Monday, December 17, 2012

Joey Cool - Onslaught

The choppa game coming out of KC MO with Joey Cool only solidified what means to be a true emcee. With his passionate delivery as his talents are truly exposed when Joey goes choppa on the beats. Joey also has the ability to say a lot in his 16 bars and its nothing to sleep all of his lyrics have logical knowledge.

Joey Cool's new album Onslaught LP has been on our radar screen and should be on your playlist today! As for a quality, the production of Onslaught is clearly and professionally done as listeners are more than capable to hear every quick word out of Joey's mouth. A few tracks on the album has interesting hook imagery, with screwed up voices in the back grounds of Joey's hooks gives the album a war like stance and darker side of what Joey Cool music has to slam. Be ready to get on a higher energy level when you bump the Onslaught LP album has the overall sound gives a riot feel, so the title of the album suits Joey Cool.

Make sure to listen to the entire album, but we have a few singles that might be your favorites. Onslaught (Intro) starts the album up with a bang like D-Day as it catches your ear and gets you on the edge of your seat, but there is more in store! Wanted is another joint that is full of energy and has intensity throughout the entire track, Joey's hook is catchy for all to rock too and flow from Joey absolutely stamps his skills in the hip hop game. Check out Militant, and Basically as it features some Kansas City heavy hitters like Steddy P, JL of B.Hood, Yung Prez, Infogates, and Godemis of Ces Cru. The Bombs Interlude is a calming instrumental and Colossal shows Joey Cool's versatility as an artist. There is plenty more so don't miss out!

Go support the homie Joey Cool and check out the entire Onlsaught LP album on BandCamp now!

Joey Cool - Onslaught LP

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