Saturday, February 23, 2013

XV - Everyday Life (Track)

"Such a Tommy move!" -from Workaholics

Vizzy puts Tommy and Stu Pickles on the EP art for his newest track Everyday Life, attrbuting to the 90's flair seen everywhere in Vizzy & the Squarians projects.

Produced by the Awesome Sound, XV gives us another great song and another reason why he is hip hop's diamond in the rough. Get at him on Twitter @XtotheV!

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Mike Posner - Oshfest feat. Blackbear (Track)

Mike Posner has been quietly make his moves for the last year or so, dropping small projects but nothing major. This original track, not a remix, is a good sign!

Oshfest featuring Blackbear is a simplistic but catchy rap track that highlights why Posner is in his position releasing good music. Get the download below!

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Mac Miller, guest on MTV's Ridiculousness (Full Episode)

Mac Miller appeared on MTV's Ridiculousness. He definitely was having a good time on set with Rob, Chanel West Coast, and Steelo. Catch the whole episode below from

We hope all this promotion with MTV and his new show is in relation to hype buildup for his fall album release. We will have to wait and see.

Get More: Ridiculousness, Full Episodes

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Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice feat. Drake (Music Video)

Peep the recently released visuals for Poetic Justice from Kendrick Lama featuring Drake. Too fly!

Make sure you pick up his album good kid, m.A.A.d city

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Joey BadA$$ - Underground Airplay Ft. Smoke Dza & Big K.R.I.T.

The new kid on the Smokers Club team, Joey BadA$$ comes through yet again with another tough track featuring Smoke Dza and Big K.R.I.T. as all three basically go in on a cyphered out beat. Underground Airplay allows all three artists to explain their despise of mainstream music and it's ability to saturates real hip hop with commercialized trap rap.

Big K.R.I.T. directly takes a stab at critics that had issues with his debut album Live From The Underground. Joey BadA$$ brings his youthful but lazy approach to the track, which oddly fits well with the instrumental. Joey speaks truthfully about rebelling studio execs when he explains that censorship constrains his musical creativity. Smoke Dza aka Kush God, as most know him by, adds the element of finesse but the poetic bars lays the smack down on wack emcees when Smoke Dza proves who is the beast from the east.

Over Underground Airplay visual is classic hip hop and doesn't need a explanation as it enhances the visual appeal of the artist's protesting their rights in hip hop music.

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Cash Hollistah - goRilla (Video)

The normally mild manner Cash Hollistah, goes straight hammer on his latest video goRilla. Cash Hollistah represented Kansas to the fullest with a heavy combo rational lyrical content plus a dope beat to run with.

The goRilla track defines hip hop as Cash steps outside of his musical box  and comes with a little harder and edgier single to makes sure listeners are paying close attention to his message. Directed, filmed and edited by Josh Hernandez for Imprimis Media, the goRilla visual brings the same intensity as the track plus the added dimensions of Cash Hollistah meticulously mastering his craft of hip hop, it is only suiting that Cash give us some quality music to vibe with.

Cash Hollistah aired the video during half time of this year's Super Bowl and the reaction was better than Beyonce's poor attempt of half time show. Midwest Sounds did the right thing and went straight goRilla on fools.  

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sir Adams - Stoner Girl

With Sir Adams making moves in Kansas City, his latest single Stoner Girl is another banger that the ladies can relate to if they like to hang out with Mary Jane.

Sir Adams lays down a on a The Awesome Sound produced beat with a smooth track that has a heavy synthesizer playing in the background plus a female feature from Nicolette Paige this track is perfect for those females that like to kick it and roll one up with Mr. Adams.

The flow of Sir Adams continuously amazes listeners also fines relativity in his bars. Nothing is better than listening to music that you can relate to, Sir Adams takes the Stoner Girl and made her a reality.

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Curren$y - New Jet City

It's not a 'New Jack City', it's Curren$y's latest album New Jet City the Jet set remix is classic 'Fly Spitta' music. The smooth beats and laid back delivery characterizes Curren$y's mindset of the NOLA streets resonate through his music. The New Jet City is , Curren$y's aka Spitta's, first project in a long time, since his summer album The Stoned Immaculate. Curren$y off to the right track and the entire New Jet City album couldn't be more suiting for Spitta.

With the heads in the clouds and rolling first class everywhere Curren$y has some bars for days on this album. Choosin featuring Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross, plays towards the classic hip hop characteristics of staying fly for the females, rolling in a high class rides, and make the haters hate the game. The homies Statik Selektah produces a beat called Clear featuring Jadakiss, and the soft jazzy sounding brings back the resemblance of Curren$y's "Elevator Musik" album, with Curren$y stepping his lyrical game to a more elegant delivery.  Also making the album is Trinidad James, Floyd, French Montana, and Juevenile. The New Jet City is jam packed full of great songs to roll and ride too!

Check out the entire New Jet City album at! 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Jet Moran - Prime Ep

Instant bars and intense delivery, Jet Moran's new Ep screams hip hop with all the elements mastered into 30 minutes of incredible music. Prime Ep is album that will literally Transform listeners into their very own 'Autobot'. Jet has the capabilities to be a trend setter in the hip hop game here in Kansas and the Prime Ep is a perfect example of what hip hop needs in the game right now.

Every song on the Ep is dynamic, but there are a few to take note of. Jax Teller plays off of the show 'Sons Of Anarchy' lead character Jax Teller, Jet exerts the energy to explain the fierceness of being the gang leader, by protecting his right to be an impeccable emcee. The Race is a track that was mixed and mastered by Jet which showoff his talented engineering, plus the song has great conceptual storyline of Jet working hard to be successful in basketball, music, and life. Also on the Prime Ep, Jet jumps on the Childish Gambino joint, Bonfire, as Mr. Moran doesn't fall short by setting aflame an explosive song. Seen on MWS before and makes it on the Ep Midas single, takes hip hop, plus lyrics content to the next level. Midas gives listeners insight to Jet's dark and intense side of music, with bars that are high energy, confident borderline cockiness, and tastefully arrogant to the haters.

Jet steps up to plate with the Prime Ep and slam packs the album with some heavy hitters, so be ready for head turners on this one. When it comes to music quality speaks volumes and Jet Moran pulls out the arsenal to blow up the hip hop game.

Jet Moran will be LIVE @ FATSO'S Feb. 9th and will be performing most of the Prime Ep. It's only 5$ it get in the show and drinks will be flowing, so a great night for Jet Moran music. Click CODE RED for more information about the night!

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