Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - I Don't Like 2.0

Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, is at it again, delivering another clutch socially conscious remix of an otherwise ignorant-ass original track - in this case, Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" is the lucky chosen one.

"The Bank of America, I don't like!"

Yasiin gives the listener a rundown of the contemporary issues of society he usually has grievances with and so eloquently laces into his rhymes. Topics that he doesn't like include racism, corporatism, wealth inequality, commercial rap, and the entire rest of the social gamut.

Listen to "I Don't Like 2.0" on soundcloud below or download the track here: I Don't Like Main 2.0.mp3

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mod Sun - Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness

With the Mod Sun show coming up in Lawrence KS, might as well get some music up for you guys to enjoy! Mod Sun brings his wild style to the hip hop table with graceful technical emcee skills. Mod Sun's lighter personality allows for his music to bring positive vibes as listeners heads automatically start to nod as the beat slams. Lyrical Mod Sun is diverse and clearly describes a more optimistic message in his music.

Mod Sun just released a 13 track Ep on soundcloud called Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness. With some of self produced tracks having dope alternative sampling it seems like Mod Sun brings a quality sound as songs like  Where Were You samples Champagne Supernova, also Australia New Zealand Mod Sun raps over a Incubus beat. Got To Be There ft. Meta is another song that proves Mod Sun is seriously a rhyme slayer.  Time To Celebrate was strictly made for his fans as it was suppose to be a single for purchase instead Mod Sun wanted to give it to his fans for free and included it on this Ep!

The overall feel of Mod Sun's album Wealth, Health, and Success is refreshing as the light heart beats also the intuitive lyrical content is needed in the hip hop game.

Sun. Nov. 18th doors open @7pm show starts @8pm
Advance: $10 / Day of show: $12

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Country Cuzzin, Big K.R.I.T. Vlog 5 Live From The Underground Tour

Krizzle continued to sell out shows on his Live From The Underground Tour and on his latest Vlog Chapter 5 Big K.R.I.T. kicks in the stu with the Boss Hogg Slim Thug on his final edition of the documentary. The huge success of K.R.I.T.'s album Live From The Underground is partly due to his high energy concerts meanwhile upholding a humbling demeanor. That the end of the Vlog Big K.R.I.T. made a trip to OKC and the homie Kevin Durant from the Thunder paid a visit and got the show crunk.

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Asher Roth In The Backroom at 106 & Park

With Asher coming to Lawrence KS tonight why not post something that signifies his skills. The Backroom at 106 & Park is where serious bars get laid down by heavy hitters in the hip hop game. Asher Roth comes with his strong lyrical poetry which is a strength of Asher's. Remember The Backroom is usually a freestyle and Asher is no rookie at spitting off the top of the dome. Asher Roth is able to combine multiple styles and have tons of verbiage when he jumps on the mic.

If you are in Lawrence KS tonight make sure you come out to the Granada! Doors open at 7pm so don't be late, the place is going to be packed!


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Omarion Ft. Wale - M.I.A. (Official Video)

Omarion rocking with MMG lately as he frequently jumps on tracks with Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill. Not a bad crew to roll with right now as the MMG takeover is heavily influential in the hip hop industry. As for Omarion he steadily has proven to bring the ladies out of the covers and have them dancing or maybe even keeping them their for an overnight stay, either way Omarion's new video M.I.A. ft. Wale is a scripture of Omarion's leading lady is missing and no where to be found. The track can be found on the highly anticipated album Self Made 2, so be on the lookout for that!

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Asher Roth In Lawrence = Dope Sh*t!!!

So Asher Roth brings along with him an All Star line up for his Fall Clashic Tour this year. Accompanying Asher is his main dude Chuck Inglish and the Kids These Days and will be hitting up the Granada stage in Lawrence KS! So be tuned in for a night of straight hardcore hip hop with nothing but legit bars, and good vibes.

Asher Roth brings a element of smooth intensity, insane lyrical metaphors, and a knack for producing a quality sounds. For most of Asher's fan, they have a sense of passion for his music as he expresses his deepest thoughts with poetic complexity.

Asher Roth coming to The Granada:
Ages: All Ages

After the show head on down to a hot spot in Lawrence, Tonic Bar & Lounge for the after party and have some nice cold drinks and enjoy the great atmosphere. Who knows you might run into Asher for a shot!

Details for the after party here!

In the festivities of Asher Roth coming to Lawrence, we are going bump some team Roth.  Enjoy Asher Roth's video Dope Sh*t, have some fun and enjoy the incredible master mind at work.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

JL B.Hood - Brain Scatter

JL B.Hood has a new album out for the Strangeland fans. JL has ventured in the Strange World of Tech N9ne and came out an up and coming star in Kansas City. When Tech has your back, best and believe the City will listen up, they are bumping that new JL B.Hood Brain Scatter.

Some tracks to pay close attention to include Say You Love Me Ft. Tech N9ne, a strong mind set of love JL's music and the betrayal of foes that say they love his music but are all talk. Diamonds ft. Codak Carter track goes straight hip hop with a classic hook, and heavy west coast beat combos JL lyrical double time choppa style. Paying tribute to his new team  Do It Big Keep It Strange aka DIBKIS is a self explained track that takes listeners through the feeling of going hard on a beat and keeping it strange when living it large.

Visit JL B.Hood webiste and support the KS/KC hip hop movement

Download the entire album - Brain Scatter

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Dom Chronicles - Midwestside

Our KC homie Dom Chronicles sent us his latest video Midwestside, and being from KS Dom plays the home turf with ease. Staying smooth with his delivery, Dom knows how to represent the middle of the map. Presented by Black Belt Society and 19/90 Never the visuals directed/edited by Kendu, some dope stuff from the good ole Midwest.

As for Dom and his music, Dom's lyrical substance has more to offer than the average emcees by having more depth in verbal usage and having a wide range in description. Dom also has a sense of humble arrogance that will slap haters in the face if they have an issue with his music. 

Midwestside is a track that shows diversity in our hip hop culture in the Midwest, we get all types of music to cross the Great Plains. Dom Chronicles displays some serious hip hop skills on his latest video, check out some legit KC hip hop music!

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