Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home | Track

New single from Drizzy Drake! This new track, "Hold On, We're Going Home," from Aubrey (lol) has a different sound to it than his past hits and releases for upcoming projects. Makes me wonder how the rest of the album will sound, will it be 80s and wavy like this Prince inspired track or will it be a mix of fresh/recycled sounds hitting hard with dope features.

Only time will tell as Drake releases more jams. Listen below for yourself!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Child Gambino - Centipede | Track

Download the newest track, Centipede, from Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover as he gets ready to release his yet to be titled sophomore album. Get it below!

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Mac Miller - I Am Who Am (Killin' Time) | Music Video

Mac Miller releases his fourth Music Video off of his latest album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. This track features Nika Randa as Mac serenades his trippy "I Am Who Am."

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big KRIT - Multi Til The Sun Die (Music Video)

Big K.R.I.T. drops his latest cinematic work of art with Steve-ography's help for the jam "Multi Til The Sun Die." The video shows KRIT's dedicated fans at shows and also just how hard he works while making music and being on tour. Great use of typography with the layered footage too. Check it out below!

Also, some familiar faces can be seen in this video.... Eyebrows up!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Joey Cool - Swanky

Kansas City's very own Joey Cool is keeping it classic 'Jo Cool' with a Swanky twist. Going back to his roots with a hard delivery and chopper style, Joey produced his latest album, Swanky, with the intent to show to hip hop game that Joey Cool is justifying his successes with quality music.

Swanky, is strictly hip hop and Joey makes it a personal vendetta to pour his soul into every bar in every song! With plenty to offer throughout the entire album, Swanky has it all, with dope beats, lyrically astonishing verses, and colabs from top notch artists. Drippin' produced by Burna Music is a single that allowed for Joey to grab the attention of listeners with a crazy track that has a slap happy bass and intense delivery. With hints of Talib Kweli, Sound AffeKtz produce a few tracks on Swanky, one being Horn Cry, as Joey speaks about being grateful for the musical opportunities, plus appreciation of his loyal fans.

Bad Habits is a great colab from a KC legend in Mac Lethal, and the two spazzed out with intriguing lyrics. Both Mac and Joey delivered their verses with intense flow and high energy which is a major plus for listeners. Joey's musical brother JL BHood makes his gracious return with Nobody Like Me featuring thePhantom. JL BHood is from KC, gives listeners another masterpiece, with Joey cohesively spitting his memories of growing up musically. Swanky is overall grade A music and it's great to know that Joey Cool music isn't dying anything soon!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tech N9ne Ft. Kendrick Lamar, MAYDAY, and Kendall Morgan - 'Fragile'

Tech N9ne's much awaited album Something Else comes out July 30th and the hip hop industry is about to get an intriguing taste of what Kansas City music scene has to offer. Known for his "World Wide Chopper" style, Tech N9ne has the ability to lyrically lay down serious 16 bars with highly intellectual vernacular.  Pay close attention to Tech N9ne as his music develops the impressionable reason and logic behind each word, with strong sense of a progressive mindset.

The latest and most anticipated track off Tech's Something Else album is 'Fragile' featuring Kendrick Lamar, MAYDAY and Kendall Morgan. Overall 'Fragile' suits all the artists, meanwhile Tech and Kendrick brings cohesive sound that defines technical hip hop from start to finish. Both delivery and intensity are spot on, with a hook beautifully done by MAYDAY and Kendall Morgan.

Something Else album has plenty to offer and can be pre ordered now on iTunes, but copies come out July 30th.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Talib Kweli - Prisoner Of Conscious

With a solidified hip hop career, Talib Kweli releases his new album Prisoner Of Conscious putting another impeccable stamp on a lustrous music career. POC is a lyrical masterpiece as Talib doesn't shy away from his strengths of providing top notch lyricism with strong metaphors, smooth flow finishing every bar with complex and intelligent wordplay.

The entire album expresses the nature of positivity, which is a refreshing perspective for the hip hop community. Prisoner Of Conscious is more soulful for Talib Kweli based on the ideology of his music is groundbreaking with Talib's passion to push away from label constrictions. 

Lyrically, Talib Kweli sets the bar as usual by laying down spiritual and uplifting knowledge with the grittiness of hip hop instilled in every bar. Push Thru is heavy influential of bringing uplifting music to the game. Featuring two lyrical dynamic emcees in Curren$y and Kendrick Lamar, Push Thru is that song that speaks volumes of taking action by fighting the good fight. Another track to listen carefully to is Rocket Ships featuring Busta Rhymes and produced by Rza is strictly hip hop with Talib showing his double time rhyming skills and brings a positive message. Every track is special and Prisoner Of Conscious is classic hip hop music coming from a master of hip hop.

Make sure to download the entire album or go buy it! ON ITUNES NOW

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Curren$y - "Kingpin" (Official Video)

If you follow the Jet Set master Curren$y on Instagram then you would notice that Curren$y has been having fun with his Hot Wheels toy cars. Crazed like collector, Curren$y has been showing off all of his cool Hot Wheels, with the exotic cars being Curren$y's favorite collection.

The new video from Curren$y is simply the same thing as his Instgram as the Kingpin video is all about Curren$y rolling in exotic whips and rolling them Jets up with some goodies on deck. Classic Spitta doing a classy job in hip hop.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome Back Tech N9ne - LIVE At The Midland

Kansas City's hip hop godfather makes his return to The Midland Theater May 11th, 2013 anybody and everybody involved with KC hip hop will be in the building. Tech N9ne has made his Indy label Strange Music Inc. is now a brand name in hip hop and with his return to The Midland Theater it is only right yo watch this video!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

PC - Pretenders (Official Music Video)

This talented emcee from the "Rocky Mountains" of Colorado, PC's new video Pretenders is a thriller of a music video. PC lyrical talents are those of an educated mindset that has deeper meaning but listeners can relate to his music. The track jams with a hard hook, and hard rock feel the Pretenders single speaks volumes on who to trust.

The Pretenders video is a well thought out concept that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The twist at the end of the video sums up the track nicely.


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Talib Kweli Freestyle On Chris Brown's - Fine China (Remix)

Talib Kweli is all hip hop and wants to prove it even though the proof has been written in the history books.

Talib Kweli does a freestyle on Chris Brown's Fine China track and we got to say, Talib's endless ability to have lyrical content is impeccable. In this case, Talib goes with a more smoother side with the Chris Brown joint.

It is really refreshing to know that hip hop music lives on with artists like Talib Kweli. Talib's natural talents to create imagery with his vernacular is by far exceptional.


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TK - Return 2 Cloud Nine Mixtape

TK is a young talented artist from the Kansas City area and he is producing, rhyming, and throwing down some nasty bars on all 28 tracks of Return 2 Cloud Nine mixtape.

TK brings a well rounded assault of hip hop with this album and showcasing some serious skills with freestyles to make your head spin.

We listen to the entire album and every track could be our favorite but just to list a few, we will start with This is How We live featuring Jet Moran. This track is about the weekend and how both TK and Jet Moran kick it with a fifth of liq, some goody, and dope vibes to rhyme too. The Started From The Bottom Freestyle is another impressive display of rhyming capabilities as TK spits straight from the dome. Go Hard featuring Bayou and Xtra-C is a track that gets you hyped up with high energy and tough beat with TK grabbing a hold of the track with a chip of his shoulder. There are more we could go on about but we will let TK's music speak for itself!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Talib Kweli - High Life Ft. Rubix, Bajah

Talib Kweli makes his away to Lawrence KS which seems like an annual event for him to make his way to our hometown. To have the opportunity to have a legend in the game like Talib to come to Kansas this often says a lot to what kind of show to expect. Talib Kweli is the ultimate professional when it comes to this hip hop game, with knowledge and grace to every word resonates with a deeper meaning to his music.

Talib Kweli takes a trip to South Africa and shoots his High Life video for his fans to see how the trip went. Featuring Rubix, and Bajah High Life video is 100% hip hop music, and the "high life" that they are rapping about is music, and all three brings to life their music for everyone to enjoy.

The Granada May 10th, 2013
Talib Kweli w/ a full band
Also Featuring 

Heartfelt Anarchy


Tickets on sale now for

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Big Boi - Apple Of My Eye (Explicit)

One half of OutKast, Big Boi is stomping his ATL boots up here in Lawrence KS and this Cinco De Mayo show is not to be miss! The homie Big Boi has been doing his thing for decades now and doesn't seem like he's slowing down at all. The wise words of Big Boi's experience in the hip hop game allowed for Big Boi to keep his music funky but still southern trap, which is a formula for great music.

Big Boi's video Apple Of My Eye is purely something to enjoy. The live music element of the song adds puts the funk in the beat and Big Boi keeps it trill with his bars lighting up the set. OutKast isn't dead as Big Boi keeps their music afloat but hopefully Andre 3000 and Big Boi could knock out a project in the near future. Make sure to come out to The Granada May 5th for Big Boi's Shoe's For Running Tour 2013

Big Boi Shoes for Running 2013 World Tour with special guest Killer Mike & Fishhawk

All Ages

$25 GA
$75 VIP

VIP includes:
One general admission ticket
VIP early entry into the venue
Exclusive meet & greet with Big Boi
Personal autograph & photograph with Big Boi
Exclusive VIP tour gift item
Official meet & greet laminate
Limited availability

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Collie Buddz - Pay Back Is a Bitch (Video Lyrics)

Switching it up some from our normal hip hop scene and we go a more Reggae sound with Collie Buddz making his way into Lawrence KS May 2nd at The Bottleneck. Collie Buddz is a young Reggae singer that keeps the vibes rolling and music that will make people dance. A Collie Buddz show is high energy with a classic Reggae sound that will cater to your entertainment needs.

Collie Buddz video lyrics visual Paybacks a B*tch is a video that has an upbeat sound, that screams instant single for Collie Buddz. The title of the song explains itself, so with that, Collie Buddz does a great job in producing a track worthy for the ladies to grove too. This visual is convenient to listeners that has issues hearing all of Collie Buddz words, so on this video the lyrics will pop up on the listener's screens to assist them in understanding the song's message.


The Bottleneck May 2nd, 2013



Doors: @ 8pm
Tickets: $17.50 - $20.00 at the door

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Zion I - Human Being (Official Video)

In light of the upcoming shows coming to Lawrence KS we are going to highlight some of them and we are starting if off right with Zion I, who is coming to The Granada on May 6th. Zion I will blow you away with 3rd eye imagery and hip hop poetry.

Zion I's video Human Being is a great example of what techniques are needed to be used in order to provide listeners a message to grasp a hold of. If the message is anything like Zion I's then having elements of dope beats, prolific rhyming skills, and hooks to make the message clear. It is evident that Zion I expression of spirituality through music will sooth the soul, with uplifting music.

Zion I @ The Granada May 6th, 2013

Featuring area artists:
Deep Thinkers
Chase Compton


$12 adv
$14 dos

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Casey Veggies X Travis Scott - PNCXX Summer Tour

Looks like two of hip hop's young stars are hitting the road hard for their summer tour. Starting May 12th, Casey Veggies and Travis Scott are bringing a high energy show to a city near you with their PNCXX Summer Tour '13. Veggies heads in Chicago, Philly, Dallas, and what's this? Yup Casey Veggies and Travis Scott will be in our hometown May 30th right here in Lawrence KS.

With dates still to be added this 17 stop tour, this could be one of the summer's more noted tour to keep your eyes on.

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"Four Twenty - Part 1" - Jernts With Curren$y

Curren$y is a must watch anytime it is involving a smoked out 4/20 holiday. This "Four Twenty" Jernts With Curren$y is the first installment, and of course Spitta goes all out at his show in Houston Texas. Curren$y is never a lonely Jet setter, accompanying him on this adventure was Fiend, and Young Roddy and the Jet Set crew takes off to burn some trees.

The crowd in Houston interacted well with Curren$y, as they belted out all the lyrics to which left Curren$y oddly impressed by the enthusiasm of his fans. From this video looks like Curren$y is fully baked.

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adidas, Wall, Lillard, Holiday & A$AP Rocky - # QuickAintFair

This creative commercial keeps basketball fans on their toes. John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jru Holiday and team adidas brings basketball alive with the new edition of Crazyquick technology. These stand out guards are showing off their crazy quick cross overs, fierce dribble drives, and spectacular slams, meanwhile A$AP Rocky shares a story about the unfair factor of speed in the #QuickAintFair commercial. Defenders stand no chance to the innovative Quicker adidas shoe.

A$AP Rocky lays down some bars that intensifies the speedy guards moves and skills. A$AP Rocky verse is more spoken word but the delivery is on point and his colorful words paints a picture of Wall, Lillard, and Holiday crushing all competitors.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dom Chronicles - Potentially Rich

Give props to the well deserved artist Dom Chronicles for his quality work on his Potentially Rich album. The cooled out rhythmic flows of Dom Chronicles keeps the entire fresh and upbeat, which is positively keeping it gangster.

Potentially Rich contains eight eloquent songs mastered together for a well-rounded hip hop authentic album that has everything any hip hop fan would want. Smooth laid back beats with a little hint of Pink Floyd undertones, doesn't get much cooler than that.

Singles that slap in the trunk and to highlight would be Vacay featuring Steddy P. as the two speak their minds about traveling to promote great music. Another track to have on repeat is Problems featuring Gen,  the beat is crazy, and basically brings the soul back into hip hop music. The Riddler is a clever joint that explains that Dom Chronicles will prove his lyrical jaw game is on point. Potentially Rich has the impression what solidifies his poetic stamp in the game.

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2 Chainz Ft. The Weeknd - Like Me

2 Chainz brings out all the stops with his latest video Like Me featuring The Weekend. Coming off 2 Chainz's debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story, the Like Me single is a hyped up track that's strictly for the ladies to grab a hold of. The intensity of 2 Chainz doesn't waver from his demeanor even for the ladies, as for The Weeknd, his singing ability and ad-libs works well with Titty Boi's aggressive style.

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ProbCause x Psalm One x Sharkula - Calamari Astronaut Live

Our homie ProbCause, in Chicago, is having some fun on stage with Psalm One, and Sharkula as they rock a show together. It's fun to get an inside look at watch artists have in store for their crowds during a live show. ProbCause has crazy flow that has range and expresses volumes of natural writing talents. Psalm One and Sharkula didn't let anyone down with their addition to ProCause set.

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Fluent Ft. Sir Adams - No Problem

No doubt that the homies Fluent and Sir Adams has bars to speak, as these two go hammer to the joint No Problem. Sampling some Dom Kennedy the catchy and creative hook compounded with Fluent and Sir Adams' flow kept the track bumpin'!

The beat jams with both Fluent and Sir Adams laying down some impressive flows. Hands down they kept the ability to maintain a constant intrigue throughout start to finish. The bruising beat allows for Fluent and Sir Adams to bring the element of knock out fire power.


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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us Down Feat. Ray Dalton

We had a feeling here at MWS, when Macklemore dropped The Heist, the single Can't Hold Us Down was going to have a video to be released with it. The song is that good, it had to have a visually stimulant video to go along with the song's epic array of auditory greatness. Featuring the talent Ray Dalton providing a chilling chorus on Can't Hold Us Down, Macklemore expels a tremendous amounts high energy and puts it all on the line with this single.

The visual is just as such an impact and the mini movie was developed by a team of creative people, Written By Ben Haggerty, Ryan Lewis and Tricia Davis. Directed By Ryan Lewis, Jason Koenig, Jon Jon Augustavo, Produced By Tricia Davis, Honna Kimmerer, Jenny Koenig. This group of talented individuals produced a quality visual that isn't the typical rap video and went beyond the definition of entertainment.

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Scru Face Jean - Funk Volume "Don't Funk Up The Beat" (Video Contest)

Scru Face Jean is on his grind in Nebraska, our neighbors from the north. This buzzworthy artist is making moves in the hip hop scene and seems to be only warming up as Scru Face Jean steadily improves his musical craft. Scru Face Jean recently had a few big shows jumping on with MGK and the Laced Up crew and the young artist has new album W.I.N.G.S. soon to drop for his fans, so be on the look out for that.

This visual is Scru Face Jean's video submission for Funk Volume "Don't Funk Up The Beat" and Directed by Robert John Morrison. From the looks of it, this video has held it down in the contest, as the video's gritty shots combined with Jean's lyrical fierceness brings out the full effect of Scru Face Jean's music. 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

CES Cru - Juice (Feat. Tech N9ne)

The Strange Music crew is pulling out all the stops in the hip hop game and CES Cru has gone crazy spazz status with their video Juice featuring Strange Music's leader Tech N9ne. The heavily influenced drums and raw sounds complements CES Cru's delivery, with Tech N9ne laying down his usual greatness. Juice is great song, with each emcee given the chance to provide Strange Music fans proper hip hop music to jam to. The old school vibe combined with the double time rhymes allows for the song and video to have flow and meshes well with one another.

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Music Is My Sport - 50 Cent

The story of 50 Cent the gangster turned rap artist is well documented and known throughout the hip hop community, but the rap mogul has now reinvented himself once again with the sport of boxing. 50 Cent steps into the ring, not as a fighter but as a boxing promoter. The struggle is over for 50 Cent, as his music career has perpetuated himself into number 1 hits, platinum albums, and sold out world tours. This video is a inside look into 50 Cent's latest endeavor in his life behind the scenes.


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snoop Lion - Reincarnated (Full Album Preview)

Snoop Lion has recently Reincarnated himself from his previous life of Snoop Dogg. The latest Snoop Lion album Reincarnated, is a new side to Snoop Lion, and the once violent west coast rapper Snoop Dogg, is now making reggae music with Diplo. The entire album is being streamed via Noisey, and mini documentary shows the elevation of Snoop Lion as he takes a trip to Jamaica. The message is clear Snoop Lion is about love and peace. Snoop gives it his all with a revamped reggae album that drops April 23rd.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big K.R.I.T. - King Remembered In Time

The Country Cuzin' has done it again! Big K.R.I.T. new LP, is his latest free album and for the lucky K.R.I.T. fans and hip hop enthusiasts to enjoy. King Remembered In Time is all around incredible! Big K.R.I.T. does a extraordinary job in organizing the 17 tracked out album with prestige and perfection. Krizzle produced every track except one with the professor 9th Wonder.

Trinidad James and Future made their industry collabs on the album, but not to be taken back by all the name drops, most of King Remembered In Time consist of Big K.R.I.T.'s ability to produce southern soulful beats with a heavy poetic justice done to every track.

Singles to pay attention too on King Remembered In Time are plentiful. King Without A Crowd a theme song of the album, also brings the knock out punch with astonishing hook samples packed with message of royalty. Good 2gether ft. the lovely Ashton Jones on the vocals, the tempo and uplifting spirited musical montage has tied together a epic song. Only One featuring two heavy duty smokers Wiz Khalifa and Smoke Dza jump on this track with swagger beyond the element comparison.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas - Bad (Official Video)

Wale puts it all out on the table to the female counterpart with his single Bad, as the young women out there are thirsty for attention from men. Wale is putting a stop to that with his confident attitude and level headed mindset, as bad girls' wild and reckless nonsense are shameful acts and are not tolerable in the game of love.

Ballers like Wale really don't have time for childish games from a female, as men like Wale are about their business. To the ladies out there get with the program and respect yourselves. Be on the lookout this summer for Wale's album The Gift, in stores June 25th, an album not to miss out on!

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Rittz - For Real (Official Music Video)

Rittz is one of the newest members of Strange Music crew and rider with Yelawolf camp has unleashes an arsenal of triple time rhyming skills and aggressive lyrical dominance on every track. Rittz new latest single For Real speaks for itself, the single is crazy good.

Rittz dropped a video to go with the For Real single and it doesn't fall to impress either. The intense visual setting enhances Rittz musical genius. Be expecting new music Rittz with his album out soon called The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant'.

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Sir Adams - Say You Love Me Ft. The Adnorm

Sir Adams is proven to be an artists with slick taste in music, his style is nothing less then impressive and his new Say You Love Me has struck all the right cords with righteous sounds.

Featuring The Adnorm and the producer theghost816, Sir Adams lays down smooth lyricism for the females to vibe out to.

This is Sir Adams' 4th leak off of his up coming mixtape Writer's Block, don't miss out! We have heard great reviews in the KC area about this one.

Sir Adams is hitting the road and has a few shows coming out up!

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ProbCause - SUBZERO ft. Showyousuck, Pslam One, Auggie the 9th

We are getting trap happy in Chi City as ProbCause and his homies Showyousuck, Pslam One, Auggie the 9th all go hammer on the SUBZERO track.

This song is not your typical trap music, as the lyrics are far more advanced then most trap artists have with their vault of terrible one liners, and the hook creatively ties the song together.

ProbCause ends the song with powerful flow and tasteful use of his words to cultivate his demeanor. His play on words with SUBZERO ultimately made this song go straight trap as the rough and strong approach to the high energy beat meshed into an awesome track.


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Gee Watts - Watts Up (Mixtape)

The young and talented Gee Watts is consistently producing legitimate hip hop music that has a touch bitter edginess combined with an arrogant, borderline cockiness delivery, but not oddly enough Watts Up is an exceptionally good hip hop mixtape that already has a huge internet buzz.

The Kansas City emcee Gee Watts recently released Watts Up with major success so far. With singles featuring Kendrick Lamar and Dre Harmony, Gee Watts maintains heavily influenced poetic conceptual verses throughout the entire mixtape. As for the tracks themselves producer Mike Hurst uses elegant sounds that complement Gee Watts style on Premature Hate. It's a Watts R.I.O.T. to the fullest and Gee Watts started it with extraordinary music!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kid Cudi - Immortal

The hypnotic flow of Kid Cudi seems to have a subtle sense of normalcy in the game of hip hop this day of age. Cudi doesn't slip away from his typical sound with his new single Immortal, which is coming off of Kid Cudi's latest album due release April 23rd, INDICUDI.

The Immortal track itself gets listeners sucked in by the with Do Dot co producing with Cudi pouring out his soul in every bar. Kid Cudi could go away from the singing/moaning harmony as our ears not keen to the flat sounds belted from Kid Cudi. That doesn't mean the song itself isn't good, if you are a Kid Cudi fan in anyway you will appreciate the fact that Cudi is going back to is roots with his music.  

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Joey Cool - Biology (Video)

Joey Cool out of the Kansas City area, drops a video to his Onslaught LP album. The Biology single brings a fierce and profound delivery, with Joey spazzing out some awesome lyrics. It's great to see KC local scene producing a unique sound with artists like Joey laying down some exceptional music.

Joey Cool's Biology single shows the basic breakdown of what his music stands for. Produced by SmartAlec, the Biology track is one of the many great songs on the Onslaught LP, we hope you guys enjoy the video just as much!

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Big K.R.I.T. - Shine On Feat. Bun B

Big K.R.I.T. obviously preaching his sermon upon the hip hop game and his message is to Shine On with elegance and grace. Bun B puts his two cents in with a old school gangster mentality with his featuring verse.

The classic Big K.R.I.T. beat gives listeners a deeply southern rooted sound with heavy sampling and complex baseline. Not only does Big K.R.I.T. bring some bars to the track but he took the time to produce the entire track which is uncommon to be a duel threat like K.R.I.T. in the hip hop industry.

Nowadays artists have a grueling schedule and most likely doesn't have the time to make their own music. That's where greatest out shines the pack and our Country Cuzin' definitely has a passion for quality music as you can tell with this track!

The Shine On track coming off Big K.R.I.T.'s album King Remembered In Time which is coming soon and this is the first look into his highly anticipated release.


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Saturday, February 23, 2013

XV - Everyday Life (Track)

"Such a Tommy move!" -from Workaholics

Vizzy puts Tommy and Stu Pickles on the EP art for his newest track Everyday Life, attrbuting to the 90's flair seen everywhere in Vizzy & the Squarians projects.

Produced by the Awesome Sound, XV gives us another great song and another reason why he is hip hop's diamond in the rough. Get at him on Twitter @XtotheV!

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Mike Posner - Oshfest feat. Blackbear (Track)

Mike Posner has been quietly make his moves for the last year or so, dropping small projects but nothing major. This original track, not a remix, is a good sign!

Oshfest featuring Blackbear is a simplistic but catchy rap track that highlights why Posner is in his position releasing good music. Get the download below!

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Mac Miller, guest on MTV's Ridiculousness (Full Episode)

Mac Miller appeared on MTV's Ridiculousness. He definitely was having a good time on set with Rob, Chanel West Coast, and Steelo. Catch the whole episode below from MTV.com.

We hope all this promotion with MTV and his new show is in relation to hype buildup for his fall album release. We will have to wait and see.

Get More: Ridiculousness, Full Episodes

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Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice feat. Drake (Music Video)

Peep the recently released visuals for Poetic Justice from Kendrick Lama featuring Drake. Too fly!

Make sure you pick up his album good kid, m.A.A.d city

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Joey BadA$$ - Underground Airplay Ft. Smoke Dza & Big K.R.I.T.

The new kid on the Smokers Club team, Joey BadA$$ comes through yet again with another tough track featuring Smoke Dza and Big K.R.I.T. as all three basically go in on a cyphered out beat. Underground Airplay allows all three artists to explain their despise of mainstream music and it's ability to saturates real hip hop with commercialized trap rap.

Big K.R.I.T. directly takes a stab at critics that had issues with his debut album Live From The Underground. Joey BadA$$ brings his youthful but lazy approach to the track, which oddly fits well with the instrumental. Joey speaks truthfully about rebelling studio execs when he explains that censorship constrains his musical creativity. Smoke Dza aka Kush God, as most know him by, adds the element of finesse but the poetic bars lays the smack down on wack emcees when Smoke Dza proves who is the beast from the east.

Over Underground Airplay visual is classic hip hop and doesn't need a explanation as it enhances the visual appeal of the artist's protesting their rights in hip hop music.

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Cash Hollistah - goRilla (Video)

The normally mild manner Cash Hollistah, goes straight hammer on his latest video goRilla. Cash Hollistah represented Kansas to the fullest with a heavy combo rational lyrical content plus a dope beat to run with.

The goRilla track defines hip hop as Cash steps outside of his musical box  and comes with a little harder and edgier single to makes sure listeners are paying close attention to his message. Directed, filmed and edited by Josh Hernandez for Imprimis Media, the goRilla visual brings the same intensity as the track plus the added dimensions of Cash Hollistah meticulously mastering his craft of hip hop, it is only suiting that Cash give us some quality music to vibe with.

Cash Hollistah aired the video during half time of this year's Super Bowl and the reaction was better than Beyonce's poor attempt of half time show. Midwest Sounds did the right thing and went straight goRilla on fools.  

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sir Adams - Stoner Girl

With Sir Adams making moves in Kansas City, his latest single Stoner Girl is another banger that the ladies can relate to if they like to hang out with Mary Jane.

Sir Adams lays down a on a The Awesome Sound produced beat with a smooth track that has a heavy synthesizer playing in the background plus a female feature from Nicolette Paige this track is perfect for those females that like to kick it and roll one up with Mr. Adams.

The flow of Sir Adams continuously amazes listeners also fines relativity in his bars. Nothing is better than listening to music that you can relate to, Sir Adams takes the Stoner Girl and made her a reality.

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Curren$y - New Jet City

It's not a 'New Jack City', it's Curren$y's latest album New Jet City the Jet set remix is classic 'Fly Spitta' music. The smooth beats and laid back delivery characterizes Curren$y's mindset of the NOLA streets resonate through his music. The New Jet City is , Curren$y's aka Spitta's, first project in a long time, since his summer album The Stoned Immaculate. Curren$y off to the right track and the entire New Jet City album couldn't be more suiting for Spitta.

With the heads in the clouds and rolling first class everywhere Curren$y has some bars for days on this album. Choosin featuring Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross, plays towards the classic hip hop characteristics of staying fly for the females, rolling in a high class rides, and make the haters hate the game. The homies Statik Selektah produces a beat called Clear featuring Jadakiss, and the soft jazzy sounding brings back the resemblance of Curren$y's "Elevator Musik" album, with Curren$y stepping his lyrical game to a more elegant delivery.  Also making the album is Trinidad James, Floyd, French Montana, and Juevenile. The New Jet City is jam packed full of great songs to roll and ride too!

Check out the entire New Jet City album at DaPiff.com! 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Jet Moran - Prime Ep

Instant bars and intense delivery, Jet Moran's new Ep screams hip hop with all the elements mastered into 30 minutes of incredible music. Prime Ep is album that will literally Transform listeners into their very own 'Autobot'. Jet has the capabilities to be a trend setter in the hip hop game here in Kansas and the Prime Ep is a perfect example of what hip hop needs in the game right now.

Every song on the Ep is dynamic, but there are a few to take note of. Jax Teller plays off of the show 'Sons Of Anarchy' lead character Jax Teller, Jet exerts the energy to explain the fierceness of being the gang leader, by protecting his right to be an impeccable emcee. The Race is a track that was mixed and mastered by Jet which showoff his talented engineering, plus the song has great conceptual storyline of Jet working hard to be successful in basketball, music, and life. Also on the Prime Ep, Jet jumps on the Childish Gambino joint, Bonfire, as Mr. Moran doesn't fall short by setting aflame an explosive song. Seen on MWS before and makes it on the Ep Midas single, takes hip hop, plus lyrics content to the next level. Midas gives listeners insight to Jet's dark and intense side of music, with bars that are high energy, confident borderline cockiness, and tastefully arrogant to the haters.

Jet steps up to plate with the Prime Ep and slam packs the album with some heavy hitters, so be ready for head turners on this one. When it comes to music quality speaks volumes and Jet Moran pulls out the arsenal to blow up the hip hop game.

Jet Moran will be LIVE @ FATSO'S Feb. 9th and will be performing most of the Prime Ep. It's only 5$ it get in the show and drinks will be flowing, so a great night for Jet Moran music. Click CODE RED for more information about the night!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Joe Budden ft. Fabolous, Tank, & Twista - She Don't Put It Down (Rmx)

Joe Budden isn't one to be slept on, as he has been in the hip hop scene over a decade and doesn't plan on departing from the game anytime soon. Budden has a distinct voice, lyrical concepts that provokes cockiness, which has meshed his talents well into an unforgettable hip hop career. Even though it took for the masses to grasp Budden's music with his appearance on the SlaughterHouse teams, as he excelled amongst an all-star line up. While on SlaughterHouse Joe Budden surprisingly stole the spot light with his lyrical expression plus the on stage and off stage antics established a dope arsenal.

With the reemergence of Joe Budden, we can see that he is hungry to branch out from SlaughterHouse. Budden comes out swinging for the fences with a track featuring Fabolous, Tank, and Twista called She Don't Put It Down. This track has the mega hop hop stars to lyrically rock your head with quick-witted bars about the females companionship. Twista, the Chi city Chicago choppa, coupled with Fabolous takes this song to the next level. Tank gracefully make his presence known with a tasteful R&B hook to wrap this song all up into one great track.

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Approach - BAMBOO (Digital Single)

Our friend and hip hop local legend in our neck of the woods, Approach, has some monumental hip hop music not to miss out on.

The musical genius of Approach is vibrantly accomplished thought out his digital tracks BAMBOO, added the elaborate sounds throughout the entire track, Approach covers all aspects of music with sound harmony, phenomenal production, and funky rhythm to grove to.

Approach has an been all over the local scene her in Lawrence and KC area, but hip hop enthusiast can enjoy his music live down at SXSW. If you haven't seen him live it is something not to miss out on!    

Support Approach's musical movement and check out his bandcamp page, right here!

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