Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Boi - Gossip Ft. UGK and Big KRIT

New music coming out of the dirty south with Big Boi, UGK, and newly crown King of the south Big KRIT. The iconic dirty south emcees had more than enough fire power to deliver some incredible music to the game. Big Boi's single Gossip has it all by having a heavy beat, some country slang, and lyrical fortitude that brings together the forefront of what hip hop music should represent.

Big Boi pays tribute to the late Pimp C from UGK by sampling some of his lyrics and a verse from Pimp C's grave which gave the track it's life. Big Boi has been staying low but now he is back ready to make some more noise in the game and with the collab from UGK and Big KRIT only betters the situation.

Take a look at this interview with Big KRIT as he talks about the collab with Big Boi and Bun B from UGK.

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