Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Manish Law - Lady Killer Vlawg X 4/20 Vlawg

Down in the 316 Manish Law is keepin' us tuned into his creative mind set as a bad ass alternative hip hop emcee. If you have yet to check out better go check it out for a more in depth look into Manish Law the artists. The video blog or Vlawg as Manish calls them, allows for a emcee to connect with their listeners by throwing down short 1:30 min video with a dope subject line that obtains references that relates to the artist's feeling. Manish Law dropped his recent Vlawg to show a more blues and rock orientation to his music meanwhile his lyrical tongue play grab the ladies attention.

Oh wait there is more Manish Law. He also threw down at the head shop in Wichita 42 below. The Vlawg comes at the highest times as the 4/20 Vlawg takes off with bubble hash and nice glass to hit some of the quality kush. Take a seat and relax with Manish Law 4/20 Vlawg.