Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kid Cudi - Immortal

The hypnotic flow of Kid Cudi seems to have a subtle sense of normalcy in the game of hip hop this day of age. Cudi doesn't slip away from his typical sound with his new single Immortal, which is coming off of Kid Cudi's latest album due release April 23rd, INDICUDI.

The Immortal track itself gets listeners sucked in by the with Do Dot co producing with Cudi pouring out his soul in every bar. Kid Cudi could go away from the singing/moaning harmony as our ears not keen to the flat sounds belted from Kid Cudi. That doesn't mean the song itself isn't good, if you are a Kid Cudi fan in anyway you will appreciate the fact that Cudi is going back to is roots with his music.  

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Joey Cool - Biology (Video)

Joey Cool out of the Kansas City area, drops a video to his Onslaught LP album. The Biology single brings a fierce and profound delivery, with Joey spazzing out some awesome lyrics. It's great to see KC local scene producing a unique sound with artists like Joey laying down some exceptional music.

Joey Cool's Biology single shows the basic breakdown of what his music stands for. Produced by SmartAlec, the Biology track is one of the many great songs on the Onslaught LP, we hope you guys enjoy the video just as much!

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Big K.R.I.T. - Shine On Feat. Bun B

Big K.R.I.T. obviously preaching his sermon upon the hip hop game and his message is to Shine On with elegance and grace. Bun B puts his two cents in with a old school gangster mentality with his featuring verse.

The classic Big K.R.I.T. beat gives listeners a deeply southern rooted sound with heavy sampling and complex baseline. Not only does Big K.R.I.T. bring some bars to the track but he took the time to produce the entire track which is uncommon to be a duel threat like K.R.I.T. in the hip hop industry.

Nowadays artists have a grueling schedule and most likely doesn't have the time to make their own music. That's where greatest out shines the pack and our Country Cuzin' definitely has a passion for quality music as you can tell with this track!

The Shine On track coming off Big K.R.I.T.'s album King Remembered In Time which is coming soon and this is the first look into his highly anticipated release.


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