Saturday, October 20, 2012

XV, Freddy High, Sez Batters, The Awesome Sound - Squarians Volume 1

Released yesterday the latest mixtape from the Squarian nation is on steady repeat here at Midwest Sounds. Squarians Volume 1 is the mixtape and it finally signify what it means to be a square. Not only are listeners lucky enough to get XV on the tape, they also get Freddy High, Sez Batters, and beats produced by The Awesome Sound. Establishing their image as squares and making it relevant has been the mission for XV, Freddy, Sez, and Awesome by making music that has a little aggressiveness towards those who overlooked the #L7's.

One of the tracks on the mixtape pays tribute to the Jayhawks of KU, Now Let's Go In  was the master mind of The Awesome Sound who produced one of the illest beats with the Rock Chalk Chant sampled into the track. XV and Freddy feel like they have something to prove and they sure did! #Blue&Red cop car lights.

That's not all, there is more with this album, other highlights to listen for is Be There Be Square produced by the homie Xaphoon Jones. L7 Party is a freestyle that Freddy, Sez, XV straight go hammer with the bars. For the smokers out there check out That Bowl it speaks volumes to so many of those who hang out with Mary Jane.

Overall the mixtape has the ability to bring all elements of hip hop music, edginess, heavy bars, catchy lingo, and Squarian references to make the album come back full circle, ironically!

Check the entire album out on;
Squarian Volume 1

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