Thursday, June 21, 2012

Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson

Smoke Dza is the Kush God and his long grind in the NYC hip hop game has placed him as one of the most down to earth emcee that listeners will come across. RRRRiiight, Smoke Dza has a new album that Henry Fraud produced called Rugby Thompson and the entire joint is smooth. The Kush God doesn't let down on the smokers references and the polo swag is strong with Dza so he lays down some creative lines about his threads. With hip hop being a hype game and who can snag the next 5 min. of fame, hip hop artists has lost touch of reality and most of them are undeveloped lyrically. It is good to know that Smoke Dza has been making great music for a long time and having Henry Fraud there to produce the entire album allows for Rugby Thompson to have the potential to be a classic.

The features on the Rugby Thompson album gave Dza the arsenal to complete his mission to make it one of kind album. Turnbuck ft. Action Bronson is the wrestling anthem for Dza's obsession for professional wrestling. Bronson and Dza throws down rhymes as they tag team the beat and jump off from the top rope to knock out a mean track.  Curren$y and Smoke Dza had to do a track together and the two top smokers in the game created some fire with Baleedat. The smooth track jams and probably one of the more versatile tracks on the album. Smoke Dza makes another incredible album with plenty of herbs and polo action to listen to.

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