Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pusha T - Exodus 23:1

The controversy continues between Pusha T and Weezy F. Baby Hmmm.... Remember this beef started when Pusha T made a track Exodus 23:1 and took some major stabs at Weezy and YMCMB clique. Lil Wayne had a response that was barely sub par and the entire track was a poor attempt of a comeback track in a rap battle.

Pusha T won this battle and after hearing the track Lil Wayne, Pusha T took the Exodus 23:1 joint to the next level and made a graphic visual to end this battle between Lil Wayne and put everything to rest. The video does the Exodus 23:1 joint justice and shows why Pusha T won this battle.

As for Lil Wayne, maybe he is out match considering he doesn't even really rap anymore. Weezy has veered away from real hip hop music and started to become a pop sensation jumping on any track that would make money, so legit hip hop music takes a back seat now for Lil Wayne. Finally someone (Pusha T) in the game stepped up and took out the YMCMB monster. This beef might not be over but for now chalk one up for Pusha T.

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