Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jet Moran - Pardon Me

Jetty Prime has a new joint out called Pardon Me. Jet has highly anticipated album called SuperBad that will bring the Funk back to hip hop. Jet brings a Midwest swagger that leaves the rest of the KS competition in the dust. Not only did Jet write Pardon Me, he also produce the beat and mixed/mastered the joint entirely himself. For an artist to be that hands on with their music shows the time and dedication it takes to master the craft of hip hop.

For a local talent out of Kansas, Jet complements a well-rounded style that could be accepted and respected from coast to coast in the hip hop game. Lyrically, Jet is innovative as he steps up the thought process with current event metaphors, harmonized delivery, and cut throat one liners.

Pardon Me brings a softer tone to the beat and the piano is a nice touch to Jet's musical side. Jet also lays down some lyrics that has substance and delivery that is sound clean like a seasoned vet in the game.

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