Friday, January 25, 2013

Joe Budden ft. Fabolous, Tank, & Twista - She Don't Put It Down (Rmx)

Joe Budden isn't one to be slept on, as he has been in the hip hop scene over a decade and doesn't plan on departing from the game anytime soon. Budden has a distinct voice, lyrical concepts that provokes cockiness, which has meshed his talents well into an unforgettable hip hop career. Even though it took for the masses to grasp Budden's music with his appearance on the SlaughterHouse teams, as he excelled amongst an all-star line up. While on SlaughterHouse Joe Budden surprisingly stole the spot light with his lyrical expression plus the on stage and off stage antics established a dope arsenal.

With the reemergence of Joe Budden, we can see that he is hungry to branch out from SlaughterHouse. Budden comes out swinging for the fences with a track featuring Fabolous, Tank, and Twista called She Don't Put It Down. This track has the mega hop hop stars to lyrically rock your head with quick-witted bars about the females companionship. Twista, the Chi city Chicago choppa, coupled with Fabolous takes this song to the next level. Tank gracefully make his presence known with a tasteful R&B hook to wrap this song all up into one great track.

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