Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nas - Life Is Good

Nas is taking hip hop back to its roots, with his new album Life is Good. Front to back the entire album is the pinnacle of hip hop by 'taking them back when hip hop made sense' and how the love for music all started for Nas. The appreciation of life is Nas' message in this album, moreover the sounds and lyrical content is by far some of Nas' best stuff as the raw grittiness of NYC streets live through his music.

Nas is on his 'A' game, and no one can possess the musical talents that Nas has. He mastered the craft of hip hop music and songs off the album like Back When, Reach Out feat Mary J Blige, plus more incredible tracks prove that Nas still is the quintessential hip hop king.

With heavy hip hop induced flavor in the entire album, Nas still takes the necessary steps in adding a few features that bring a twist that all hip hop albums need. Just to name a few, Swizz Beatz, Anthony Hamilton, Rozay (Rick Ross), the queen Mary J. Blige, and Miguel; Life Is Good brings all the elements of hip hop together, but Nas takes his music to poetic heights with this instant classic.

Enjoy the entire Nas album is streamed - Life Is Good

Recently Nas was on the Colbert Report to perform a single off of Life Is Good The Don.

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