Monday, February 4, 2013

Jet Moran - Prime Ep

Instant bars and intense delivery, Jet Moran's new Ep screams hip hop with all the elements mastered into 30 minutes of incredible music. Prime Ep is album that will literally Transform listeners into their very own 'Autobot'. Jet has the capabilities to be a trend setter in the hip hop game here in Kansas and the Prime Ep is a perfect example of what hip hop needs in the game right now.

Every song on the Ep is dynamic, but there are a few to take note of. Jax Teller plays off of the show 'Sons Of Anarchy' lead character Jax Teller, Jet exerts the energy to explain the fierceness of being the gang leader, by protecting his right to be an impeccable emcee. The Race is a track that was mixed and mastered by Jet which showoff his talented engineering, plus the song has great conceptual storyline of Jet working hard to be successful in basketball, music, and life. Also on the Prime Ep, Jet jumps on the Childish Gambino joint, Bonfire, as Mr. Moran doesn't fall short by setting aflame an explosive song. Seen on MWS before and makes it on the Ep Midas single, takes hip hop, plus lyrics content to the next level. Midas gives listeners insight to Jet's dark and intense side of music, with bars that are high energy, confident borderline cockiness, and tastefully arrogant to the haters.

Jet steps up to plate with the Prime Ep and slam packs the album with some heavy hitters, so be ready for head turners on this one. When it comes to music quality speaks volumes and Jet Moran pulls out the arsenal to blow up the hip hop game.

Jet Moran will be LIVE @ FATSO'S Feb. 9th and will be performing most of the Prime Ep. It's only 5$ it get in the show and drinks will be flowing, so a great night for Jet Moran music. Click CODE RED for more information about the night!

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