Friday, July 19, 2013

Joey Cool - Swanky

Kansas City's very own Joey Cool is keeping it classic 'Jo Cool' with a Swanky twist. Going back to his roots with a hard delivery and chopper style, Joey produced his latest album, Swanky, with the intent to show to hip hop game that Joey Cool is justifying his successes with quality music.

Swanky, is strictly hip hop and Joey makes it a personal vendetta to pour his soul into every bar in every song! With plenty to offer throughout the entire album, Swanky has it all, with dope beats, lyrically astonishing verses, and colabs from top notch artists. Drippin' produced by Burna Music is a single that allowed for Joey to grab the attention of listeners with a crazy track that has a slap happy bass and intense delivery. With hints of Talib Kweli, Sound AffeKtz produce a few tracks on Swanky, one being Horn Cry, as Joey speaks about being grateful for the musical opportunities, plus appreciation of his loyal fans.

Bad Habits is a great colab from a KC legend in Mac Lethal, and the two spazzed out with intriguing lyrics. Both Mac and Joey delivered their verses with intense flow and high energy which is a major plus for listeners. Joey's musical brother JL BHood makes his gracious return with Nobody Like Me featuring thePhantom. JL BHood is from KC, gives listeners another masterpiece, with Joey cohesively spitting his memories of growing up musically. Swanky is overall grade A music and it's great to know that Joey Cool music isn't dying anything soon!

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