Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Pt. 3 (Ft. Ab-Soul & Jay Rock)

The Compton "good kid" is poised to release his second album on tuesday, though he felt it necessary to provide his fans and listeners with the third installment of 'The Heart." In his typical narrative style, Kendrick delivers a smooth, string-laden tune that has immediate appeal. Accompanied by Black Hippy family members Ab-Soul and Jay Rock, the three build out a heartfelt picture of where they come from.  Kendrick's asks the listener "If [they'll] let hip-hop die October 22nd" in an assuredly underpinned request for people to buy his new album on October 23rd--which you should! Checkout all three of the songs in "The Heart" series below. 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

XV, Freddy High, Sez Batters, The Awesome Sound - Squarians Volume 1

Released yesterday the latest mixtape from the Squarian nation is on steady repeat here at Midwest Sounds. Squarians Volume 1 is the mixtape and it finally signify what it means to be a square. Not only are listeners lucky enough to get XV on the tape, they also get Freddy High, Sez Batters, and beats produced by The Awesome Sound. Establishing their image as squares and making it relevant has been the mission for XV, Freddy, Sez, and Awesome by making music that has a little aggressiveness towards those who overlooked the #L7's.

One of the tracks on the mixtape pays tribute to the Jayhawks of KU, Now Let's Go In  was the master mind of The Awesome Sound who produced one of the illest beats with the Rock Chalk Chant sampled into the track. XV and Freddy feel like they have something to prove and they sure did! #Blue&Red cop car lights.

That's not all, there is more with this album, other highlights to listen for is Be There Be Square produced by the homie Xaphoon Jones. L7 Party is a freestyle that Freddy, Sez, XV straight go hammer with the bars. For the smokers out there check out That Bowl it speaks volumes to so many of those who hang out with Mary Jane.

Overall the mixtape has the ability to bring all elements of hip hop music, edginess, heavy bars, catchy lingo, and Squarian references to make the album come back full circle, ironically!

Check the entire album out on;
Squarian Volume 1

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack (Streaming Free)

A great treat to us all was released for live streaming today. The star-studded soundtrack for The Man With The Iron Fists was officially released for our listening pleasure, and it surely does not disappoint. You really get a variety of past and present heavy hitters of the hip-hop industry, both mainstream and the more underground types. Among the notables are: Kanye West, Pusha T, Idle Warship (Talib Kweli and RES), Flatbush Zombies, Kool G Rap, Freddie Gibbs, Wiz Khalifa, Danny Brown, Pharoahe Monch, seemingly every member of the prolific Wu-Tang Clan, and as added treats, there are a couple representations of other genres, such as with The Black Keys and Corrine Bailey Rae. Listen and enjoy the soundtrack with the player below!

From the website:

"Quentin Tarantino presents The Man With the Iron Fists, an action-adventure inspired by kung-fu classics as interpreted by his longtime collaborators RZA and Eli Roth. Making his debut as a big-screen director, co-writer and leading man, RZA alongside an exciting international cast led by Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu tells the epic story of warriors, assassins and a lone outsider hero who all descend on one fabled village in China for a winner- takes-all battle for a fortune in gold. 

Blending astonishing martial-arts sequences from some of the masters of this world with the signature vision he brings as the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan and as one of hip-hop's most dominant figures of the past two decades, RZA embarks upon his most ambitious, stylized and thrilling project to date. Joining Crowe, RZA and Liu in the cast are Rick Yune, Jamie Chung, Cung Le, Dave Bautista, Byron Mann, Daniel Wu and Pam Grier."

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Matt Easton - RockChalk (Official Video)

Jayhawks across America should applaud Mr. Matt Easton for making his new video RockChalk video. He Paid Heed to the Phog and represents the crimson and blue remarkably. Running through the historic Allen Fieldhouse and kicking Tailgate status, Matt Easton surely did the KU Jayhawk nation musical justice. KSU and MIZZOU take some notes on how to make your University actually cool.

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Jet Moran - Midas

Spazing out and sending verbal shots to weak emcees Jet Moran releases a new track called Midas an interlude to his fully loaded SuperBad album.

Jetty Prime has a little chip on his shoulder with this single sending the message of sick bars are expected when he steps to the mic. Jet's ability to deliver an edgy double time and lyrical metaphors sets him aside most aspiring emcees in the Kansas area.

Fresh into the game, Jet's depth in musical fundamentals are technically sound and his punch lines are more than enough to knock listeners socks off. Jet's 'Midas flow' only further supports that it takes a little bit of intelligent thought to put a legit hip hop single out.

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XV ft. Freddy High - L7 Party

Team #Squarian is back in action again with another hot track and mixtape to soon be out this Friday Oct. 19th Squarians Volume 1. XV, Freddy High, Sez Batters, and The Awesome Sound all play a major part in the movement of the #L7 lifestyle.

XV and Freddy start it off right with their take of Dom Kennedy's "My Type Of Party" and freestyle the new single off of the mixtape. Not new to the gamer within them, XV and Freddy High use some great gamer tags and lingo to set it off right. XV released the track on his  #XBOXwithXV  the live stream which goes down monthly on the 15th is latest from the Squarian all stars.

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MWS Interview With Big K.R.I.T.

It is a small world after all, we bet Big K.R.I.T. never would have guessed that he had some huge country cuzzin' fans from Kansas. We also bet that K.R.I.T. wouldn't have guess that he would be doing an interview with some Kansas boys that have deep roots in Meridian MS.

The night started with a jump off show at The Granada July 16th and The Live From The Underground Tour. Jon Connor, Tito Lopez, Casey Veggies, and Big Sant all held it down for the opening of the night. Then the return of Big K.R.I.T. comes to be as he performed his songs from his newly released album Live From The Underground. Next, we found ourselves with our homie Matt Steele of Matt Steele Media setting up for the interview with K.R.I.T.!

Big K.R.I.T. gave us some incredible insight about his collab with his partner Yelawolf, and also filled us in with some unlikely features he's working with Death Cab For A Cutie, and Cold Play. Both features would be a treat for all fans of music. We also stumped the King of Meridian with a question that took Krizzle "way way back" to the days of when he played baseball at Highland Park and chilled by Mr. Rogers burger joint. The connection between blogger and artist came full circle when we pulled out our old school licenses plate from Meridian MS circa 79', and blew Big K.R.I.T.'s mind away. He really understood that we had mad respect for his musical talents meanwhile displaying and representing our hometowns in eloquent fashion.

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Hopsin BET Cypher / Granada Preview

With the crazy contacts in his eyes, Hopsin is lyrical beast that has a unique delivery and style that separates himself from the game. Thanks to our friends over at Rap Genius, they broke down the lyrics on Hopsin's BET Cypher. Stacked up with some heavy hip hop hitters like ScHoolBoy Q, Mac Miller, and Mystikal, Hopsin had to bring some bars and sucessfully did so!

Courtesy of RapGenius.Com
[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Grab your Slurpee and popcorn, I'm bout to make it hot for 'em

They didn't even invite me to this shit, man I just walked on

If I didn't come, then every bit of hope for rap is all gone

I'm ill, in the past you thought I wasn't, but you thought wrong

"Hop I lost respect for you, I'm pissed and you just lost a fan
All you do is diss, I'll never bump your album "Raw" again"

If what I say gets on your last nerve, then holla man

But truth is, y'all can't touch me like Pac's hologram

Don't dare to try it if you scared of dyin'

I'm terrifyin', the real Boogie Man, who even got your parents hidin'

When you're sleeping, I'll find your window, and just stare inside it

I'm a animal, momma raised me inside a lair with lions

Prepare for violence
, Funk Volume's an unfair alliance
We embarrass giants
, and rip mic's till we get laryngitis
My wave's sitting like a sandstorm, and I know what you mad for
Cause I'm living my dream, and yours

Hopsin Funk Volume Show

The creative mind of Hopsin is gracing us with his presence's on stage in Lawrence KS at The Granada tomorrow night Oct. 17th. Hopsin is going to bring a high energy show jammed packed with great music and intense lyrical content. The homies Irv Da Phenom and Bizzy from our home KS/KC area will be opening up the night with some great local hip hop music.

Dizzy Wright, SwiZz, and Jarren Benton all will be filling the stage with more entertainment then a one person can with stand. The show will wrap up the night with Hopsin and his innovative style of live hip hop. Come out and have a great night full of music, good boozes, and Hopsin entertainment!

Hopsin Funk Volume @The Granada
Oct. 17th, 2012
Ages: All Ages

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rick Ross - Black Bar Mitzvah (Mixtape)

Rick Ross releases this mixtape, Black Bar Mitzvah, in preparation for his upcoming album. Mitzvah is gritty, tough and bulky, just like Rozay is himself. Definitely a quality tape from MMG and company, will solid features to please your ears. Give it a listen!

Get the download: Black Bar Mitzvah - Rick Ross

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Lace Up - Machine Gun Kelly (Album)

Cleveland and Bad Boy's own Machine Gun Kelly is growing on us all. MGK releases his first album today. After much anticipation over his last 2 mixtapes, Lace Up is finally here. Many singles, LP's, EP's, and tracks have led up to this for Kels, so LACE UP. Make sure you give this album a listen and go buy it, support a Wild Boy!

iTunes Download: Lace Up - Machine Gun Kelly

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Curren$y & Harry Fraud - Biscayne Bay (Official Video)

Curren$y and Harry Fraud have made some hot joints off of their Ep mixtape Cigarette Boats. Here is the latest video off that mixtape Biscayne Bay. Harry Fraud certainly is experienced behind the production and he knows what beats sound the best with the artist. Curren$y has been steady grinding with The Stoned Immculate selling like hot cakes off the shelves, shows across the states, and working on new music with Harry Fraud, it looks like we have a lot of Jet Life music to listen too!

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Yelawolf - Slumerican Tour Pt. 4

Here is a little update video of Yelawolf on his Slumerican tour. The cameras come along with Yelawolf and the his homie Rittz behind the scenes in Austin, Houston, New Orleans, and San Antonio. Yelawolf did mentioned a couple times about having surgery, on what goes unknown but from the looks of the show footage the energy of a Yelawolf concert is unbelievable. Don't sleep on Rittz, he brings some incredible flow and known for his wild look Rittz brings some serious bars.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Macklemore - Ryan Lewis - The Heist (Album)

UPDATE: Album has been released! Go buy it! iTunes Download. This is a little treat for hip hop heads. A sneak peak listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis new music. Thanks to NPR, The Heist in it's entirety is on a live stream and its crackin'! If you haven't treated yourself to the album yet, be on the look out for epic build ups and sudden drops between Macklemore's lyrics and Ryan Lewis production. These guys rock plan and simple!

There is plenty to offer on this album as the energy explodes on every track. By the end of the album listeners will feel like they have been through a two hour show at RedRocks. As for tracks to look out for Can't Hold Us Down ft. Ray Dalton, and Thrift Shop, were both posted recently on Midwest Sounds.

Other tracks that are on The Heist that are on high alert is Neon Cathedral ft. Allen Stone, a song that is beautifully sung by Allen Stone, if chills don't run down your spine then you probably don't have a soul. It doesn't stop there, The Heist album also features ScHoolBoy Q on the White Walls track, the deeper side of metaphoric drug usages stems from close first hand experiences from ScHoolBoy and Macklemore.

Overall the album is a game changer in hip hop. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have crafted a well made album that might just become an instant classic.

For your listening pleasures, The Heist on NPR

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Wale - Arrival (prod. by Ceezy)

Just for hell of it, Wale dropped a new track on twitter for his fan today. Wale is poet on the mic and he doesn't just bring lyrics to his there is also a certain identity to Wale's delivery that is music unlike anyone else in the game. Down to the idea of putting an element of creativity, is key to Wale's Arrival track, and his vision of Ceezy's produced beat.

If Wale wants to separate himself from the image wash out of MMG, Wale has to able to out smart the game, with a little edgy flow and in depth lyrical content might be the right combination to keep Wale in the debated top 10 in hip hop artists out right now.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hopsin - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5

The idea of having character while rapping isn't common amongst most emcees today. Everyone today feels like they have to stick to their guns to express what they have to say, but not Hopsin! Hopsin steps on the scene with a new edginess to his style of music. With different vocal pitches and the use of lyrical story content is unusually good. Hopsin throws his crazy contacts in a goes hammer off his latest official video Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5. The insane mind of Hopsin takes listeners through a whirlwind of lyrics that puts perspective on the fast life of a lame ass Romeo.

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Tech N9ne - Don't Tweet This / Concert Preview

Tech N9ne might not mind us tweeting this post on his LIVE concert at The Granada Oct. 10th! Tech N9ne makes his almost annual return back to Lawrence KS to rock out with the Strange Music crew. The Strange Music take over in the Midwest has made a shock wave nationally in the hip hop community, it was about time for K.C. hip hop got some legit recognition.

Don't sleep on this show, as it will be slammed packed full of Strange Music artists coming with Tech N9ne. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, and Ces Cru all will be in The Granada building bringing some great entertainment. If you haven't been to a Tech N9ne show then you're missing out on incredible night, Tech paints his face, smoke and lights everywhere, and quality music is whats in store for Tech fans.

Doors open at 7pm and show starts 8pm
For more info on the night and tickets, click here.

The new Tech N9ne video has made a hot impact and for Tech to use trending social media skills to rhyme about the twitter world putting him and others on blast was tastefully done by Tech N9ne. Tech probably could careless about the haters on twitter and shows it in his latest video Don't Tweet This off the E.B.A.H. album. It takes some legit penmanship to write about social media and Tech does it in his own fashion as he rips it up about 151 Malibu Rum and women dancing with women on his tour bus. In the hip hop game the spells  out an equation for hip hop success.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Matt Easton - Jet LIfe

After dropping his latest mix tape, Matt Easton's M.E. Musique has plenty to offer with tracks like Jet Life, Smokin MC's, Krytonite, and Rockchalk just to name a few bangers off of the album.

The thing about Matt Easton is this the young emcee has musical talents by playing the piano and producing the entire mixtape. His music shows quality craftsmanship by the dedication and energy spent composing his own material.

The Jet Life single has everything a hip hop head needs, good lyrical content, catchy beat, and beast mode delivery. The self produced track, Jet Life signifies the concept of the M.E. Musique and stamps a classic hip hop sound.

Download the entire Matter Easton mixtape here on Datpiff

Also show the man some love and visit his website at and check out the promo right here on Midwest Sounds for Matt Easton's mixtape

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Monday, October 1, 2012

T- Pain ft. Mista F.A.B. Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne - Blapper

T-Pain's latest album is out and Stoic is bumpin' in the hip hop streets right now. There are plenty of tracks off of the album to enjoy but Blapper features two Strange Music members from Kansas City and samples classic E-40 Ebonics. So naturally it stuck out from the entire album.

Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko jump on Tha Bizness produced beat with T-Pain and Mista F.A.B. and Blapper straight slaps 'yo mamma' face with legit hip hop music.

The west coast sound combined with respected lyrical content from Tech and the others made this a song to rock out to.

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Barack Obama - 99 Problems (But Mitts Not One)

With the Presidential race on its way, let the low blows and characteristic political jabs begin. This little video of Barack Obama spittin' on Jay-Z's 99 Problems beat popped up in the hip hop community and by far President Obama went straight gangsta by laying the smack down on Mitt. Say what you want about how dirty political races are but this video is for comedic purposes so watch with a light heart. 

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Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz (Official Video)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis do it again! This time it is in the Thrift Shop and Macklemore just slams it home with his lyrics!!! Man, this guy can rap, and it stems from a creative style that Macklemore brings to the table. In the era of materialistic one liners and brand labels being a popular choice in rap muisc, it's nice to get a change with Macklemore talking about being fresh in a 10 dollar tee or asking for "your grandpa's hand-me downs". Check out the video, it speaks for itself.

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