Thursday, May 2, 2013

TK - Return 2 Cloud Nine Mixtape

TK is a young talented artist from the Kansas City area and he is producing, rhyming, and throwing down some nasty bars on all 28 tracks of Return 2 Cloud Nine mixtape.

TK brings a well rounded assault of hip hop with this album and showcasing some serious skills with freestyles to make your head spin.

We listen to the entire album and every track could be our favorite but just to list a few, we will start with This is How We live featuring Jet Moran. This track is about the weekend and how both TK and Jet Moran kick it with a fifth of liq, some goody, and dope vibes to rhyme too. The Started From The Bottom Freestyle is another impressive display of rhyming capabilities as TK spits straight from the dome. Go Hard featuring Bayou and Xtra-C is a track that gets you hyped up with high energy and tough beat with TK grabbing a hold of the track with a chip of his shoulder. There are more we could go on about but we will let TK's music speak for itself!

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