Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nas - Daughters

The Nas that once was could have been seen as the hard Brooklyn rapper that ran the block and shot up at rival gangsters. But after getting his grown man on, and Nas is now more conscious about positivity and progress to better society. Recently Nas has seen the hip hop culture influence negative cogitations as being acceptable leaving an urban society it without any positive enlightenment.

When Nas was producing classic albums like Illmatic his daughter Destiny was young and couldn't recall what her father was saying. Now that Destiny Jones has grown up, Nas has a message for his daughter.

Nas' new single is called Daughters and it is written to educate her and other young ladies out there to have respect for themselves and thrive above the influences of negativity. Nas also questioned himself as father, and wonders if he did enough to raise his daughter Destiny the right way.

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