Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cash Hollistah - goRilla (Video)

The normally mild manner Cash Hollistah, goes straight hammer on his latest video goRilla. Cash Hollistah represented Kansas to the fullest with a heavy combo rational lyrical content plus a dope beat to run with.

The goRilla track defines hip hop as Cash steps outside of his musical box  and comes with a little harder and edgier single to makes sure listeners are paying close attention to his message. Directed, filmed and edited by Josh Hernandez for Imprimis Media, the goRilla visual brings the same intensity as the track plus the added dimensions of Cash Hollistah meticulously mastering his craft of hip hop, it is only suiting that Cash give us some quality music to vibe with.

Cash Hollistah aired the video during half time of this year's Super Bowl and the reaction was better than Beyonce's poor attempt of half time show. Midwest Sounds did the right thing and went straight goRilla on fools.  

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