Monday, May 14, 2012

OB Obrien - Livin' Better x Hulk Out 1 and No Where Video

OB Obrien has caught the eye from a few major movers in the hip hop game. OB has recently been seen on a few joints one being with Drake HYFR. He also collabs with Jaimie Foxx and Rick Ross just to name drop on OB Obrien's resume.

The Steeltown native, OB has plenty of talent backed with producing abilities that gives this emcee a duel threat looking to make quality hip hop music.

OB Obrien Livin' Better Hulk Out video straight rips and oh yeah it's a freestyle. The dude has bars and the video speaks volumes directed by FIGZ

OB also released a new video No Where a few days ago. Simply put it is a lyrical head knocker and has a heavy sample in the beat.

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