Tuesday, November 6, 2012

JL B.Hood - Brain Scatter

JL B.Hood has a new album out for the Strangeland fans. JL has ventured in the Strange World of Tech N9ne and came out an up and coming star in Kansas City. When Tech has your back, best and believe the City will listen up, they are bumping that new JL B.Hood Brain Scatter.

Some tracks to pay close attention to include Say You Love Me Ft. Tech N9ne, a strong mind set of love JL's music and the betrayal of foes that say they love his music but are all talk. Diamonds ft. Codak Carter track goes straight hip hop with a classic hook, and heavy west coast beat combos JL lyrical double time choppa style. Paying tribute to his new team  Do It Big Keep It Strange aka DIBKIS is a self explained track that takes listeners through the feeling of going hard on a beat and keeping it strange when living it large.

Visit JL B.Hood webiste and support the KS/KC hip hop movement www.jlbhood.com

Download the entire album - Brain Scatter

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