You Know

Presented by Karmaloop Music, Freeway's Let You Know video dropped the another day and let's just say it is just as fresh as Ninja Bart Simpons.

Freeway, Karmaloop Music, and Rocksmith came together to work on Freeway's Freedom Of Speech album which should be out very soon. The track was produced by Thelonious Martin, and the Philly Freezer brings the lyrical mastermind to this soulful track.

If you haven's checked out, we suggest you do! They have some fresh treads!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend Remix feat. Mac Miller, Asher Roth, 2Chainz

We normally don't post a lot of Pop on here, but when you have some of hip hop's newest and relevant artists jump on a remix track with the world's biggest popstar (Justin Bieber).. yea you'll have a probable hit.

On this remix we have 2Chainz, Asher Roth, and Mac Miller all jumping on the track, crazy to think this happened. Smart PR move, Boyfriend Remix, management of all 4 artists.. Catch the download below.

Download: Boyfriend Remix - Justin Bieber

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Work Hard Play Hard - Wiz Khalifa (Music Video)

Wiz re-found himself for this song and video. The Wiz Khalifa that you knew, the one from the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape, yea that one.

Check the video below from Paladino, and get ready for the album dropping this August (O.N.I.F.C.)!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Smoke Dza - Kenny Powers X Rugby Thompson Tracklist

#KUSHGOD has risen from his afternoon weed nap.

Smoke Dza is dropping a new album called Rugby Thompson and it was produced by Harry Fraud. There are some seriously legit emcees featuring on the album from the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Action Bronson, ASAP Twelvy plus more. The entire album is going to be crazy, and a must listen to.

Kenny Powers is one of Smoke Dza's newly released singles off the Rugby Thompson album. This joint has the strong east coast lyrical content with a mean beat that DZA just rips up to shreds.

Check out the track list from the entire album

1. Rugby Thompson
2. New Jack
3. Baleedat (ft. Curren$y)
4. Playground Legend
5. Ashtray (ft. Domo Genesis & ScHoolBoy Q)
6. Fuck Ya Mother (ft. Sean Price)
7. Game 7 (ft. A.$.A.P. Twelvyy)
8. Kenny Powers
9. Turnbuckle Music (ft. Action Bronson)
10. Rivermonts
11. Lo Horsemen (ft. Thirstin Howl III, NymLo, Meyhem Lauren)
12. The Prelude To Judgement Day

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Blue Slide Park the Video Game? - Mac Miller

Oh they say you need a record deal to be world famous, rich and a celebrity? Well I'm pretty sure Mac Miller gave the middle finger to whoever told him that last. Today in the UK, Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park drops. In addition to this, Mac has released his own online video game to the public.. catch a ride on the slide and meet me at the Swings!

Check the screenshot and link below for more on the simple but fun game.

How many rappers do you know with their own video game?

Blue Slide Park: the Game

Just one, now.

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Cocaine 80's Ft. Nas - Chain Glow

Cocaine 80s has been poppin' up on our radar recently simply because Cocaine 80's is everywhere when you do a search on google for 'new hip hop music'. They are on the pursuit of dopeness and they are on the right track by having a hip hop legend like Nas on the Chain Glow track.

Started by producer No I.D. and Common, Cocaine 80's is a hip hop collective and those that have been involved with Cocaine 80's have been James Fauntleroy, Kevin Randolph, and Makeba. Their debut album was easy to access you just need go to then tweet to download The Ghost Lady Ep. The Six Ft. Over is their hit single and artistically it is pure genius.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Kendrick Lamar - War Is My Love

Featuring off of the new video Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Kendrick Lamar drops a single called War Is My Love. Video games plus hip hop music equals AWESOME!!!

Kendrick comes with a lyrical genius with the story of war being a major part of human society and how society has adopted the violent act as normal aspect of life

We haven't played the game yet, but it looks like it is going to be crazy good

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David Banner Ft. Chris Brown - Amazing (Video)

Few days back we posted on the David Banner ft. Chris Brown Amazing and now the video is here to bump. The creative visual for Banner is for the up and coming mixtape Sex, Drugs, and Video Games which drops May 22nd.

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DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head (Ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)

DJ Khaled loaded up on his newest Take It To The Head video. Young money members Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj with some help from Rick Ross, and R&B sensation Chris Brown all get down on this DJ Khaled  joint. The song is coming off of the Kiss The Ring album and the all star line up on this song shuts down the hip hop game.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mac Miller to Appear on MTV's Hip Hop Squares (TV Show)

Mac Miller is going in on these squares, that is for certain! MTV is bringing back the Hollywood Squares style game show, this time with some hip hop flair to it. MTV's Hip Hop Squares premieres this week and will definitely be entertaining!

Check out the video below for some exclusive insight to the show.

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Big K.R.I.T. - Yeah Dats Me X I Got This Video #LFTU

With Young Krizzle's album Live From The Underground right around the corner, the anticipation is to much! June 5th is coming fast and with two of KRIT's singles out off the album says it all, the entire album is going to be incredible.

DJ Drama had KRIT and Kendrick Lamar step in SHADE45 and speak on both of their albums that are soon to release.

On the show Big KRIT introduced Yeah Dats Me single to KRIT nation. The single has some strong verse, funky baseline, and catchy hook which brings all the elements of KRIT's talents to the forefront.

Here is some more KRIT in your face! I Got This video is a instant classic, with a twist of hometown feel because it was shot down in Krizzle's hometown of Meridian MS.

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Curren$sy - Capitol feat. 2Chainz (Track)

Off the upcoming June 5th album, The Stoned Immaculate, Curren$y releases another track. This time Spitta kills it  while featuring 2Chainz aka Tityboi on the track, Capitol.

Listen to it below! Also, check out the behind the scenes clips from the soon to be released Capitol music video.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Self Made Vol. 2 - MMG (Maybach Music Group) Track List

The June 26th release of "Self Made Vol. 2" is certainly hyped and we can't wait to hear what the MMG Empire has in store. With this track list that was dropped today and the artwork a few days ago, we can be assured that this album is gonna be off the chain. Don't believe me? Read below and get your ears ready for June 26th.. Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Stalley, Omarion, and some nice features throughout will be killing it!

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Track List:
01. Gunplay, Stalley, Wale & Meek Mill – Power Circle (feat. Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar) 
02. Meek Mill – Black Magic (feat. Rick Ross) 
03. Wale & Omarion – This Thing Of Ours (feat. Rick Ross & Nas) 
04. Rick Ross – All Birds (feat. French Montana) 
05. Wale & Meek Mill – Actin Up (feat. French Montana) 
06. Stalley – Fountain Of Youth (feat. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hu$$le) 
07. Wale – I Be Puttin’ On (feat. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana & Roscoe Dash) 
08. Wale & Stalley – The Zenith (feat. Rick Ross) 
09. Omarion & Wale – M.I.A. 
10. Wale & Meek Mill – Bag Of Money (feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain) 
11. Omarion – Let’s Talk (feat. Rick Ross) 
12. Gunplay – Black On Black (feat. Ace Hood & Bun B) 
13. Stalley & Wale – FluorescentInk (feat. Rick Ross) 
14. Rick Ross – Bury Me A G (feat. T.I.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

David Banner Ft. Chris Brown - Amazing

The magnificent producer and emcee David Banner's new single Amazing has the Chris Brown factor with a little bit of Mississippi flavor.

This track from David is a instant club jammer and defines Banner game in the club when he spit to the ladies.

 Pretty boy Chris Brown brings the hook and a verse but the song really jumps off in the production of the beat.

Enjoy! We know you will be getting down to this JAM!

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We In This Video - DJ Drama, Young Jezzy, TI, Ludacris and Future

Three of the most pronounced emcees in the "Dirty South" jump on a DJ Drama beat and blow up the joint. We In The video is a perfect example of hip hop going hard in the paint. We are lucky enough to get a hook from Future and that's about it, but that's a good thing HA.

Luda, Tip, and Jeezy are on their grown man business status. Jeezy mentions Freddie Gibbs as if he was passing the torch. Gibbs is Jeezy's understudy and it seem like Young Jeezy has some major plans for Freddi Gibbs. TI talks about evolving musical and lyrical, but keeping it real as the TIP game is way strong and hasn't slipped. Ludacris speaks about is new production of alcohol and how his business savvy mindset has provided life success. All three plus a voice box showed that they all have legitimate skill.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Naughty by Nature Ft. Tah G Ali - Respect

Here at Midwest Sounds we appreciate and Respect Naughty By Nature's ability to impact the hip hop image factor. In the midst of wack rappers out trying to be a real emcee, Naughty By Nature slaughters the idea of image being true to hip hop music. The Respect video directed by Nimi Hendrix, is grimy and straight hip hop to a T.

Hip hop music has made a turn towards image being more meaningful than talent and some say this bad for the industry, but nevertheless Naught By Nature found away to bring some light onto talent outweighing any images of wannabe rapper.

Naughty By Nature has been around for decades and if you love hip hop wave your hands and nod your head this is real hip hop. Where did the respect run to?

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i am OTHER: We're Here


Brought to you by musician, producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER is a cultural movement.

More is to come. Read up on i am OTHER on twitter just tag #iamOTHER and check out

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Fred The Godson Ft. DJ Drama - City of God Intro

Fred The Godson has to earn his stripes coming from hip hop's toughest city to make in the NYC. With legendary artists rooted deep in the streets of New York, Fred The Godson pays the ultimate tribute to the greats that have paved the way before him. Shot by Taya Simmons, City of God Intro has a city full of stories and Fred The Godson opens his chapter to write his take on the hip hop industry.

Godson's music and lyrics are often metaphoric combine that with his mentality to his grind work has placed him in the game of greats in the Mecca of hip hop.

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Curren$y - Fast Cars Faster Women Ft. Daz Dillinger

A few days back we did a behind the scenes look into Curren$y and Daz Dillinger joint Fast Cars Faster Women.

Now the video is out and lookin' fresh and both Curren$y and Daz did this song hip hop justice! Curren$y the Fly Spitta smooth talkin' lyrically that brings an element of confident swagger to his nature.

Daz Dillinger finds the flow on this track and he does a strangle hold throughout his entire verse and tears up the beat with these bars.

Don't forget that Curren$y is coming to The Granada May 20th and bringing the entire Jet Life crew. Stoned Immaculate is dropping June 5th, got to go cop that!

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Jon Connor - Someone Like Me

Jon Connor's highly acclaimed Season 2 Mixtape is something you will want to take note of. Someone Like Me is Jon's newest video and the heavy sampled King's Of Leon joint brings a element of creativity to hip hop music.

Jon Connor takes on a first person perspective to make his audience believe in his music. Jon Connor basically puts his heart and soul in every bar, and the Someone Like Me video explains it all.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

OB Obrien - Livin' Better x Hulk Out 1 and No Where Video

OB Obrien has caught the eye from a few major movers in the hip hop game. OB has recently been seen on a few joints one being with Drake HYFR. He also collabs with Jaimie Foxx and Rick Ross just to name drop on OB Obrien's resume.

The Steeltown native, OB has plenty of talent backed with producing abilities that gives this emcee a duel threat looking to make quality hip hop music.

OB Obrien Livin' Better Hulk Out video straight rips and oh yeah it's a freestyle. The dude has bars and the video speaks volumes directed by FIGZ

OB also released a new video No Where a few days ago. Simply put it is a lyrical head knocker and has a heavy sample in the beat.

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Krizz Kaliko - Spaz Ft. Tech N9ne

KC has a Strange Music take over with the help from Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko. These two have a unique style that isn't heard anywhere else but here in our back yard in Kansas City.

Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne Spaz out on this new video. The Strange Music members are in total freak out mode in the Spaz video. This Kaliko single is off of his Kickin' & Screamin' album which is in stores 5/15.

Krizz Kaliko fits the Strange Music mold. Lyrically Kaliko spits it double time in a tongue twisting tornado and also brings a powerful hook in his music. The Spaz joint has some heavy dub step rooted in the music but with a strange sound.

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Prodigy Ft. Esther - Gangsta Love

One half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep Prodigy is showing a more softer side. This hardcore NYC street emcee has more than enough credit in the Mecca of hip hop. So why not switch it up some and give some attention to the ladies, they deserve it.

Prodigy teams up with Esther, a young lady with style and talent that has the hook all locked up on the Gangsta Love track. Even though this obvious club banger is a different look for Prodigy it has some similarities to previous tracks coming out of the NYC that has a more softer side. Tracks like Biz Markie  Just A Friend, LL Cool J Doin' It, Ghostface Killah ft. Mary J. Blige All I Got Is You, and another Wu Tang vet Method Man ft. Mary J. I'll Be There For You are all classics that shows the romantic renaissance in NYC is pure greatness.

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Big K.R.I.T. - I Got This (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Our country cousin, Big K.R.I.T., took to the late night stage on Jimmy Fallon's show this past Friday, May 11 and performed the single "I Got This" from his debut album, Live from the Underground, dropping June 5th. K.R.I.T. made his debut late night appearance alongside guests Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, and Nick Cannon, washed up musician and stay at home dad and I guess TV talent show host(?).

Pre-Order Live from the Underground at Amazon

I got this

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Smoke DZA (Prod. by Harry Fraud) - New Jack (Video)

The Kushgod graces us with the visuals from the first single "New Jack" off his new project, Rugby Thompson. This video features some audio clips from an interview with the man who cameos the entire video, the Original ECW Gangster, New Jack. Crazy ass mofo stapling dollar bills to his forehead and shit.

Pre-Order that Rugby Thompson now or wait until June 19th when it officially drops. It should be a great album, as Harry Fraud is the man doing all of the production, which will surely make DZA's vocals smooth on the wax.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Azealia Banks - Jumanji

New track from Azealia Banks' soon to be released mixtape "Fantastic," titled Jumanji. Banks is one of this year's XXL freshman list and is catching a lot of people's ears and attention.

Definitely a good download. Check it below!

Download: Azealia Banks - Jumanji

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Meek Mill - Dreamchasers Pt. 2 (Mixtape)

You need to get this download from DatPiff right now! It's Meek Mill's second tape drop since joining the Maybach Music Empire, which by the way if you haven't gotten his first tape, Dreamchasers, you need to!

But this post more importantly, is about the tape, Dreamchasers Part 2. Meek Milly goes in hard on 20 tracks, pouring out his soul for each one of his fans. Check this tracklist and download below:

Track List
01. Meek Mill – Intro
02. Meek Mill – Ready Or Not
03. Meek Mill – Amen (feat. Drake & Jeremih)
04. Meek Mill – Burn (feat. Big Sean)
05. Meek Mill – A-1 (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
06. Meek Mill – Used To Be (feat. Jordann)
07. Meek Mill – Flexin' On Em
08. Meek Mill – I Get It (feat. Travi$ Scott)
09. Meek Mill – Eryday (feat. Rick Ross)
10. Meek Mill – Racked Up Shawty (feat. Fabolous) 
11. Meek Mill – Lean With It
12. Meek Mill – Big Dreams
13. Meek Mill – Take You Home (feat. Wale & Big Sean)
14. Meek Mill – The Ride
15. Meek Mill – Face Down (feat. Trey Songz)
16. Meek Mill – Str8 Like Dat (feat. 2 Chainz)
17. Meek Mill – "House Party" Remix (feat. Fabolous, Wale & Mac Miller)
18. Meek Mill – Real
19. Meek Mill – On My Way
20. Meek Mill – Lights, Camera, Action

Download: Dreamchasers Part 2 - Meek Mill

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jet Life - 1st Place ft. Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, Mikey Rocks, and Curren$y

We have to get down on the entire Jet Life crew as the welcome mat into Lawrence KS is rolled out. The Jet Life Tour 2012 going on and the Jet Life members are making their way into our home turf at The Granada May 20th. What else to do but "put my hustle down and get my money up" as Fly Spitta would say on the 1st Place video. The 1st Place track is coming off the Jet World Order album and a definite jammer. As a group the Jet Life's mentality has to be best perceive as being on top of "cloud 9", they are smoked out, creatively charged, and way better than the Jetsons.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Curren$y Ft. Wale - What It Look Like

Curren$y the Fly Spitta and Wale lay it down on the What It Look Like single off of Curren$y's Stoned Immaculate album, which is going to release June 5th.

The video is Curren$y and Wale doing what they know best and that is spitting some rhymes and smoking all day long. Oh not to mention the most bad ass whips, clothes, and women that might cross their paths. HA total man heaven but that's minute, what's real in the hip hop game is how to explain one's feeling within a given joint. The What It Look Like only explains their life in it's entirety as hip hop hustlers that make a livin' off of their written ability and attitude to back it all up.

As for the video for Curren$y and Wale are on another level with one mic and a small orchestra behind them rockin out. The video is so RAW and it only makes it better that Curren$y and Wale rip the track up.

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Manish Law - Lady Killer Vlawg X 4/20 Vlawg

Down in the 316 Manish Law is keepin' us tuned into his creative mind set as a bad ass alternative hip hop emcee. If you have yet to check out better go check it out for a more in depth look into Manish Law the artists. The video blog or Vlawg as Manish calls them, allows for a emcee to connect with their listeners by throwing down short 1:30 min video with a dope subject line that obtains references that relates to the artist's feeling. Manish Law dropped his recent Vlawg to show a more blues and rock orientation to his music meanwhile his lyrical tongue play grab the ladies attention.

Oh wait there is more Manish Law. He also threw down at the head shop in Wichita 42 below. The Vlawg comes at the highest times as the 4/20 Vlawg takes off with bubble hash and nice glass to hit some of the quality kush. Take a seat and relax with Manish Law 4/20 Vlawg.

Phonte Ft. Big KRIT and EVIDENCE - The Life Of Kings (Official Video)

Keepin' real in the south is reality when Phonte, Big KRIT, and Evidence spit on a track. Phontigallo, KRIT, and Evidence show true lyricism on Phonte's track The Life Of Kings plus throw a genius producer like 9th Wonder in the mix only enhances the listening pleasures. This is probably hip hop music at it's finest. Off of the Charity Starts at Home this song brings hip hop back to its core roots and it's soulful twist adds a element of eloquent passion legit hip hop music.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Curren$y - Fast Cars Faster Women Ft. Daz Dillinger

Curren$y's Stoned Immaculate is creating smoke clouds, as the highly anticipated album is ready to jump off. Jets takes off with Curren$y and Daz rolling in fast cars with faster women following them around. Fast Cars Faster Women video directed by Cj Wallis goes straight street jam and tributes to a Jet set lifestyle that never comes down to the ground. The Stoned Immaculate album comes out June 5th.

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Mac Miller - Clarity (Pro by ID Labs and Ritz Reynolds)

Mac Miller has a major sleeper hold on the hip hop game and everything Mac touches is pure magic. What else is there he can do?

To be very clear Mac's new single  has expanded his ability and the video shows multiple sides to the emcee's talents. Clarity video dropped a few days ago and the response has been a very popular joint for mister Miller. Clarity is off of the Macadelics Mixtape and this single is produced by ID Labs and Ritz Reynolds gave a Mac Miller a chance to bring a smooth more mellow side to Mac.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 Chainz ft. Drake - No Lie

2 Chianz and Drake are argumentatively the two of the hottest emcees in the game right now, and they recently colabbed on a new joint called No Lie. 2 Chainz and Drake come with a smooth player ish on the No Lie single. The trapped out beat with the specialized voices of 2 Chainz and Drake only enhances the idea that they tell no lies.

No Lies is the first single off of 2 Chainz debut Def Jam album Based on a T.R.U. Story

More on 2 Chainz and his grind work. Here is a video from Official Mixtape TV bringing us the behind the scenes of the Turn Up video.

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Big KRIT - "I Got This" Behind The Scenes

Live From The Underground is ready to take Big KRIT into new heights in the hip hop game. Big KRIT's new single off of the LFTU album I Got This is going to have a video dropping with the single that's straight FIRE! Shot down south in KRIT's home town Meridian MS,  the director Todd Angkasuwan and Big KRIT take the audience through the streets of the small town of Meridian MS with some pimp tight candy cars.

KRIT's debut label album Live From The Underground is highly anticipated for this summer as Complex Magazine had his album sitting at 14 of the 25 albums that made the list.

The I Got This has plenty of soul to get down to, and the catchy hook that presents listeners with an elaborate sounds and lyrics to cut through the haters and self motivate yourself.

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