Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Naughty by Nature Ft. Tah G Ali - Respect

Here at Midwest Sounds we appreciate and Respect Naughty By Nature's ability to impact the hip hop image factor. In the midst of wack rappers out trying to be a real emcee, Naughty By Nature slaughters the idea of image being true to hip hop music. The Respect video directed by Nimi Hendrix, is grimy and straight hip hop to a T.

Hip hop music has made a turn towards image being more meaningful than talent and some say this bad for the industry, but nevertheless Naught By Nature found away to bring some light onto talent outweighing any images of wannabe rapper.

Naughty By Nature has been around for decades and if you love hip hop wave your hands and nod your head this is real hip hop. Where did the respect run to?

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