Sunday, October 7, 2012

Macklemore - Ryan Lewis - The Heist (Album)

UPDATE: Album has been released! Go buy it! iTunes Download. This is a little treat for hip hop heads. A sneak peak listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis new music. Thanks to NPR, The Heist in it's entirety is on a live stream and its crackin'! If you haven't treated yourself to the album yet, be on the look out for epic build ups and sudden drops between Macklemore's lyrics and Ryan Lewis production. These guys rock plan and simple!

There is plenty to offer on this album as the energy explodes on every track. By the end of the album listeners will feel like they have been through a two hour show at RedRocks. As for tracks to look out for Can't Hold Us Down ft. Ray Dalton, and Thrift Shop, were both posted recently on Midwest Sounds.

Other tracks that are on The Heist that are on high alert is Neon Cathedral ft. Allen Stone, a song that is beautifully sung by Allen Stone, if chills don't run down your spine then you probably don't have a soul. It doesn't stop there, The Heist album also features ScHoolBoy Q on the White Walls track, the deeper side of metaphoric drug usages stems from close first hand experiences from ScHoolBoy and Macklemore.

Overall the album is a game changer in hip hop. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have crafted a well made album that might just become an instant classic.

For your listening pleasures, The Heist on NPR

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