Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hopsin BET Cypher / Granada Preview

With the crazy contacts in his eyes, Hopsin is lyrical beast that has a unique delivery and style that separates himself from the game. Thanks to our friends over at Rap Genius, they broke down the lyrics on Hopsin's BET Cypher. Stacked up with some heavy hip hop hitters like ScHoolBoy Q, Mac Miller, and Mystikal, Hopsin had to bring some bars and sucessfully did so!

Courtesy of RapGenius.Com
[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Grab your Slurpee and popcorn, I'm bout to make it hot for 'em

They didn't even invite me to this shit, man I just walked on

If I didn't come, then every bit of hope for rap is all gone

I'm ill, in the past you thought I wasn't, but you thought wrong

"Hop I lost respect for you, I'm pissed and you just lost a fan
All you do is diss, I'll never bump your album "Raw" again"

If what I say gets on your last nerve, then holla man

But truth is, y'all can't touch me like Pac's hologram

Don't dare to try it if you scared of dyin'

I'm terrifyin', the real Boogie Man, who even got your parents hidin'

When you're sleeping, I'll find your window, and just stare inside it

I'm a animal, momma raised me inside a lair with lions

Prepare for violence
, Funk Volume's an unfair alliance
We embarrass giants
, and rip mic's till we get laryngitis
My wave's sitting like a sandstorm, and I know what you mad for
Cause I'm living my dream, and yours

Hopsin Funk Volume Show

The creative mind of Hopsin is gracing us with his presence's on stage in Lawrence KS at The Granada tomorrow night Oct. 17th. Hopsin is going to bring a high energy show jammed packed with great music and intense lyrical content. The homies Irv Da Phenom and Bizzy from our home KS/KC area will be opening up the night with some great local hip hop music.

Dizzy Wright, SwiZz, and Jarren Benton all will be filling the stage with more entertainment then a one person can with stand. The show will wrap up the night with Hopsin and his innovative style of live hip hop. Come out and have a great night full of music, good boozes, and Hopsin entertainment!

Hopsin Funk Volume @The Granada
Oct. 17th, 2012
Ages: All Ages

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