Saturday, May 26, 2012

Childish Gambino and Heems - Tell Me (Radio Rip)

Childish Gambino and Heems jump on track together that defines hip hop to the T. These two incredible emcees trade bars back and forth to make a sensational song called Tell Me.

When you hear this comedian turned emcee you wouldn't think that Childish Gambino had some serious bars. Childish Gambino is not your normal hip hop artist, but when he grabs the mic he becomes a natural. He can get your attention both on the TV screen but here on MwS he is snappin' off some good lyrics.

As for Heems from Das Racist, there is embedded hip hop culture through his entire sound. Lyrically, Heem is insightful and his delivery exudes confidence in his rhymes.

The two together on Tell Me is only a radio rip but we hope that these two make a Ep mixtape. Gambino and Heems both hit the current events and relative materialistic lines, the combo leaves knocks you off your seat.

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