Saturday, June 9, 2012

XV - Andy Warhol Ft. Slim The Mobster

With Popular Culture just a week away, XV releases another single off his album called Andy Warhol. The hits continue to roll out from the #Squarians General. The idea behind Popular Culture is XV proving that hip hop can be lyrical and have pop references to make a point get across.

Andy Warhol ft. Slim The Mobster takes listeners through a scene when XV was asked to jump on the BET cypher. When producers said he had one verse to drop, Vizzy threw down 24 bars to blow the audience's mind away. There is a definite protest imagery to XV's Popular Culture album by using Andy Warhol as a subject line. The song proves to mainstream hip hop that XV is about innovate the game to new heights just like Warhol did for art. At first Warhol's artwork was deeply criticized but after Warhol's death people still talk about his legacy today. XV plays an important role in keeping in mind the concept of an entire album having a story that is relative to others.

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