Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Boi - Gossip Ft. UGK and Big KRIT

New music coming out of the dirty south with Big Boi, UGK, and newly crown King of the south Big KRIT. The iconic dirty south emcees had more than enough fire power to deliver some incredible music to the game. Big Boi's single Gossip has it all by having a heavy beat, some country slang, and lyrical fortitude that brings together the forefront of what hip hop music should represent.

Big Boi pays tribute to the late Pimp C from UGK by sampling some of his lyrics and a verse from Pimp C's grave which gave the track it's life. Big Boi has been staying low but now he is back ready to make some more noise in the game and with the collab from UGK and Big KRIT only betters the situation.

Take a look at this interview with Big KRIT as he talks about the collab with Big Boi and Bun B from UGK.

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Childish Gambino Freestyles on Sway In The Morning

Childish Gambino has made a name for himself and hip hop journalist/DJ Sway had Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino on his morning show #SwayInTheMorning the other day. According to Sway, Childish Gambino has "flows off the top of the head. He's one of the most interesting guys to rap right now, because his metaphors come out Neptune before it ricochets to Earth." Huge complement for Gambino to get a quote like that from a guy like Sway.

Be on the look out for Childish Gambino's new album coming out on July 4th called Royalty. Childish Gambino came on to Sway In The Morning and gave the world a sneak peak of the album plus a freestyle over Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments. Donald Gover is known for being on the TV screen for his acting work on the show Community, but after this freestyle things might have changed for Childish Gambino as he became a respected hip hop emcee.

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Big Sean Ft. Mac Miller - Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper

Big Sean and Mac Miller are arguably two of the hottest emcees out in the game and it shows with sold out shows, thousands of downloads on very track, and they ability to make music that is geared towards masses of hip hop.

These two have collabed on a track and now the  hip hop industry might go haywire. Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper is the new track that Big Sean and Mac Miller laid down and for the most part the sound is much different than a lot of their songs.

With a smooth bass line and lyrical content that allowed the emcees to kill it on this track, we got a banger folks. This is the first time Sean and Mac got on a a track together, but that doesn't mean the music stops here, Big Sean has more music with two albums on the way, one of them being a part of the G.O.O.D. Music album.

Catch the download below!

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Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis - Sam Is Dead

This new video by Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis is interesting to say the least. Sam Is Dead is a concept visual that has gorilla warfare central to the theme of the song. Tyler, The Creator already edgy side allows for him to show the public that his music is lyrical warfare and the Sam Is Dead sound suits the emcee's musical talents very well.

Directed by Odd Future's alias Wolf Haley shot the video and the track is coming off of the OF Vol. 2 album, which is in stores now.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

XV - Stone Cold (Official Video)

We posted the XV track Stone Cold a few weeks back before he dropped Popular Culture with the anticipation of the single being on the album but XV decided the song needed its own spice by making a video. The Shocker black and gold is represented well in the video as Vizzy takes the video onto the bball court at Wichita State University. The visual plus the Stone Cold track represents Wichita the home town where the Squarian leader originated. XV covers all bases of lyrical content with his music and Stone Cold holds true to that as he rips up the Kendrick Lamar Recipe instrumental.

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Big K.R.I.T. - VEVO Detectd Interview

Big KRIT is coming off an all time high and a very successful album Live From The Underground. Now, Young Krizzle is seeing star status and he deserves every bit of it. The Meridian MS native has been nothing but humbling and true to himself as his musical talents has catapulted him into the stars of the hip hop game.

KRIT has dropped incredible concept mixtapes, plus he has made some beats that harmonizes great with a large range of creativity. The VEVO interview allows for listeners to get in depth look into Big KRIT and what his music stands for.

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Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson

Smoke Dza is the Kush God and his long grind in the NYC hip hop game has placed him as one of the most down to earth emcee that listeners will come across. RRRRiiight, Smoke Dza has a new album that Henry Fraud produced called Rugby Thompson and the entire joint is smooth. The Kush God doesn't let down on the smokers references and the polo swag is strong with Dza so he lays down some creative lines about his threads. With hip hop being a hype game and who can snag the next 5 min. of fame, hip hop artists has lost touch of reality and most of them are undeveloped lyrically. It is good to know that Smoke Dza has been making great music for a long time and having Henry Fraud there to produce the entire album allows for Rugby Thompson to have the potential to be a classic.

The features on the Rugby Thompson album gave Dza the arsenal to complete his mission to make it one of kind album. Turnbuck ft. Action Bronson is the wrestling anthem for Dza's obsession for professional wrestling. Bronson and Dza throws down rhymes as they tag team the beat and jump off from the top rope to knock out a mean track.  Curren$y and Smoke Dza had to do a track together and the two top smokers in the game created some fire with Baleedat. The smooth track jams and probably one of the more versatile tracks on the album. Smoke Dza makes another incredible album with plenty of herbs and polo action to listen to.

Also support the homie Smoke Dza and buy the album on iTunes.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rick Ross Ft. Usher - Touch 'N You

Rick Ross and Usher both are coming off newly released albums so it is only fitting that these two colabbed on something for the ladies to dance to. On the MTV 2 show Hip Hop Squares, Def Jam Music Group released the Rick Ross and Usher video Touch 'N You after the show was over. For a big dude Rick Ross tells the ladies that his game is legit.

Rick Ross has been doing some work with God Forgives and Self Made 2 is coming up next be on the lookout for that June 26th. Usher's new album Looking 4 Myself done well so far and this video Touch 'N You is for you ladies!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Danny Brown - Grown Up (Official Video)

Danny Brown's video Grown Up is the definition of a hip hop visual. The concept of the track and the video just fits perfectly with a day in the life of a young Danny Brown. The kid actor playing Danny Brown takes the audience through the streets of Detroit on the day when he loses his teeth.

The song Grown Up has a great tempo and Danny Brown has a well written story about the day he lost his teeth. There is tons of creative thought behind this track, it is pretty clever when you hear Danny basically says he doesn't care if he has lost his teeth, the dream of being the greatest emcee growing up never left his side.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

OCD: Moosh and Twist - Turn It Up (produced by Big Jerm)

Ya'll already know Moosh and Twist are coming to town this week, performing with Aer at the Granada.

But did you know that OCD: Moosh and Twist have a new song produced by legendary Pittsburg producer, Big Jerm? They do. It's called Turn It Up.

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XV - Popular Culture (Mixtape)

We've been hyping up this release from our hometown hero, XV, for some time now, so I don't think much of an introduction is needed.

XV takes a combination of all the best popular culture and forms it into an allegorical and conceptual monster! You made him into a monster, Internet, and we're ready to be there for his massacre of the game.

Don't hesitate to download this straight fire! It boasts features from B.o.B., Schoolboy Q and Emilio Rojas, as well as production from Awesome and Xaphoon Jones.

Download Popular Culture

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Big KRIT - Thank You Kindly

After the recent successes of Live From The Underground, KRIT drops a single that pays tribute to his path in making the album and everyone that supported his music. Big KRIT stays humble and true to his roots by allowing his music that connects to his audience and opens up life experiences to give listeners a deeper thought into his mindset of a emcee.

Thank You Kindly is a great song that has a rooted soul sound with creative lyrical content written as a thank you letter to his peers and close ones that have directly affected his life. His flattering expression of hard work paying off has left him with the blessings of having a legit hip hop album.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trey Songz Ft. T.I. - 2 Reasons (Official Video)

Trey Songz is giving the ladies just 2 Reasons for them break it down, but there are more than two reasons to watch this video, the women, the bottles, and the music jumping at the club. The single 2 Reasons is coming off of Trey Songz's album Chapter V, which will be in stores in August.

For Trey the single is literally telling listeners he goes to the club for only two reasons and he isn't shy about it. Anyway T.I. throws down a feature on the track to give it a more gangster game to this club banger.

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Justin Bieber Ft. Drake - Right Here

Two of the most iconic names in mainstream music have came together to make a single. Right Here by Justin Bieber features Drake, and these two kick out a single that probably every teenage girl in the U.S. will download.

For The Biebs, the teen idol has been seen in the hip hop trap teaming up in the studio with 2 Chainz, Big Sean and T.I.. On top of the change in music style, TMZ recently reported that Justin Bieber was seen punching out a camera guy, something is saying that The Biebs vein in the Trap is rubbing off on him.

The boy has became Ratchet and no one can stop the little monster. Make sure you also check out his other recent foray into hip hop, with the Boyfriend Remix feat. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth.

You need to get this download - Justin Bieber feat. Drake - Right Here

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Usher - Scream

Usher has been playing it cool and now it's time to make the ladies scream. With Usher being around for almost two decades it's crazy to think he is a veteran in the game. The hits still pumping out of from Usher and his newest video to his single is called Scream. 

Usher plays an important roll in a lot of inspiring R&B singers that we would have never really gotten to know. Artists like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Justin Bieber wouldn't have the careers they have now if Usher hadn't pave the path for them.

It's awesome to know that Usher is still throwing down some music, we've seen Usher go through a lot from Confessions pt.1 & pt.2 but he never fell short to tell his fans the story of his life.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wale - I'm Good (Freestyle)

DJ Money asks Wale to jump on the track Pharrell produced I'm Good. Wale is known for laying down some mean bars and on this track Wale brings his A game.

Most say it is a freestyle but Wale himself said at the beginning of the track that "this isn't a freestyle but more like a remix." Don't get it twisted Wale still kills it, but even a freestyle is well prepared before Wale to drop it.
The I'm Good track originally had The Clipse and Pharrell, and with Wale now on the track it sounds like he should have been on the original cut.

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XV - #OccupyMusic (Prod. By The Awesome Sound)

XV keeps us on our toes and drops another single off of the Popular Culture album which is just days away and it's another jam that makes you think about the revolutionary vision of XV's music.

#OccupyMusic is the protest to mainstream music and the messages that might produce negative cogitations. Featuring Raja and produced by The Awesome Sound #OccupyMusic allows for interpretations to believe that popular culture has taken over people's ability to see authenticity in music.

#OccupyMusic lyrics Courtesy of

XV is trying to bring a new wave of music into hip hop and it's a breathe of fresh air listening to native Kansan putting the industry on hold to write and create quality hip hop music

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Curren$y & Pharrell - Chasing Papers

Curren$y is all over the place and here are some clips of his trip in Miami to visit Pharrell to record the single off of The Stoned Immaculate called Chasing Paper. Curren$y new album has been rolling off hit after hit and this is a perfect inside look into Fly Spitta's life in the Stu with Pharrell.

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Pac Div - Automatic

Pac Div is a hard hitting trio that snaps off bars left and right. Here is some new music from these emcees called Automatic. The heavy bass line plus the combo of intense lyrical content and delivery Pac Div is a crew that brings some heat to the hip hop game.

Pac Div has a unique sounds that resembles a Bay area sounds like E-40. Pac Div has music that is simple but they bring a attitude that explodes into energy when they lay down the track.

Pac Div Posted video basically explains the moment where you keep your ass in one spot and you are not going to move for anybody.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

XV - Andy Warhol Ft. Slim The Mobster

With Popular Culture just a week away, XV releases another single off his album called Andy Warhol. The hits continue to roll out from the #Squarians General. The idea behind Popular Culture is XV proving that hip hop can be lyrical and have pop references to make a point get across.

Andy Warhol ft. Slim The Mobster takes listeners through a scene when XV was asked to jump on the BET cypher. When producers said he had one verse to drop, Vizzy threw down 24 bars to blow the audience's mind away. There is a definite protest imagery to XV's Popular Culture album by using Andy Warhol as a subject line. The song proves to mainstream hip hop that XV is about innovate the game to new heights just like Warhol did for art. At first Warhol's artwork was deeply criticized but after Warhol's death people still talk about his legacy today. XV plays an important role in keeping in mind the concept of an entire album having a story that is relative to others.

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Mac Miller - Day One; A Song About Nothing

Mac Miller graces us with another smooth joint and with all the buzz around Mac stirring up the game, there is nothing else to do for Mac but to make more music. He did exactly that, with Day One; A Song About Nothing, Mac Miller shovels out a beat and throws down a 16 to give us some more #MostDope music.

Pink Slime Ep is going to be out soon and with the help from Pharrell the whole album is going to be well produced, creative, and hip hop to the fullest.

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Freeway Ft. Young Chris - Real Sh*t

Freeway and Young Chris take it back home to Philly in their video Real Sh*t and the visual is dope. Directed by Jimmy Giabrone and Jared Abreu. Freedom Speech is dropping soon which means The Philly Freezer will be stock full of music to nod your head to.

Freeway brings that element of a gutter mentality and the best way to hear it is listen to his delivery of his  lyrics. Freeway's voice is unique and some what intimidating but the entire image represents the Philly streets which is mean and charged up on the mic.

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Curren$y Ft. Fiend - Legal Crack

After the drop of The Stone Immaculate, Curren$y has had a pretty busy month of June and it's not even half way through the month!

Curren$y has seen it all in this small amount of time, from being raided on the tour bus by the Feds and seeing the homie TradeMark Da Skydiver getting locked up, then having to jump on 106 & Park with Big KRIT. Let's just say Fly Spitta is in need of a break after he gets off tour.

Back to the music and The Stone Immaculate. Curren$y released a single off his album featuring Fiend and the two rip it up on Legal Crack. The single is a bonus track off of The Stoned Immaculate and it explains that the entire Jet Set crew is on top of the game and about their grind. The concept of the track is great due to the fact that they believe their music is crack but don't let the reference fool you, Curren$y and Fiend back up what they say with they lifestyle they live.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

XV - "Popular Culture" Mixtape Trailer (video)

The homie XV showcases another facet of his creative genius, this time gracing us with a dope video trailer for his upcoming mixtape, "Popular Culture," dropping June 15. The fans can start to conceive piecemeal the idea and approach to the tape with the various bits of footage referencing Vizzy's favorite popular culture touchstones. They include: The Sandlot (L7), Willy Wonka (Wonkavator), Donkey Kong, Star Wars, The Dark Knight (Why So Serious?), Michael Jordan dunking from the foul line in the 1988 NBA Dunk Contest, Zombieland and others. Check out the trailer below and remember to download Popular Culture June 15th!

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Section 8 2012 Presented By CrazyBoy Status

The 2nd Annual Section 8 presented by CrazyBoy Status has arrived and the line up is jammed packed with Roscoe Dash, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, Kid Ink plus many more! If you didn't go to last year's Section 8 you missed out on acts like Mac Miller, Big KRIT, and MGK. This year is sure to get poppin'.

With a show jammed packed like this and full of good music you might not know everybody in the show, but that's okay.. we're here to help.

Nipsey Hussle coming straight from the west coast and last years XXL Magazine freshmen class. Roscoe Dash signed with Interscope and has done tracks with Wale, Soulja Boy, and Travis Porter. Roscoe also appeared on the 2012 XXL Freshmen class and brings some club hits to party with.

Kid Ink another 2012 Freshmen class artist that is most known for his album Cash Landing. Kid Ink has worked with people like DJ Ill Will, Ned Cameron. Kid is only growing so just check out his song The Sauce. Lastly, Dom Kennedy, the smooth emcee was scheduled to do last years Section 8 but ran into transportation issues and couldn't make it out to KC. This year Dom is back and KC is ready for him to rock a incredible show.

Section 8 is an outside event and is July 20th at The Crossroads in Kansas City, so get your tickets now! Either online, in Lawrence (at the Bottleneck) or in KC at Crossroads/Grinders. Facebook Event page courtesy of CrazyBoy

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If you can't take our word on it for this show.. then maybe Nipsey can change your mind!

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Chevy Woods - Gang Land

Taylor Gang member Chevy Woods drops his new mixtape called Gang Land, and with all the hype stirring around Wiz allows for Chevy to showcase some of his skills. The album has 23 tracks on it, so Chevy is getting some stuff off his chest, our guess is he had a lot to say.

Some tracks to watch out for is Shine ft. Lola Monroe & Wiz Khalifa, also watch out for Chevy Woods and Trae Tha Truth colabo called 36 ft. which is a good look for the album to give it some class. Soulja Boy made his way on the album twice and producer Henry Fraud made the beat for Delonte West so there are some jammers throughout the entire album.

Download here

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ace Hood - A Hustler's Prayer (Official Video)

Ace Hood takes a moment and made some music dedicated to his peers that might have passed away or been locked up. A Hustler's Prayer is a prayer from Ace Hood to his angels or God as he goes forward in life. This a very deep song that gives listeners a track that puts Ace Hood at his most vulnerable state of mind asking a higher power to bring him strength, it is also a prayer for forgiveness as Ace Hood continues to live a hustler's mentality.

Directed by Edgar Esteves A Hustler's Prayer visual is simply shot but the lighting gives a darker feel like the song. The video allows for Ace Hood to show a different side to his music and it shows more diversity in his ability. This isn't your typical Ace Hood video so enjoy! The single is off of Ace Hood's Starvation mixtape check it out.

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Kanye West - Mercy feat. 2Chainz, Big Sean & Pusha T (Music Video)

Kanye West gives us some visuals for his latest  hit, Mercy, off the upcoming Cruel Summer project for G.O.O.D. Music. Yeezy got the Mercy crew together (picked up Elmo on Sesame Street ha) and dropped this banger of a video after a couple weeks of teasing his fans with the idea of it. Make sure you check out Ye, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Pusha T below!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meek Mill - Black Magic feat. Rick Ross (Track)

 The first single from the upcoming Maybach Music Group project, Self Made vol. 2, "Black Magic" with Meek Mill and Rick Ross is a banger.

Straight out the gate from Dream Chasers 2, Meek goes in on this track with the Boss himself, Ricky Rozay. Get this track asap and you won't regret it..

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Machine Gun Kelly - Invincible feat. Ester Dean (Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly teams up with Ester Dean in the video for their track, 'Invincible.' Some nice visuals for MGK! Lace Up and watch the video below.. Also make sure you follow him on instagram under the cockpunch.....

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Mac Miller x Pharrell Williams - Onaroll (Track)

Pink Slime it is... not sure what it means.. has! But we know its gonna be good. The first release from their project together, Mac Miller and Pharrell give us 'Onaroll.' A peek into Mac's "sick mind" as he claims in his lyrics of this track. Put this ish on your iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes. Or I guess Zune?

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Curren$y - Capitol feat. 2Chainz (Video)

Straight from the album that dropped today, The Stoned Immaculate, Spitta releases the video for  'Capitol' featuring 2Chainz. We had heard this track previously, and as all good music videos do, they improve the song.

Check out Curren$y and Tityboi below..

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Lil Wayne - My Homies Still feat. Big Sean (Track)

Big Sean and Lil Wayne got together for this track, My Homies Still. With a quick beat and hints of dub step in the background, this track is ready for the masses.

Get ready to hear this on the radio in the coming weeks, as well as the download link for this to disappear! YMCMB messing with some D-town, yep its banging.

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Big KRIT - Live From The Underground (Album)

With heavy bass slappin' and smooth melodies singing means only one thing, that Big KRIT has dropped into the mainstream coming Live From The Underground. Big KRIT puts together another great album and arguably an instant classic in hip hop. Def Jams recently signed KRIT, and his first label released Live From The Underground album that has plenty to offer with features from Ludacris, 8Ball&MJG, 2 Chainz, Big Sant, Bun B, Anthony Hamilton, and Devin Dude. Big KRIT brings out all the hip hop weapons, great beats, slick lyrical content, and perfect delivery on each song.

Big KRIT has some great jammers like My Sub, Pt. 2, typical Krizzle heavy bass beat but this song also has an ending that is crazy and tells a little store about the album. Porchlight ft. Anthony Hamilton is the soulful side of KRIT and the hook sung by Anthony Hamilton gives you chills, and really gives a good visual of KRIT coming home to kick it with his lady friend. Live From The Underground (Reprise) ft. Ms. Linnie wraps up the album and starts off with that Outkast kick drum and shows off Big KRIT's  harmonizing capabilities, it is very soothing and fits perfectly with the beat.

Tell ya friends!

Buy Big KRIT's Live From The Underground off of iTunes

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New Curren$y Album - The Stoned Immaculate

In stores, on iTunes, and every where else in between the The Stoned Immaculate is Curren$y's new album and it is available for your listening pleasures. It has finally made debut and it looks like The Stoned Immaculate is going to be playing all over the country. The Jets are rolled up tight and ready for the first class rhymes from Curren$y plus a few other incredible emcees like Wiz, Wale, Big KRIT, Daz Dillinger, Pharrell, Estelle, and members of the Jet Set.

There are a few songs you guys really need to check out, That's The Thing ft. Estelle is a smooth beat and shows more a player side of Curren$y. What It Look Like ft. Wale is the more of the grown man feel music, Curren$y the Fly Spitta and Wale take hip hop music to the next life with this joint. Faster Cars Faster Women ft. Daz Dillinger fits that fast life style that Curren$y loves to live, some of his best lines are about fast cars, rollin' up jets, and kicking it with gorgeous women.

Buy the album The Stoned Immaculate it is well worth the money!

Get it right here on iTunes

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Monday, June 4, 2012

MGK Ft. Ester Dean - Invincible (Official Video)

When MGK says 'lace the Fu*k up' you might want to listen up and do what he says. The newly signed Bad Boy Records artist MGK rips up some mean lyrics and he rips them fast if need be.

MGK's new video Invincible ft. Ester Dean is a epic story of overcoming obstacles that might occur in someone's life and the visual for the track does a great job in telling how MGK feels about the experiences in his own life.

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A$AP Rocky Ft. ScHoolboy Q - Brand New Guy

A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q jumps on a new track together and the two snapped off some bars to be hip hop politically correct.

This new track Brand New Guy by A$AP Rocky, brings back the screwed up hip hop which originated in Houston and DJ Screw running the H-Town hip hop scene with Swisha House Music.  ScHoolboy Q brings a raw west coast hip hop feel to the track and you can tell by his delivery as it sounds like he is in chill mode, but pay attention and listen closely ScHoolboy Q says some crazy stuff in his rhymes.

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Trae Tha Truth - I'm On 2.0 (Intro)

Trae Tha Truth drops another video for I'm On and now the remix is out and with a Major League colabo with Big KRIT, Kendrick Lamar, Bun B, Gudda Gudda, Jada, J. Cole, Tyga, and B.o.B. With other guest appearances by a few other hip hop players in the game like Gucci, Iggy Azalea, the new video for I'm On brought all the hip hop all stars together on one track and its turned out great!

Get More:

Even though this is the second video for the I'm On track it seems like it is a much improvement on the track with some deadly rhyme slayers. Man we haven't seen this many cameos since the Jermaine Dupri joint Welcome To Atlanta remix.

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Mac Miller - Thugz Mansion (2 Pac Cover)

So Mac Miller pays tribute to a legend in hip hop by grabbing a acoustic guitar and rocking out 2 Pac's Thugz Mansion joint.

If you haven't heard the musical talent's of Mac Miller yet, take the chance and listen this cover song. 2 Pac would approve of Mac's attempt to bring back a touch of history with the Thugz Mansion.

Mac Miller playing the guitar doesn't come by to often or does it? Mac might be showing his fans a newer side of Mac Miller music with an incredible version of 2 Pac's Thugz Mansion.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

XV - Be There, Be Square (Track)

During his set at Dancefestopia, XV and Complex Music released a new joint called Be There, Be Square. Not only did Vizzy drop it on the internet but he performed it with another area emcee Irv Da Phenom.

As for the song itself, the Xaphoon beat is so smooth and calls out hip hop when you hear. XV keeps it Vizzy and reps his #Squarian #L7 movement, but XV also lets you into the mind and experience of a true #Squarian.

XV knew it was going to be tough to make in hip hop being from little old Wichita KS. What Vizzy did was believed in himself and mastered his craft to make an impact on hip hop industry. He did this by being himself and success are paying off. Example of XV being true to himself, and his music is when XV talks about growing up doing talent shows throwing up the ROC up and rapping like HOVA, now when he sees Watch The Throne he just sees a chair. On Be There, Be Square, XV speaks on being himself a square nerd that loves music and comic books, plus a whole much more.

Listen on XV - Be There, Be Square